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Have you recently mailed any letter or package via Canada Post? If yes, and you can recollect your experience at the Canada post mailing center, then rush to take a customer feedback survey at Your genuine feedback will help you with better customer satisfaction and experience in future visits and allows the company to work on their weak services to make it stronger as the customers wish to get the mailing services from the Canada post.


Covid19 has affected every area of our lives, including mail delivery. Sending and receiving mail can take longer than anticipated, and lines at the post office can longer than expected. What have you been up to lately? The article given below will brief you all about the Canada Post survey, like the purpose of the survey, rules and requirements, how to enter the survey, rewards, etc.

The Purpose Of Canada Post Survey

Customer feedback is an essential pillar of a company’s success. Honest and genuine suggestions are indeed helpful for a company to offer its clients a better service as they wish. The Canada post is conducting the Canada post-survey at to know whether their worthy customers are happy with the firm’s services or not. The benefactor clients can report their satisfaction and grievances they had in mailing a post or letter with the Canada post through this survey @

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About Canada Post

Canada Post Corporation, dealing with Canada Post, is a Crown corporation that functions as the prime postal administrator in Canada. Even though it had not yet separated from the government, the name “Canada Post” was adopted, rebranding the original title, the Royal Mail Canadaname, in the late 1960s. The Canada Post Corporation Act came into effect on October 16, 1981, leading to the negation of the post office department and establishing the Crown corporation which provides postal service today. The act intended to set a new track for the postal aid by guaranteeing the postal service’s financial surety and independence.

In 2016, Canada Post served over 16 million addresses and delivered nearly 8.4 billion products, generating $7.88 billion in combined revenue from operations. Traditional “to the door” service and centralized delivery provided by 25,000 letter carriers operating a 13,000 vehicle fleet. There are more than 6,200 post offices in the country, a mix of corporate and non-profit locations. Canada Post covers a broader area in terms of coverage area than any other country’s postal service, including Russia’s. Nearly 843,000 rural Canadian customers take benefit from Residential mail delivery services in 2004.

Never miss out on a chance to express your satisfaction and grievances with the Canada Postal services. Share your valuable customer experience feedback on the Canada Post at

Canada Post Survey Rules And Requirements

Following are the prerequisites to participate in the Canada Post survey:

  • The participant should be at least 18+ of age.
  • A laptop, smartphones, or personal computer with proper internet connectivity is necessary to participate in the Canada Post survey.
  • The user must be a legitimate resident of Canada.
  • Basic knowledge of either English or Spanish is essential to complete the survey questionnaire.
  • You need to have a valid receipt of the service you received from the Canada Post to participate in the survey.
  • The Canada Post survey is specially meant for clients who depend on the Canada postal services.
  • The employees, directors, and families of the employees at the Canada Post are not eligible to participate in the survey.
  • Single entry per user is allowed for the survey contest.

How To Participate In The Canada Post Survey [ ]

Canada Post Survey

Below are the simple and easy steps to participate in the Canada Post survey: Make sure you follow the rules as an ideal survey participant.

  1. Visit the official website of the Canada Post survey at
  2. You need to choose the survey language at the next step. You can choose between English or Spanish.
  3. At the next step, you need to enter the code on the service receipt.
  4. Click on the start button.
  5. Answer the questionnaire honestly and genuinely.
  6. You can also give the ratings as per satisfied or dissatisfied.
  7. Click on the Next button.
  8. Enter your details like name, contact details, and email id when asked to join the Canada post-survey contest.
  9. Click on the next button to finish the survey. | Take Official Value Village Survey To Win Prize

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What if you get a $250 visa card free of cost? Will you be happy or excited about how you will be eligible for the visa card freely? The reply is quite humble and accessible. Spare your few minutes of leisure to take the Canada Post survey, for you will be the next luckiest to grab a free visa card of $250 from the Canada Post survey contest.
Remember, an early bird will only get its worm. So, act quickly to complete the Canada post-survey to enter the survey contest that fetches you a $250 visa card free of cost.

Redemption of Rewards

  • Canada Post will give away two gift cards in a month.
  • Two winners will receive a $250 Visa prepaid card in a month.
  • Reward redemptions subjected to conditions

Final words

Share your honest feedback as a customer and win a visa card worth $250 free of cost from hope this article helped gain all the information you need to participate in the Canada Post survey @

I wish you good luck with the survey contest. | Take Official Tell Tims Survey To Win A Validation Code

23 thoughts on “ | Canada Post Survey Win $250 Visa Gift Card”

    • Screw Canada post rip off pricks.–Over charging for mailing, anything,now they have the nerve to charge a f^*king fuel surcharge.Was really surprised to see that they didn,t go on strike just b4 Christmas this yr.Whining little turds.Every yr the rates go up.And your delivery service gets worst.You make me sick.

  1. I paid $50.00 to mail a package to the UK. Although clearly addressed, with a customs declaration form showing the correct UK address, this package was returned to me without a reason for its return. I took it to the post office that I mailed it from and the staff did not know why it was returned and just put it back into the system. Today I checked the package through the Canada Post tracking system and see that the package is, once again, on its way back to me. Why, and what do I have to do to get this package on its way to the UK? You have taken my money, but you have NOT delivered it to the addressee.

  2. I delivered a large package to day to Canada post, Parksville BC office
    the clerk who served ,,, Susanne ( TR2333679 )was extremely helpful and a very pleasant person to deal with. Total experience and service could not have been better.
    If all were like her the world would be a better place.
    John Roscoe
    466 Willow St
    Parksville .C.

  3. Terrible service mailed card being sent to Morinville, Alberta and sent another letter xpresspost to Lampman, Saskatchewan Asked when the xpresspost would arrive to its destination and was told the next day that didn’t happen it took 3 days for it to arrive however the card being sent to Alberta regular mail arrives there in 2 days pretty poor service I could have sent it regular mail and saved myself quite a bit not to happy with your service.

  4. Canada Post employee was very helpful and amiable. Hopefully my mail will arrive at it’s destination in time but I have confidence in Canada Post so I hope the U.S. destination will be as good. Thank you.

  5. Queue long, but service very fast and efficient and cost n my price $ range. But small letter package has not arrived yet n 4 days n south central U.S.A, by regular mail. So far.
    I picked regular mail this time, cuz, last time, cost was $20-$30, and took 14 out of said quote tracking code time of 17 days. So I figured, why pay more ? ( for tracking ” $30″ approx.), this time, and just send it by a ( hail mary, pass), regular mail, see what happens. December 11/21.

  6. I am hoping that my parcel will soon arrive as it is a replacement of a special little friend for my Grandson whose dog ate the other one.

  7. Paid for express shipping and it’s been 7 days and still the package has not arrived. Mailed it to another province in Canada not overseas. Shameful yet I understand why Canada Post is going down the drain. Services and promises are worthless to customers! Never again!!

  8. I would like to know why there is a fuel charge. Doesn’t the cost of mailing already include this?
    This is robbery. No wonder Canada Post is so unpopular unreliable and so expensive. To bad there isn’t another way to send packages. It is a terrible way that people are ripped off and there is no way a person can protest.

  9. Only one person in line ahead of me, and was served quickly and efficiently. Booklet sent was received within reasonable time.

  10. Excellent service at the post office in the jean coutu pharmacy in Montreal quebec…All went well Lady at the counter was polite and friendly,,


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