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Dqfanfeedback.com is a popular survey in the United States that asks you about the essence, quantity, and other essential structural issues concerning Dairy Queen’s products. When someone completes the fan feedback, they are rewarded with DQFanFeedback vouchers and other incentives. Are you a DQ Fan visitor? Have you ever made a Dairy Queen purchase? If the answer is yes, So, I’d like to inform you that Dairy Queen has posted a dqfansurvey free dilly bar survey for its customers on the official site at www.dqfanfeedback.com just for feedback purposes

DQ, the world’s largest soft-serve ice cream chain, is seeking your opinion on DQFANFeedback.com in exchange for a delicious FREE Dilly Bar. DQ Feedback is an online survey created by the fast-food business to collect feedback from customers who have visited one of its locations.

Why DQFan Feedback Survey?

Dairy Queen Restaurant values customer fulfillment. So, if customers have any ideas or criticisms regarding the restaurant’s services, they can do so by filling out a feedback survey. If customers have a problem with the restaurant, they can express it in a feedback survey, which will help the establishment improve its services. Customers are encouraged to provide suggestions for the restaurant’s development.

DQ Fan Feedback Survey

You must provide consistent feedback, which means that you must honestly answer all posed questions. After completing the survey, the restaurant will give you a complimentary Dilly Bar. So, if you want to win prizes, you must participate in this feedback survey. Customers must share their experiences with the restaurant in the Dairy Queen feedback survey. They have to rate the restaurant based on the questionnaire provided to enjoy the customer dining experience at the fulfillment in their next visit to DQ.

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About Dairy Queen – Fast Food Restaurant Company

It is about 82 years since Dairy Queen (DQ) was born, a franchise with more than 7,000 restaurants in the United States, Canada and 24 other countries in the world, including Latin America, bringing joy and experiences, through its traditional products to ice cream base. Dairy Queen opened 331 new restaurants around the world. It currently has 1,000 restaurants in China, 500 in Thailand, 250 in Mexico and 100 in the Philippines. In Panama, they opened local number 28, in 60 years of operating in the country, and they intend to continue growing and innovating with their special dishes.

DQ Fan Feedback Survey

From Monday through Sunday, Dairy Queen is open from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. The store is open till 11 p.m. in some areas, such as New York and other large cities. Dairy Queen does not operate seven days a week. DQ’s working hours in your location can be found in their store locator app, which can be found on their official website. The firm routinely offers clients the quality of the products. Get primarily the opportunity to arrive at the DQ sweepstakes after complete the DQfan feedback. This survey reflects everyday issues that help the DQ organization. If you want to share your review and help the company, participate in the dqfansurvey. In that case, this post will assist you till the end of the dairy queen survey and assist you in receiving a prize in the form of a Free Dilly Bar redeemable on your next visit to Dairy Queen.

So have a look at this page and fill out your Dairy Queen survey for a chance to win a free Dilly Bar.

Rules And Restrictions of the DQFan Feedback Survey

  1. You have to buy something from Dairy Queen before starting the survey. Make sure you have your receipt in hand, which is not older than three days.
  2. US citizens above the age of 18 are only allowed to participate in the DQ fan feedback survey.
  3. It would help if you had the basic knowledge to read and understand the English or Spanish languages.
  4. Since DQ Survey is online-based, a gadget, laptop, desktop, or mobile phone with a stable internet is mandatory to take the survey.
  5. Once you get the Coupon code after completing the survey, You want to claim your Dilly bar within 30 days.

How to Take DQ feedback survey at DQFanFeedback.com

1. Visit the Dairy Queen restaurant and make a purchase. So, you got a receipt with the survey code. Visit www.dqfansurvey.com or the www.dqfanfeedback.com to get started.


2. Before continuing with the survey, check for a lock symbol on the left side of the web address. This shows that the website has an SSL certificate. Also, check the spelling of the website is typed accurately to prevent any phishing attack.

3. If you have opened dqfansurvey, you will be asked to enter the 19-digits Survey Code. The page will be loaded in English by default, and you can also change to French and Spanish.

4. If you have opened the dqfanfeedback for filling the survey, you will have to enter the ten-digit phone number printed on the receipt along with the date and time of visit.

5. After all the details are filled up, click on the red-colored Start button to begin the survey.


6. Now it will ask you few questions regarding their services, hospitality, food, cleanliness, and overall service. Give your opinion by selecting the correct option. This will help the DQ to improve its services based on your feedback provided. 

7. The survey might take some minutes; at the end of Dq fan feedback, you will have to provide your contact details. This will be used for giving the DQ coupon codes and your sweepstakes entry.

8. That’s it. Write this code on the receipt, and take the receipt along with your next DQ visit.

Surprise! Yummy DQ Bars

What if you have a chance to get free dilly bars from DQ ? Are you happy like you are getting a one-to-one offer? Then go ahead with the DQ fan feedback online survey. After completing the survey, you will get a promo code that can be redeemed for a free dilly bar from DQ. You have to save your code within 30 days of survey completion. Never miss out on the delicious bars from DQ.

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Contact Information of dqfanfeedback.com

Business Addresses

DQ Canada

1111 International Blvd.

P.O. Box 430

Burlington, ON L7R 3Y3

Number: 9056391492


American DQ Corporation

7505 Metro Blvd.

Number: 9528300200

Working Hours

Monday to Sunday – 8:30 AM-11 PM

Dairy Queen Nearby Me Locations

Final Words

The dqfanfeedback is an online feedback system that helps the firm recognize user demand and interests more reliably. With this, the company understands which areas to concentrate on for development and to improve the store’s sales.

When you partake in the DQFanFeedback.com, you feel that you also have a voice as a consumer, and you can express your opinion. The company can better serve the requirements of consumers if they know correctly what they want.

Don’t miss out on a free Dilly Bar and the opportunity to participate in the DQ store’s feedback survey. It will not only improve their services and products, but you will also have a better experience as a result of these enhancements.

So this is all about the DQFanfeedback survey. We believe that the above guide was needful for the reader. If you have any difficulties or queries related to the survey article, write it down below in the comment section and revert to you soon.




29 thoughts on “Dqfanfeedback.com | Dqfanfeedback Free Dilly Bar Survey Guide”

  1. The last few Dairy Queens that I have been to have had unusually slow service. This one, however, did pretty well, and I rather enjoyed my meal.

  2. Terrible service today. I only went to DQ because I was given a Gift Card. What a mistake. I pre-ordered. The DQ rep had a poor understanding of English and got my order wrong. Somehow I was mistaken for a Grub-Hub order. When I showed up the drive through cashier didn’t seem to know what a gift card was. After a long wait and my food getting cold I left. Cold fries!!!! I’ll never go to a DQ again.

  3. The couple that run the one in Vallejo someone broke all there windows and I don’t think they can afford to have them replaced there Asian I hope it wasn’t a hate crime I feel so bad for them they jusf


  5. April 17, 2022
    Bought 2 $8.00 3 piece chicken strip meal for my mother & myself. Not impressed at all with the size of the chicken strips now. They use to be bigger, now they are so small it is laughable, and the fries were under cooked.

  6. My Sister and I visited the DQ in my area , we ordered $7 meal with burger and I had the chicken fingers OMG what a mistake , the food was so bland and tasteless it was not a very good experiences at all , we wanted a refund and or exchange and cashier had to contact her manager and she took the remaining food back and said she would give us our money back for one of the meals and came back with nothing no food and no refund and she smoked a cigarette while outside in front of us while trying to resolve our issue so unprofessional never again 86 DQ! 🙁

  7. Very sweet people ,wonderful food an food service ,very clean resteraunt,family oriented ,thay all do a super great job I reverend the sweet people at the Franklin KY do ,get a raise 😁

  8. Usually we go to the Biddeford, ME location & we always get a pleasant cashier. On 9/1/22 3:09 Employee: Kayla B. Took our order no hello, no smile. We received our order & still no expression on her face. Then we asked for our recipe & it seemed like it was an effort for her to get it. I guess we were bothering her. Never had such a person wait on us. She was too busy to say a word. I’m not much to complain but this girl was so unresponsive that we were shocked. We always have a great visit but this Kayla B. Was unsociable. Maybe she should be working this job? We will go back.

  9. Employee’s were pleasant, Service was seriously slow for a hot dog and a small soda, and way overly priced!!!!
    $5.46 . I should have gone to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, even Abby’s, and got a hell of lot more food for my money. You are driving your customers away by being way out of line on pricing. If I go to Wendy’s, my soda is free, being a senior citizen, Mc Donalds a large soda is always $1.00. I love Dairy Queen, but I can’t afford to be taken advantage of this way. I am a senior citizen, the government has killed our income. I’m sorry, I cannot afford to support your business any longer. My Senior neighbor’s have confirmed my and, their feelings, they as well can not
    afford a simple trip to Dairy Queen.

  10. I visit DQ mostly for the drinks, ice cream to be more specific. I love the chocolate dipped cone and buy it often. So glad I have this DQ in my area. Good service and friendly people at the window. Thank you. Diana Bettes

  11. Professor David Brown Sr. B.S.C.J.L.E., M.I.T.P.M., Ph.D.

    Greetings Dairy Queen Management, December 2, 2022
    I went to the Dairy Queen on 240 E. Lake Mead Pkwy to buy some food with some colleagues. The order number was AACRLK7YAJD, Employee, Hailey W., the time was 6:32 pm. I ordered a number 2 combo, 1 bacon burger combo, one 4-piece chicken strip and 1 barbecue chicken strip. The only thing that was accurate in the order was the two drinks, and the 4-piece chicken strips, and 1 bacon burger. I paid $38.77 for an order that I did not get. As a United States Honorary Research Scientist and Scholar VIP, Public Policy Administration and Information Technology and Project Management Professor, I would expect the best service from this particular Dairy Queen. However, Today ‘s service and the food was the worst of the worst. The food was not properly put together, over-saturated with sauce, and badly packaged all in one tiny bag. This was a rush, rush job and disrespect to a paying consumer. You must understand that you never will know what individuals will visit your establishment at this particular location not far from off and on ramp traffic visitation. Please check into this matter for it is of a great concern and incidents like this can have an establishment closed. Thank you sincerely.

  12. 403-954-2130

    Had a salad with crispy chicken and it was great. Thank you so very much.

    I was at the DQ on 704 Centre Street NW, Langdon, Alberta Canada T0J 1X1 on June 1, 2023 at 5:33 p.m. I went through the Drive Through. Order ID: AACUNLKAAJCC, Employee J Kaur

    Good Service and friendly people at the drive through.


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