www.Heb.com/Survey | Take Official H-E-B Survey to Win $100 Gift Card

HEB gives you wide variety of options from perishable groceries like milk and eggs to household essentials and even medicines too! They encourage their customers to take a survey on www.heb.com/survey to provide the best services. HEB gives you the comfort of ordering everything you need online sitting at your home. Gone are the days when you had to go to the store and spend lot of fuel, time, and energy shopping for groceries. Now everything will be delivered at your doorstep just by few clicks.

H-E-B stands for ‘Here Everything’s Better’, and they deal with your everyday groceries. They believe that grocery shopping is more than an errand and try to give the best services possible so that your life can be hassle-free. Central Market, which is like a Mecca of organic food is operated by them. They are one of the largest private companies in the states and focus on the quality more than anything which makes them the number one grocery chain the States. They always care about their customers and lend an open ear to any quality or service issues they face.

H-E-B Survey to Win $100

HEB provides you with the comfort of ordering the best quality groceries without having second thoughts. After you shop from HEB give the HEB survey at www.heb.com/survey so that they can improve the service they are providing you which will take less than a minute. Win $100 gift card by just spending a minute of your time. Their only motive is to provide the best and memorable service so that you can forget wasting time at grocery stores.

Rules To Give The H-E-B Survey

  • The participant must be 18 years or old.
  • Should be a permanent resident of the United States.
  • Survey can be given only once for a single invitation.
  • If you win a gift card, it cannot be exchanged for cash by any means.
  • Employees and family members of the employees cannot give this survey to maintain transparency in the process.
  • Requirements To Enter The H-E-B Survey:

To win $100 gift card one must have the following:

  • A receipt issued by HEB, which contains invitation code. An invitation code to take the HEB survey at www.heb.com/survey which can be found on the bottom of your receipt.
  • table, high speed internet connection so that you can take your survey without any hiccups.
  • Participant must be fluent in English or Spanish.
  • An email address for further communication.

How To Take The H-E-B Survey?

Here are the steps you need to follow to take the HEB survey to win $100 gift card.

  • Go to the official website. www.heb.com/survey.
  • Select the language that you are comfortable in. There are two options available: English or Spanish.
  • Look for an invitation code bottom of your receipt.
  • Enter that code in the given field and click on the enter button.
  • You will be given a set of questions that you have to answer based on your previous HEB experience.
  • Answer your questions honestly to win $100 gift card.
  • You will be required to fill some additional information.
  • Click on submit to enter into e HEB Store Survey Sweepstakes contest.
  • In a short period of time you will get a message regarding your survey.
  • Any future correspondence will be done via the details that you provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the worth of gift cards that I might win?

Ans. The company keeps updating the price of the gift card. If you are lucky you can win $100 gift card or if you are the luckiest, you can also win $500 worth gift card.

2. Is my HEB receipt necessary?

Ans. You must have the invitation code to enter into the survey. Apart from that you do not need the receipt. It is advisable to keep the receipt in case of any discrepancy.

3. What all details do I need to enter in the HEB survey?

Ans. You need to enter your name, address, email id, phone number etc. Ensure you enter the correct details as they will contact you with those details if you win a gift card.

4. Can I exchange my gift card for cash?

Ans. You cannot exchange your gift card for cash by any means. Read all the terms and conditions before taking the survey.

5. How many times can I take the survey?

Ans. If you have one invitation code that means you can take the survey only once. If you try to take it again, your response will be auto rejected by the system. Therefore you must be extremely careful while giving your responses.

About HEB

HEB is an online grocery store that delivers all kinds of items from different kinds of meat to your everyday essentials like soaps and shampoos. Though the market has been competitive, they always aced their game. They always have been innovative and have given priority to the quality and customers. They have won multiple awards over the years for their impeccable services. It is not always about the earning; one must give back to the society too. HEB has donated for several issues like education, disaster relief, hunger relief etc.


HEB has made shopping for groceries very easy. You get all kinds of products delivered to your doorstep by HEB. They always want to satisfy customer needs and encourage the customers to take HEB survey. Take the HEB survey to win gift cards.

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  1. I shop at my local HEB in Ingleside and although it doesn’t have a bakery, a pharmacy and a flower shop I love it. The employees are so friendly and helpful, always asking if I need help loading my groceries into my vehicle, (because I’m 85). If I’m looking for something there’s always a friendly employee to help. I’m constantly amazed at how much they can pack into that little store. We might not have everything like the bigger HEB stores, but it’s a pleasure to shop in our HEB.

  2. H.E.B is my one and only favorite store to shop at.. The prices are great and the staff is always very friendly and helpful! We live in Azle and drive to Hudson Oaks to shop… Love my H.E.B!!!
    Thank you H.E.B!

  3. Lv my HEB I remember back in the late 70’s my parents couldn’t afford to shop @_HEB! Can’t imagine shopping @ any other grocery store! HEB la tienda de Los mexicanos! Always great customer service of the weekly coupon sales!

  4. HEB, is the best grocery store in Texas. Get prices, hard working, friendly employies who great, and get alone well with each other. HEB is very important to me. I don’t know why anyone would shop anywhere else. When I go to another state, I miss HEB very much. Some people tell me the only thing they missed about Texas was HEB. HEB has strived to adapt to the needs of their local communities. Always continuously improving. Meeting up with high end demands from customers. I enjoy my shopping, at HEB. Love your plants also; for us gardeners, thank you! It is my everything store. one stop shop. People who work their tell me they like working there and that is great to hear. Thank you HEB

  5. Have tried for 10 minutes to take your survey! The option to click on English will not start the survey! Here are the comments I would’ve said if I could’ve had the opportunity to take the survey. Give us our name brand choices: was trying to buy Log Cabin or Aunt Jemima syrup, my choices were Mrs. Butterworths or HEB. Was trying to buy Dole Caesar salad mix, my choice was H-E-B Caesar salad mix. Was trying to buy JIF peanut butter, my choice was Peter Pan or HEB. Quit forcing me to take the small bags at check out. When I ask for large bags only, then every item I’m purchasing, is placed in one large bag – could have used three bags! Thanks for listening.
    PS: This noticed before pandemic. This is not a shortage observation.

  6. After a phone call and an in person visit the store in Granbury Tx. they gave me the jump through the hoops routine on the money back coupons. The scanner did not deduct the $ for the store coupons. I have been a customer for over 18 plus years. Despite having a mega Kroger store just across the road ( HWY 377 Granbury Tx.) that was built 5 or so yrs ago). They have lost a customer and I will be sharing this with neighbors and friends. Just an added note—bag your own groceries. Had 5 totes and only 2 were used for 11 items. (2) 1 gal carton of milk was placed in the basket (not in a tote)

  7. My H.E.B. store in New Braunfels, Tx is always stocked well. The associates are friendly and always willing to take me to where the product I am are looking for is located. At check out the cashier always askes if I found everything I was looking for. If I didn’t she asks the sacker to go get what I didn’t find. Helpful and friendly personnel are a blessing. Thank you.

  8. I prefer H‑E‑B over Kroger because you never have to wait in line like you do at Kroger, there are always enough lines open to get checked out. Also, there are always enough baskets ready for use at H‑E‑B, not so at Kroger.

  9. I love HEB I like shopping in the store and when I can not get in I like the ease of Curbside. Everyone does a remarkable job. All the partners are one the ball and knowledgeable.

  10. 1/25/2022 – I shop at the HEB, 9828 Blackhawk Blvd, Houston, TX 77075 most of the time.
    1. I really like your prepared meals, sandwiches, etc.
    2. Your employees are professional, friendly and competent.
    However, this is the 3rd week in a row that I was unable to get my Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Roll-ups. There were no Marie Callendar Frozen Chicken Pot Pies.
    I went to Kroger directly after shopping at HEB, and was able to get both the Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Roll-ups and the Marie Callendar Frozen Chicken Pot Pies.

  11. The H.E.B. in Georgetown TX on Williams Drive. Shelves are always stocked. Everyone is always willing to help find things for you. I like the egg rolls.

  12. My HEB is in Bulverde TX: My question is: why is there no Dog food in store, my dogs favorite is HEB Texas Pet Adult complete “Chicken & Beef Flavor” anything else he doesn’t like, but this past week none in shelves. Thanks

  13. HEB in Carthage, Texas, Is clean, the shelves are well stocked , employees are very helpful and nice, i drive 17 miles out of my way just to shop at that store prices are great, just can’t beat it, i tell everyone i meet and family and friends to shop there if you want a great deal and excellent produce and meats

  14. Love the HEB at Hwy. 306 and I – 35, New Braunfels, Texas. Restrooms are clean and well maintained as is the rest of the store. The personal service at Bakery, Butcher, Deli, Pharmacy, Seafood, is outstanding with desireable fresh products. The employees are ready to answer questions and provide insight with their hand held guides. The barbecue available outside will have you coming back for more. The curbside service is also a huge plus. I can not imagine shopping elsewhere.

  15. Our HEB store here in Texas City is so darn good. They truly care about all of us customers, and what they have in the store.. The workers have helped us so much. All of the items we have bought are always fresh. I am so glad HEB is here.. Thank you

  16. I shop at the new H‑E‑B in Richmond, Tx. Everything is good and the store is clean. Employees are very friendly. Thank y’all.

  17. Seems to be a problem with taking survey, I accepted all cookies but when I click on the take survey tab in English or Spanish Nada!!!

  18. Hi, today 3/22/2022, went to my HEB and the cashier so nicely encourage me to participate in the survey… guess what the survey page is not opening, I might try again later… just because I love you all at HEB, you gain my respect and business as well, your service to us not just on the daily bases, but when things get difficult (like hurricane, plandemic, etc.) you are always there providing for our needs and emergencies, THANK YOU, your employees are super outstanding. May GOD bless you all.

  19. I love my H‑E‑B, they are always helpful and have great verity of foods. The workers are nice and helpful as well.

  20. You know about this survey is very leading in the wrong way. If I am wrong say so. please. You can not take it unless you download for a wave browser. No way will do this it is very sad so I will never do this to win 100 gift card. Thank you Michael

  21. H‑E‑B Brownsville Tx, Paredes Line RD
    Shout Out to the GM
    Has a good looking store, people in the right place. It starts from the top. Seen Lupe (management) bringing in carts from parking lot!

  22. I have shopped HEB since early 1960’s or so and still do today. I could and still find most items we need even today or can now find foods from different countries.
    Anna Maria Heavirland

  23. We shop at the HEB in Waxahachie, it is the closest one to us living in Cedar Hill. It’s worth driving the 44 miles round trip each week. Store is always super clean, friendly employee’s, and always have check out registers open, and that is a big plus. Huge and clean restrooms, and another big plus. Always seems to have some type of savings going on, even during this difficult time we are seeing. We have heard that HEB is in the process of opening a couple of stores and again this would be a big plus. I would would recommend HEB to anyone, even where we live, it’s worth the drive.

  24. Thank you heb love your store love you workers and the produce are the best God bless yall and y’all’s family yall do a lot for this world keep up the good work God bless

  25. We shop at the Gonzales heb and bj Labuhn is awesome! Always has the store clean and fully stocked! He is always willing to go above and beyond with a smile on his face! We love our HEB!

  26. I enjoy my HEB the employees are so very helpful and polite. When i am out of town I know that I can stop by any HEB and find what I am looking for.

  27. I did my shopping on May 15th, 2022 at 6AM and noticed that there were NO WIPES to wipe down my cart. I asked ALLIE, who was working the self-checkout lanes TWICE, once coming into the store and once leaving the store to please stock the wipes. Allie’s reply to me was ” IT’S NOT MY JOB!” as she turned her back on me. I have never felt so disrespected by an employee inside of your store. Please hire employees who value their job, have a good, positive attitude and care for the needs of the customer. We are in the middle f a pandemic and the wipes should be stocked first thing every morning. Please assign this duty to one your many employees working inside of your store.

  28. I was taking the survey when the process blipped during my phone number & kicked me out of the process, so I can’t win. I had extraordinary service on 6-17-22. Denise B/cashier & Christina/bagger, the manager & later Mike/carts went above & beyond to help me & secure my groceries, making sure perishables were easily reached in case I couldn’t finish unloading my large order at home since I’m handicapped & newly widowed. I can’t say enough good things about these people, who also love H-E-B. They’re so grateful for such a good working environment that they go the extra mile for customers. Extraordinary service!

  29. I love HEB . Always friendly people that work there. My MOM shopped HEB when I was a small child and I’m now 70 yrs. young. Keep up the good work !! Quality store!! Thank you.

  30. HEB is my favorite store to buy our groceries. We make two to three trips a week. The employees are always friendly and helpful. In the past I have bought a few clothes but I really don’t care for the styles you hhave at present. Katherine

  31. 6-23-22 I had a large basket of groceries to check at 4:40pm. Lots of other customers with full baskets, so I got in a line hoping it moved quickly. It did! I loaded my groceries on the belt, organized with all cold/frozen items together. Delicate, crushable items last. They often end up all piled up at the end, but I always hope for a bagger! As it turned out my checker, Michael, was fast, efficient and courteous! I DID have a bagger! Andrew, who was efficient & fast, PLUS bagged all the cold items together, crushablest were bagged & carefully placed in cart seat, Andrew even double bagged heavy breakable items!!
    Having these two cheerful, efficient young men get my groceries & me out of the store put a smile on this 75 yr old face!!

  32. I use Heb home delivery for my prescription refills because it is so effecient a way to get medicine and dependable.

  33. I am so exhausted trying to navigate my way to take the survey that HEB supposedly offers. I’ve spent 15 minutes reading through all the steps, yet still have not been successful to reach the survey. Don’t send me to a website that says take the survey here; then give me an additional site to search for the survey… I give up; you clearly need the $100 gift card more than I do!!!

  34. Must comment on the friendliness and willingness to help of the Partners at H.E.B. Fredericksburg. Also, suggest you please ADD MORE of the SMALLER GROCERY CARTS at the Fredericksburg store. There are lots of older people in Fredericksburg and it is difficult for them to push and maneuver the larger, much heavier grocery carts around the store aisles. It forces some of us older people to use electric carts even though in many cases we don’t want to and results in us clogging up the aisles when we could maneuver the smaller carts much more easily. I realize that offering LARGER carts is a definite marketing strategy to get the shopper to buy more items…….but it also cloggs the aisles when us older people can’t maneuver them. We make more frequent trips (even daily trips to the store……where else have we got to go?!)……. remember, we come from a generation that “did the marketing” every day. Please ADD MORE SMALLER CARTS IN FREDERICKSBURG.

  35. I always went to Walmart – a friend took me to HEB and I discovered that HEB was a really nice store – the people were friendly and helpful – the prices were either comparable or better than the other store….. The ass’t mgr was more than helpful. A really enjoyabole experience every time.

  36. I like the new card readers. All the people soon nice. I wish could control the traffic in park lot some people drive to fast and do not obey cross walk.

  37. I love my Wooded Acres HEB!! It will be so nice when finished with all the remodeling. Right now it is a ittle bit of a hassal to even find a parking space. I have been trading with HEB since they first came to Waco on with the first store being at Austin Ave. and 18th St. They now have 5stores I believe in Waco. I trade at the Wooded Acres location. All my prescriptions and medications are filled in the pharmacy there and are usually very prompt in getting them done. I know pretty much everyone in the Pharmacy and they know me when I walk up. All the staff in the store are always very polite and very eager to help in any way. They do their very best to accommadate you for all your needs if at all possible. Store has always been neat and clean and will be more so when finished with the remodeling. Going to love the wider iles. I would definitely recommend HEB to anyone because you can do most of your shopping in one place. I am 85 years old and frequent My HEB at some point almost every day and love it!!


  39. I’ve also spent 15 minutes reading through and processing all the steps, yet still have not been successful to reach the survey.
    I lived in Temple (18 years), San Antonio (over 30 years) Austin/San Marcos (6 years) and have always liked and preferred HEB over other grocery stores. Now living in the DFW area so making visit to Waxahachie closer since it is closer

  40. I have been a customer of HEB all my 60+ years and handicapped. I am from Laredo Texas and shop at Laredos Biggest Store. HEB Plus on Bob Bullock Loop. For a few years now and especially lately it’s gotten crazy that at our Biggest Store there is never enough Electric Shopping Carts. It’s has gotten worse recently. It’s seems like you almost have to make a reservation to get a cart. At times having to scope out the parking lot or wait for someone leaving the store and follow them out and get that cart. And lately when I have gotten to the store and found out hey had no carts, I have gotten back in my car and had to go to another store which is out of my way. I have complained numerous times. Even made a complaint to Steven one of the managers. At one time one of the store Mangers told me that had a lot but people take them outside and they’re not supposed to go outside. That was a stupid comment. How are we suppose to get our groceries to our car if we don’t take the cart out. I usually have a bagger help me out s o they can bring cart back in. Thank you .


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