| Start Informtarget Survey & Win $1500 Gift Card

One of the biggest retail brands in America, Inform Target conducts regular surveys for its valued customers at They also offer rewards so that customers can have genuine interest in participating in the survey. Let’s understand every little details about survey:

Today every business is targeted towards offering 100% customer satisfaction to its customers. Retail stores want to hear feedback from their customers so that they can provide quality services and goods to its customers. Retail stores these days go for customer satisfaction surveys to identify problems, re-evaluate the service priorities, and adapt to the needs and demands of customers.

Taste, as well as preferences of customers, keep on changing. Thus, it is important for retail stores to go for customer surveys so that they can improve their brand health. Well-crafted customer survey can help a retail brand understand the actual customer emotion to plan and expand their business accordingly.

About Target

Start Informtarget Survey & Win $1500

Target is the 8th largest retail brand in the United States. The retail chain is also a component of the S & P 500 index. The retail chain is founded by George Dayton. The company is headquartered at Minneapolis. The company was originally named Goodfellow Dry Goods. In 1903, the name of the company was changed to Dayton company. The main aim of Target corporation is to offer the best customer experience to its customers every time they shop. Target corporation is mainly targeted towards discount department stores, hypermarket, supercenter, and superstore.

Rules to participate in survey

Following are the rules and regulations that you need to keep in mind when participating in the survey:

  • The participant needs to be at least 18 years in age
  • If you are participating in an survey, you need to have a basic understanding of either English or Espanol.
  • Participants need a digital device like a laptop, computer, or mobile phone with good internet connectivity.
  • The participant needs to be a legal citizen of the United States of America.
  • You need a valid email Id and password to visit and participate in the survey.

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Terms and conditions to participate in the survey:

Participant needs to follow these terms and conditions to participate in the survey:

  • Participant needs to make the purchase from the inform target store
  • It is important for participants to participate within 7-days of visiting the store
  • A valid purchase receipt is needed to participate in the survey
  • Staff members from Target corporation are not able to participate in the survey.
  • What are the type of survey questions asked by

Following are some of the basic types of questions that are asked by

  • The quality of the services offered by Target retail brand
  • Availability of goods at the retail store
  • Service quality offered by the staff at the retail store
  • Behaviour as well as professional attitude of staff and members at the store
  • Issues faced by customers at the store

How to participate in survey?

Follow these simple tips to take part in survey and earn rewards:

  • Once you have fulfilled all criteria as mentioned in rules and terms and conditions, use your email and password to participate in the survey.
  • Have a secure internet-connected to start the survey.
  • Visit the platform

  • Once you reach the target platform, you will be targeted towards the current target survey page.
  • In the upper right corner of the page, you can find a drop-down menu where you can choose the language of the survey question. You can either choose English or Espanol.
  • At the blank box, you need to fill the survey Id number. You can find the survey ID on your purchase receipt.
  • The second box will ask you to fill the password that will be mentioned on the purchase receipt.
  • Select the date and time of your purchase or when you visited the Target store. You also need to add the checkout time. Look at your purchase receipt to know about the time of your checkout.
  • When you are ready to start the survey, click on the “Next” button
  • Try to answer all questions as it appears. Keep on pressing the Next button after answering each question.
  • The questions must related to customer services, services offered, quality of services, and general satisfaction of the customer.
  • At the end, you may get a chance to register for the informed target monthly sweepstakes. Registering for the monthly sweepstakes will enable you to get a chance to win a Target gift card.

Note: Please make sure that the ID as well as the password provided on the receipt are valid only for 72 hours. Thus, you need to complete the survey before completion of 72 hours.

What is the reward included under the survey?

When you participate in the informed target survey, you may be eligible to earn a reward of $1500 in the form of a gift card. Are you excited to participate in the survey? What are you waiting for? Get a chance to win $1500 by completing a simple survey within 5 minutes.

28 thoughts on “ | Start Informtarget Survey & Win $1500 Gift Card”

  1. I am a customer who loves to shop at Target and I am glad to take this survey and I hope that I will win the Target gift card.

    • Thank you. I was very impressed by one of your representatives. Her name is Hailey.
      after several visits to your store in Westover San Antonio, she assisted me enough to fill out this survey. This is not a norm. See below. JE Rubi 1LT Combat Engineers.
      Commissioned by Richard M. Nixon, 28 July 1968.

  2. I hope that the information that I gave you in the survey will help to make customers shopping experience even rewarding for them in the future.

  3. Why are these surveys so complicated for your customers. I always want to help those employees who do outstanding work but it is not easy. Those of us who find computers challenging get lost in all the demands. A simple employee name and my opinion form with ids from receipt is all that is necessary.

  4. I’m for hiring older adults but dislike that those older individuals get placed on the registers. They are so slow at doing it. I went in to purchase a gift but spent more time in line waiting to get checked out. Self-checkout is no longer an option since the machines are card only, no cash and i only carry cash.
    i was very disappointed.
    Anaheim Store (2421) needs to do better.

  5. Went to Target, on the shelf the bath mat was $8.00. Once this rang up, it rang up at $10.00.
    Didn’t notice this until I got home. Just crazy how often this happens. Disappointed 😢

  6. I was at Target on South Main in Walnut Creek this afternoon around 4:00 p.m. The person who helped me was Connor B., a very nice, friendly, and courteous young man, who took me around and took me to where the item I was looking for, was located. He stayed by me and showed me some samples. I found the color and style that I wanted. He did not leave until I had made my choice. He left me then when I headed for the cashiers. He was so polite and patient. He never put any pressure on me and waited patiently. I really appreciated that! Thank you, Connor B.!

  7. At the Boston Fenway store, it would help to have a few employees available, on each floor, to answer customers’ questions. Also, may I suggest better signage to guide customers to parking.

  8. Went to Trumbull mall in CT today November 19/22. My mil and I wanted to get a Christmas tree. The one we liked had no extras on the floor. There was only one left in the back we were told. Yet out of three people who told us that only one named Ann Marie actually went in the back and got it for us and checked us out we didn’t have to wait in line or anything. She deserves a big raise.

  9. Target is my preferred place to shop for many items. I love the large aisles and distance between shoppers. I am from Walmart country (Northwest Arkansas), so I appreciate the ability to shop in a store that is not crammed with merchandise. Also, it is obvious that the employees of Target are happy, friendly and available to help customers.

  10. I found in the Rogers, AR, Target store that the Fresh Pet display refrigerator was out of order. At checkout I mentioned that to the Clerk , Deb, who promptly called Demarkous. He immediately appeared and asked me what kinds of Fresh Pet my dog ate.
    He even brought up info on his cellphone to show me the pictures of what was available. He retreated to the back where they had items in a cooler and brought me what they had that my dog would eat (not anything with carrots). He treated me like I was an important and valued customer and went beyond all expectation! Demarkous is my hero. He is reminder of the way things used to be! Please recognize this young man in some way for helping an older lady!

  11. I do not like receiving substitutes that I cannot use. I have no idea what the TaterTots were substituted for but I cannot eat them because of the sodium and fat content. I was also sent some chocolate flavored cereal which I am not permitted to eat by my primary physician . I don’t know what it was a substitute for. The last time I ordered from Target, I was sent mushrooms which were so old that they were not fit for anything but the trash. I am an older woman who must depend on delivery services. I recently changed from Publix because their delivery charges are expensive. However, if you substitute things I cannot use, that makes your store more expensive. There are at times food offerings at this retirement community that I do not enjoy and having frozen alternatives from Target make accessible foods which I enjoy. However, as most retirees, i am living on a fixed income. i would appreciate the courtesy of your response. I have my receipt if that is something that you require.

  12. Went looking for men’s pants. Found “Wranglers”. Could not make heads or tails of the shelf’s . Waist sizes were all mixed up and all over the place. Pricing was also all mixed up. I found 3 pair of pants they all looked the same and the tags were all the same. but all had different prices. $19.99 and $22.99 and $24. 99. but when I scanned the prices the all came up $22.99 What is going on. So I just took the pants that cost $19.99, they rang up $22.99. I told the girl at the register and she made the correction. She did not make any notes that there was a problem with the price so it could be corrected. I think this is very poor on her part so things could be corrected. Also I worked many years ago in a retail store. in the mans dept. Everything had to be in proper order, not just dumped on the shelf. I hope thing will be better in the past. The store is Copiague, 1149 Sunrise Hwy, Copiague, New York, 11726. REC#2-3008-1147-0080-5990-7 VCD#751-780-442

  13. Last week I had bitter experience with check out I still returned to the store last night and the helper at self-check-out was grate. Very cheerful, engaging with costumers and very helpful.
    Her name is Gabby.
    Woodridge, IL.

  14. Purchased 2 Mielle conditioners because the were suppose to be marked down to $6.94 according to the yellow tag. They were the last 2 on the shelf. During self-check out the products were the original price ($13.99) each. This one of the reasons I hate self-check. I prefer a human being. Stores should start giving a service discount when you check yourself out.

  15. Promote Hailey a young cashier who has assisted me many times.
    Exemplary employee. JE Rubi, 1LT, Combat Engineer, US Army. Commissioned by Richard M.Nixon.
    user id:7697. password: 578928
    Store: Westover Target, San Antonio, TX. your software did not accept these digital id numbers, so I placed them here. 1/26/23

  16. We, by me,husband and daughter. The guy that helped us was Michael. Long black hair and extremely smart. he spent a good amout of time with us. we went to target 3445 freedom dr on 2-13-23 This guy needs some recongnition for all that he did. He is great dont loose him.

  17. Today I visited your 512 2nd. Ave Kips Bay TARGET Store in NYC. I was given an outstanding service
    by the Staff Member of TARGET Rosalie. She is an asset for TARGET. A polite and very competent young
    girl. It is a pleasure to shop at TARGET with Staff Member like this and of such calibre. I usually shop at
    TARGET Store on 14th ST. and Ave.A as I live on 16th St. and FDR Drive in NYC.

  18. Shopped at the Fenway Boston, MA. Bought 7 games for 7 Grand Nieces and Nephews, when I’d planned to buy for only 2 kids. (The Birthday girls.) And yes, the prices were that reasonable!
    I ended up getting help from 4 different associates just trying to locate “Post-It” notes in the store. Debra at checkout was very welcoming, helpful, and friendly. (As were the previous group.)
    Also, I was pleased to see that this Target did NOT cave to pressure from far-right fascists to remove displays that celebrated “Pride” month.

  19. Omg! I just was SAVED by JULIE in electronics section (power rd/McKellips, mesa az TARGET store! 3 others tried to help me (all very helpful & knowledgeable) but JULIE was the only one able to figure out how to fix my phone. It was seriously locked up! I couldn’t even call out to make an appointment at Apple Store for help! While she helped me, she was sought out by other workers & she helped them (like it was nothing out of the ordinary!)
    She went out of her way & then proceeded to teach me so much in just a few minutes time. Hats off to Julie! She’s brilliant AND nice!

  20. I always shop at Target, and I am a member of the Target Circle, but, had no idea I was saving credits every time I shopped there. It was my birthday this week, and I had a 5 per cent off certificate to use, and we asked Farnaz, at the Westgate Target in CA for help. She was AMAZING. Not only did she show us how to use it, she helped me install the app on my phone, set it up, and showed us how to use it. Then she said, WOW, you have 110 dollars credit…YAY…so we used it and we are beyond grateful to Farnaz for taking the time to guide us through every thing and really give me a great birthday surprise. Thank you Farnaz.

  21. A big shout to Yvonne at the Target Store 1223 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX for her outstanding customer service! I was new to the circle app, and was clueless on how to navigate though the process (I’m an analog man living in a digital world!). Super helpful and extremely polite. Thanks, Yvonne!


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