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Every business has the main goal of offering maximum customer satisfaction. This is especially important when it comes to restaurant business.  Jacklistens believes in offering 100% customer satisfaction and thus, takes up Jacklistens survey. No matter if you have a positive opinion or a complaint about the restaurant, Jacklistens will listen to everything that you have to say.

Taking a survey can be one of the best ways for restaurants to know if their food and services are loved by the target audience or not. As per a report, 81% of customers opine that they would be willing to answer survey questions if they receive a quick response. If you are thinking about taking Jack in the box survey, you need to know everything about the survey. But, before that you need to know about this restaurant that cares so much for its customers!!

About the Jack in the box restaurant

Jack in the box is an American Fast Food chain that offers delicious food to its customers. The fast-food chain has been in existence since 1951. The restaurant serves fast food in almost 21 states in the United States. Yummy fast food and snacks offered by the restaurant includes Hamburgers, salads, chicken, different varieties of sandwiches, and desserts. The restaurant is also known for offering delicious french fries and tacos.

To help the restaurant serve delicious food, it is important to give regular feedback. So, participate in Jack in the box survey. You will be amazed to know that you will also be able to claim rewards after you participate in the Jacklistens survey.

Eligibility to participate in the Jacklistens survey

Following are some of the prerequisite to participate in the Jacklistens survey:

  • You need a purchase receipt from the restaurant to start the survey
  • Customers also need a digital device like a laptop, computer, or a smartphone to participate in the survey.
  • Stable internet connection is needed to complete the survey conveniently.
  • Have a legitimate email ID to complete the survey.
  • You will need at least 10-15 minutes to complete the survey.
  • Customers should be more than 18 years in age
  • One participant can participate only for one entry

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Terms and conditions to for Jacklistens survey participation

Following are the major terms and conditions that you need to follow to participate in the survey:

  • Customers should be more than 18 years in age
  • One participant can participate only for one entry
  • Customers need to be original citizen of the United States
  • The coupon code you will receive at the end of the survey has a validity of 7 days
  • The gift prize that you will receive is not for sale

What are the survey questions based on?

The Jack in the Box survey questions will be based on:

  • The quality, or the taste of the food
  • Quantity of the food
  • Availability of the food you have ordered
  • Services and the behavior of the staff
  • Hygiene as well as cleanliness of the restaurant
  • Issues (If any) faced by the customer

All you need to do is provide genuine ratings and answers to the survey questions. You can give positive as well as negative feedback. Your answers and responses will be used to improve services offered by the Jack in the box restaurant.

How to complete the Jacklistens survey?

If you want to know how to take survey, you need to follow a step-by-step guideline to complete the Jacklistens survey.

  1. Visit the official website at http://www.jacklistens.com/ and visit the survey page
  2. You need to make a choice between the language you follow. You have to make a choice between English and Spanish.
  3. You need to provide 14 digit survey code that you received on the purchase receipt
  4. Next, you need to fill boxes with the store number, mode of order, time, and date of the visit.
  5. You will be shown a bunch of questions that you need to answer.
  6. The question will be based on your overall experience at the restaurant
  7. Submit the survey at the next step
  8. You will also have to give your details like your name, address, date of birth, and email address to make an entry towards winning the prize.
  9. You will receive a survey code at the end.
  10. After getting the code, you can redeem the code at the next visit of the restaurant.

Following all these steps is quite easy and straightforward. The best part about this survey is that you will not only help the restaurant in improving their services, but you will also get a chance to get rewards.

What is the reward for Jacklisten survey?

At the end of the survey, you will be able to get rewards that can be redeemed at the end of the survey. Following are the reward that you will receive:

  • You will get a chance to win two free tacos if you purchase food and beverages from the restaurant.
  • If you will be the lucky winner, you will also win free Superman Croissant as a reward.

Are you excited to win these amazing rewards just by answering a few questions? If yes, what are you waiting for?

Jack in the box restaurant believes in offering best customer experience and thus, they ask customers to give survey answers. By answering survey questions you will not only help the company but also yourself by winning amazing rewards. A customer always helps their favorite brand. So be a partner in future growth and success of Jack in the box restaurant.

46 thoughts on “Jacklistens.com | The Official Jack In The Box Survey For Customers”

  1. Visited your restaurant in Vancouver wa. today, ordered a #4 (jumbo jack, fries & drink), tacos, & small Crml iced coffee. The order taker repeated my order back to me. When I picked the order from the drive up window, was given a jumbo cheese, taco, and regular Crml iced coffee. No fries or drink.
    JIB 8318. Order # 108

  2. It is a fine restaurant and a great staff to work with. On top of that you are given the opportunity to participate in the restaurants give aways.

    • I think you should know the quality of the chicken salad I ordered 5/18/2022 at the Jack in The Box off Black Mtn. Rd., San Diego CA 92129. In the past I have been satisfied with the quality but yesterday it was the worst salad I’ve ever gotten there. It was the chicken club. The lettuce was only iceberg and quite wilted and the chicken did not have the usual flavor unless the flavor is seasoned differently from the grilled chicken salad which I usually order. If that is the case I shouldn’t have ordered it. I seriously doubt I will order any of your salads again.

  3. I love the Jack in the box on Imperial Ave., El Centro, CA 92243. My favorite Jack in the box employee is CARMEN!! She is always smiling and always goes out of her way to make her customers happy.

  4. Jack in the Box really Sucked today. No sauce on the Sour Dough Jacks. The Fancy Expensive Fries and The Sandwiches were Cold…Will Not be going back to the Litchfield, IL. location….The Code for the survey does not work because it does Not have 18 numbers only 14…Guess that way they can not get a negative review…

  5. Jan. 6,22. Went through the drive-through at 8:41 p.m. fast line tonight. All was going smooth till I got my drinks. Then all went to hell. First cashier decided I didn’t need my 61 cents in change. Then none of the sauces I asked for was given. That should have been a sign to check my order but I was just hoping for the best. After returning home divided the orders. First order was the #10 (spicy chicken, lg fries and lg drink. The second order was the new Blazin Cluck chicken, lg fries, and lg drink. Well never received my #10 instead received the Blazin Cluck chicken. No sauces. No change. This is the third time in a row that the p.m. shift has screwed up my orders. Cashier this time was Aiden at store #7272. Order # 153. This jack in the box is on tropicana and decatur in Vegas. The morning shift is the best bc there is always attentive supervisors.

  6. I visited your restaurant #870; and the menu prices were not the same as the one on your cash register. I asked the associate of why the difference; and she politely stated that the prices on the menu have to be updated. I said then that she should have charged the amount posted; and she replied: Please call Corporate for that issue. So here I am.. I was charged $.60 higher than the posted amount.
    Code: 868 171 000 302 79

  7. I could not take the survey because it wanted a 18 digit code and my receipt had only 14. the jack in the box in san Rafael has got to be the worst. Mr. Lopez was very rude, gave me burnt sandwiches, and didn’t ask if I wanted cream or sugar for my coffee. Also you have to ask for a receipt at this restaurant or you won’t get one. I do not want free tacos because I will not be going to Jack in the box again.

  8. JIB 4020 drive thru order 174 st louis jib bates/grand ave

    went thru drive thru-ordered side salad, inside the side bag that had dressing–NO UTENSILS–and the Croutons expired in 12/21…please correct this and throw out the expired food. thank so much!!

  9. Not impressed with the drive-thru cashier at the Lake Havasu City, AZ location. Went mid morning with very little traffic, no line in the drive thru. She was very cold and unfriendly. Then when I went to pay, albeit with a $50 bill, she visibly rolled her eyes at me and proceeded to get my change. I apologized for the large bill and she completely ignored me. There is no name on the receipt and I didn’t see her nametag, but she should probably be used for something other than register or dealing with customers. Maybe a dish washer or something out of the public eye.

  10. This is from JIB#38, the order number is 705, the date and time of the visit is 01-30-22, the time is 6:56:20 pm. The 14 digit number on the receipt was 250 734 100 680 52.

    Where should I start ? First the order was wrong ,I ordered a Jumbo Jack combo with no lettuce and no Onions. My wife ordered a Sourdough Jack combo.
    She received her order as ordered. I however received my order with lettuce and onions, ( I am allergic to Onions) thank goodness i looked before I ate it. The fires were cold, the burger was not edible, It smelled of old grease and had a a putrid smell to it. I was not able to eat any of my meal. I wasted the cost of the meal , and threw the bad product away.
    I previously had a debit card copied and someone attempted to use it on an ATM in San Diego after a visit to this store, Tonight I noticed the employee moving an object over my card before handing it back. to me. She then placed something in her pocket, when I questioned her, she advised it was an earbud case.
    I am truly disappointed in this visit, and I was left hungry after wasting my money and time at this store.

  11. This from JIB#543, the order number is 105 and visit was 2/3/22 at 7:08:pm my order was a#7 and 6 tacos with a#10 the tacos was still frozen and my burgers were cold. I tried calling but it went voicemail I wanted to talk to a person not leave a message.

  12. 02/13/2002 at 9 am, the jack in the box at 90th and state ave in marysville has the worst service i have ever experianced. i went through the drive thru and after paying, they wanted me to move so they could get a door dash its order.
    they put some one behind me as more imprtant. instead of having the door dash pull up front. then did not give me a reciept. the kid was a total ass about it as well.
    no jack in the box will get any more of my buisness and i will tell others about the shitty service i got

  13. location #310 order #24 Friday March 11 2022 03:46PM Ordered 2 fish sandwiches and had to wait for them to be cooked which isn’t a problem except one was hard as a rock and not cooked fresh. Asked for ketchup to be put in bag when they asked me to pull up and park to wait for my order, no ketchup in the bag. Ordered 2 Strawberry Cheesecake pies, paid for 2 pies, only got 1. Sad day. It will be a while before I go back.

  14. Ordered 3 #4’s today 3/16/22. The sandwiches were so small and the price was at least $1.00 more than the last time I ordered. I tried to take the survey when I got home but couldn’t because my receipt had a 14 digit code and the survey wanted a 18 digit code. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to Jack’s.

  15. Go to the Jack in Bullhead City AZ. About half of the time I don’t get my order correct. I ask for no sauce on my burgers, plain, only pickles, literally ask for no ketchup, mustard, or mayo and still get it put on the sandwiches. I don’t know how else to ask for what I want. In addition, why give a receipt for a survey if you need 18 digits in the code when we only have 14?

  16. I have tried to complete the survey online and it’s all too confusing which website to use. There are several. Wouldn’t take my code.
    I went to JIB on 3/20/22 #3925. 14 digit code: 419 129 203 553 52
    My Jr Jumbo Jack looked like someone had sat on it! Top bun was as thin or even thinner than a flour tortilla! This is second time this has happened to me…..a different location however.

  17. Hola, I have this comment: I went to o a jack in the box, close to Vermont Ave. and 6th St. Los Angeles,. Ca. I don’t have the exact address my coupon code is 525, I was there 4/7/2022, at 16:09. I got my fish sandwich, and I was asked twice maybe every questions, I said: medium size sandwich, medium soda, regular fries, I asked for a mini churros too. I took a seat, my sandwich is usually handled to me in a box, this time not, I’m sure I asked for double, I got simple, I felt like tied, I was seated in front of two women, maybe in their 25-30’s, thru the frecuency the one facing me said that she thinks is a waste of money to eat there because is too expensive , she is the owner. The employee (she) told please to manifest that she asked them for to give me the children size/presentation, or hers (the owner’s). They left. The employee said that she usually asked them for things like that, and/or exchange the sizes or flavors/soapy, and then blame the employees. I would like to you to investigate it. My number started 3214, and now appears 389. I made clear, that line 4, and line 2 (MTA) have as last terminal until two months ago,(line 4 stills), Venice Blvd. and Broadway Ave. There is a Jack in the box, and after the trips is nice to have something to eat or drink there. is very frecuented. I changed my e-mail. Thanks.
    Veronica Lopez

  18. I will defiantly return to this location. Justin was an excellent night manager with proficient customer service.

  19. JB Store 3843 in Cedar Hill, TX over works their lunch staff. We had to wait at the counter for order taker wearing a headset to take our order while also taking drive-thru orders, She then walked in the kitchen to do more things.

  20. I was given the wrong order again! Today was the worst. I ordered Spicy Chicken #10. I was given a hamburger with just meat, pickles, and bread. It was gross!!!!! I called the location several times and no one ever answer the phone.

    JIB #1127
    Drive Thru Order #162

  21. JIB 415
    I was served by the employee name Rocio. Her customer service was rude and bad attitudes. She pretended not hear me and I keep repeating myself for many times. I think she have hearing problems. After the order, she did not even said thank you instead rolling her eyes with attitudes.

  22. Hola Jack in the box: I had a trouble with one of the employees, that I feel she wants to pass the line or maybe she does not know which one, is maybe the same that I listens she gives money to hers mother Salvadorian, but I listens too the old women is not hers mother, but hers alienator, I don’t agreed with that point. is not fair other persons alienated you to live-in, and she takes all your payment for the job, because when the period finish , What is the quantity for you?, and is maybe another reason for no to leave the corporative. . well, this is another concern: I got the code 7720W, but it was stolen, there is a few people around me, who is trying to turn into a prostitute, cadets, or officers as Gustavo Rosales, Arturo Lozano(Ocampo), Suarez Jorge, Ricardo Gustavo Carbajal , all of them with siblings youngsters, I’m telling you, because they always they don’t have money for to eat, but for to have estupros done. They are Filipinos Adjunto or Poquianchis. They could say anything but they stole its while I’m sleeping. I’m in a street spot. I’m being forced by the cia yet, to live as a homeless.
    Veronica Lopez
    Co-Owner of Jack in the Box.

  23. I am from Florida and every year or 2, I travel to North Carolina. The first exit in Charlotte is my go to Jack in the Box fix. Last Friday was a nightmare experience. The restaurant was not open on the inside to begin with, which in this day and time seems to be more and more normal. I ordered my usual tacos and they were horrible…cold meat, no sauce, nasty lettuce and rancid tasting shell…two bites and they were trash. I tried in another city the next day and they were wonderful.

  24. I was very disappointed with my last visit to Jack in the box. My husband ordered a BacSwsBtryjk#1,1small french fry, and a small coke for him, and a chicken salad for me. When we got to the window to pick up our order, she said that my chicken sandwich wasn’t ready yet. I told her that I had ordered a chicken salad. Another girl came to the window and said that they didn’t have any salads.
    I don’t know why they tried to substitute something without asking me first. Needless to say I had no lunch and my husband had his. I am so disappointed in the store. I love their salads.

  25. Visited Jacks on 7-2-22. Ordered 2 steak biscuits. The sandwich, esp. The biscuit was great. However, the drive thru attendant never greeted me and did not say thank you for choosing Jacks. I am a stickler for customer service and there was none today.

  26. Once again i bought a Sourdough Jack. It had no sauce on either one and the one side of the bread was burned again!!
    The employees need to keep a closer eye on the food when they are cooking.

    Jack in the Box # 4398 in Bakersfield Ca. 93307
    on the Corner of Brudage and Oswell St.
    11/21/2022 – Purchase date 12:08:24 PM

  27. Your female employees hair smells wonderful! I love them all. I wish your store had ice cream or some nice butterscotch pudding, though.

  28. JIB #726. Code: 867 198 400 564 32. Service Date: 1/4/2023. Time: 16:47. I used to love the tacos, and I want to love them again, so I keep ordering them. I can’t recall the last time I received freshly made tacos. Today I bought them after work @4:47 pm, they were very dried out and the outer edges of the shell were not crunchy at all, just very hard and barely warm, like they had been sitting under the heat lamp for several hours. Normally I buy my tacos on the way to work (I like them for breakfast) but I always seem to get leftovers from the night before that have been refried, making them extra greasy, with ugly nasty pieces of lettuce shreds and no visible cheese (it probably met its demise at the second frying) for some reason I thought I was going to get freshly made tacos today, but sadly I did not. My taco issues are not just from this location (I just decided it’s time to say something) I live in Texas and have been to many other locations with the same premade and sitting to long taco issues. Please Jack, I’m begging you, tell your people to stop pre-making so many for their rush times. Thank You!

  29. As of this post, I am not able to access the http://JackListens.com customer survey Website. So, on my Jack in the Box receipt: 14 digit code: 954 118 608 966 13, Date of Service: 2/3/2023 [that’s Fri., 3 Feb. 2023], and Time of Service: 18:33 [that’s 6:33 PM in government-military time]. My most recent Jack in the Box establishment visit. On that Friday evening, with a Jack in the Box coupon number 644: “2 for $6.00 Jumbo Jack” from an advertisement of coupons received in my U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mailbox two months ago, I visited the Jack in the Box at 6702 – 6th Ave., Tacoma, WA 98406. No problem! At the drive-thru, only one other customer vehicle ahead of me with about five (5) minutes of waiting time. Payed for my order and received it at the same window. At this window, the female employee was not wearing a name badge with her first name on it. Still I am thankful for her professional friendliness and common sense politeness. Arrived home to check my receipt, indicating: “2 Jumbo Jack…Subtotal=$6.00 + Tax (10.3%) = 0.62, Total = $6.62. Quality and my satisfaction of the food considering the cost: absolutely superb! As a matter of fact, just this morning, I retrieved another Jack in the Box ad with coupons in my USPS mailbox; these coupons are valid through 03/20/2023; again that’s Mon., 20 Mar. 2023 (spring equinox). Based on my experience, the next time I am highly likely to re-visit this Jack in the Box restaurant location for my next with-coupon purchase.

  30. Cold French Fries! So much for your ad campaign. Unable to fill out survey. Survey wanted an 18 digit code, my receipt only had 14.
    Store 3593 La Quinta, Ca 2/16/2023 @10:31 am..

  31. My receipt # is 51319900851858 survey asks for 18 digit code receipt is 14 digit?

    Couldn’t hear waitress on the speaker, out of tiny tacos, cooks were eating when making our food which is not compliant w health code rules, popcorn chicken ordered specified ranch and charged .25 for sauce to go w these, 3 piece egg rolls no sweet and sour sauce? $6.49 for a small milkshake are we McDonalds all the sudden. Waitress was very rude when asked being charged extra for ranch w popcorn chicken? This location in Poulsbo has hit rock bottom, better fix this Jack!

  32. on 4-17-23 at7:23 pm in showlow az.store #1125 / order # 136 , food was great . but the website for the survey is a absolute shitty mess, cannot enter 14 digit code and even if i could the printing on the receipt is so faded you cannot read all the numbers.


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