| How To Take Metro Survey & Win $1000 Grocery Points

Supermarkets are one of the prime areas we visit at least once a month. When it comes to choosing which supermarket you have to see for your monthly household purchase, the brand Metro will be the first choice for many. This is because of the quality of services and products offered by the metro stores. After completing a long journey of establishment, Metro stores now have to take a feedback survey from their loyal customers to know whether the shoppers are happy with their shopping from metro stores.

Share your valuable customer satisfaction review with metro via Attend the metro survey Honestly, report your satisfaction and grievances you experienced in your last visit to the metro stores.

About Metro

Metro is a Canadian supermarket that mainly deals with food groceries. The company has an estimate of 365 stores in and around Ontario and Quebec. The company was established in 1947 in Verdun, Quebec, by Rolland Jeanneau. Later, Many independent grocery stores accompanied the company to form Magasins Lasalle Stores Ltée.

How To Take Metro Survey

The company achieved recognition in 1956 through an advertisement in La Presse, which showed turkeys sold for 39 cents. From its journey from the basic food store, the company has now announced its investment of about $420 million within the next five years for the construction of a new mechanised distribution centre for fresh and chilled products, which they expect to open in 2023.

Purpose Of

The Metro firm aims to improve customer satisfaction with their services and products by conducting this metro feedback survey. Moreover, this can be a promotion to attract consumers to metro stores to increase profits in the market. The customers are free to report the weakness they experienced with the metro stores to improve their services. Strengths of the metro services and products are also welcome to be notified as a token of appreciation and encouragement to add more best products and services in their stores. Are you ready to support the firm by attending the survey to pinpoint its strengths and weaknesses on services and products? If yes, Go ahead reading this page to know more details about the Metro feedback survey.

Aren’t you the next lucky customer to gain $ 1000 grocery points offered by metro? Do you know why? Metro is conducting a draw contest from the customers attending the survey, and $1000 grocery points will be rewarded for the lucky winner.

If you want to be the luckiest one, hurry up! Complete the metro feedback survey quickly as an early bird can only catch its worm. Don’t miss this great chance to shop free for $1000 at metro grocery stores. The only thing you have to do is attend the metro customer feedback survey and answer the questionnaire given there honestly. It will hardly take your valuable 5 minutes to complete the metro satisfaction survey. Spend your 5 minutes, for you, will be the next one to grab $1000 grocery points offered by metro stores.

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Rules and regulations for the Metro feedback survey

  • The participant must be a permanent and legal resident of Ontario, Canada and is above 18.
  • A single customer can attend the metro feedback survey only once. Multiple entries are not considered for the lucky contest. Sometimes may lead to disqualification from the contest.
  • Metro survey contest prize is neither transferrable nor substitutable for cash. Any such requests from the winners are not encouraged.
  • No Metro employees or their relatives can participate in this survey contest.

Metro Customer Feedback Survey Requirements

  • No purchase or cash payment is necessary to participate in the Metro satisfaction survey. But it would help if you had a recent receipt from the metro store with an entry code to enter the metro survey.
  • A basic understanding of either the English language or French language is necessary to participate in the metro survey.
  • A computer with internet access is a requirement to take part in the survey.
  • A valid email id is required to enter the Metro survey contest.

Steps To Attend The

Never Miss out on your chance since not knowing how to enter and complete the Metro feedback survey. Don’t worry! The information given below will help you enter the survey and guide you to complete the metro feedback survey. Read it clearly for the proper regulation of rules throughout the entire survey to consider you for the contest.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Opt for the language you wish to attend the survey. You can either choose English or French as the medium of answering.
  3. Enter the metro survey code on your receipt and move on by clicking start.
  4. Answer to the questionnaire provided on the page about your previous experience when visiting metro stores.
  5. Rate your overall satisfaction scores with metro services and metro products.
  6. Be honest in your answers, for your responses will be rated to improve the metro services and metro products you receive the next visit to the metro stores.
  7. You can now join the metro sweepstakes once you attempted all the questions on the survey page.
  8. Provide valid personal details, including email id.
  9. Submit your survey feedback to get a message informing you about your entry to the metro feedback survey contest.

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Don’t miss out on this chance to express your views about your favorite supermarket, The Metro stores. Be a part of an advisor in the metro stores’ proper functioning by completing this Metro feedback survey.

Congratulations on being an honest customer of the Metro stores, and Good luck with the contest.

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