Opinion.Rona.ca Survey | Rona Customer Survey To Win $1,000 Gift Card

Hey guys, how are you doing? Let me start by sharing a news with you. The news is that the Rona Store is conducting a survey at opinion.rona. A survey to get opinions and suggestions from the customers of the Rona Store. If you take part in the survey, you may end up winning 1000 dollars worth of Rona Gift Cards. So, if you do want to know more about this exciting opportunity Keep reading and I promise that I will tell you all about The Rona Store and Opinion.Rona Survey.

When was the last time you got a makeover for your home?

Yes, people, you heard me right!

It is not just your face, hair, and wardrobe that deserves a makeover, Once in a while, your home deserves a makeover too.

So, if you have a home makeover in your mind, you might be researching places from where you can buy Home Makeover Supplies. Even if it is one product at a time or one wall at a time or even one room at a time, it is certainly a good Idea to Start Fast.

So, if you are looking for places from where you can buy Home Makeover Supplies, what better Destination than the Rona Store.

If you have not heard about the Rona Store, let me tell you, people, it certainly is the go-to place for Home Makeover Supplies, Interior Décor Products, and whatnot.

So, if you are already a customer of the Rona Store, or if you have ‘shopping’ from the Rona store in mind, don’t for got to take the survey and win prize.

Purpose Of Opinion.Rona Survey

What would be the most important goal of yours, if you had a business?

I am guessing that it is either a lot of money, which means ‘profit’, or a lot of sales, which also essentially means a lot of ‘profit’.

And how do you think this profit can be achieved?

Also, how do you think sales can be increased?

It is only by ensuring customer satisfaction that you can increase sales in your business. And to make your customers happy, you will need to know what is it that they ( the customers ) wish to see and not see while purchasing from your business.

After all, it is only possible to satisfy expectations if you know what the ‘expectations” are.

It is this “know the customer’s expectations” part, the Rona Store is trying to do by conducting this survey.

By conducting the Feedback Survey through Opinion.Rona, The Rona Store gets to know your expectations so that they can satisfy those expectations of yours.


Rona Incorporated is a Canadian retailer outlet group, specializing in the sale of home renovation, Interior decor and construction products, and related services. Although it is the people of Canada who might be more familiar with Rona, The Rona Incorporated is American Owned.

Opinion Rona Customer Survey

It was in the year 1939, Rolland Dansereau and Napoleon Piotte founded the Rona Incorporated. Today, the Rona company operates a combination of company-owned as well as franchise-operated retail shops and outlets under banners of several multiple names, including The Rona, Rona Home & Garden, Réno-Dépôt, Rona Cashway, Marcil Centre de Rénovation, Moffatt & Powell,and Dick’s Lumber.

It was in the month of May of the year 2016 that American retailer Lowe’s bought The Rona for CAD 3.2 billion.

Valuevillagelistens Customer Satisfaction Survey To Win Prize


Upon completion of successful participation in the Opinion.Rona Survey, you will be rewarded with an opportunity to enter into The Rona Store’s sweepstakes (lucky prize draw).

Upon attaining Victory in the Rona Store’s prize draw, you will get a Rona Gift Card that allows you to shop worth $1,000.

Rules And Requirements For Participating In The Opinion.Rona Survey

Now, if you would like to participate in the Opinion Rona Survey, I would suggest that you carefully read and familiarize yourself with the below-mentioned rules:

  • In order to take part in Rona’s Customer Satisfaction and feedback survey, you will need to have with you, a smart gadget. (eg. smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge in a minimum of one language in which the Opinion Rona survey is offered.
  • You can participate in the Rona Customer feedback survey, only if you are a legal resident of Canada.
  • You have to compulsorily complete the survey within the specific date mentioned on the purchase receipt that you obtained from the Rona Store.
  • The Rona Store is not responsible in case of any failure or shortcoming of any kind whatsoever on the participant’s behalf.
  • If you are the winner in the prize draw, the reward entitled to you must be accepted as it is, which means that the prize will be non – negotiable.
  • Any reward offered to the winner of the prize draw by the Rona Group is 100% non-transferable.
  • Each household is entitled to only eight participations per month.
  • The winner(s) of the Rona Store’s Prize Draw will be notified regarding the victory by the Rona group’s Staff.
  • The victorious participants of the lucky draw will be informed about the same within a 10 daytime period since the prize draw.
  • If you are an employee or close relative of an employee of any Rona store location, you cannot take part in the Rona Survey.
  • Need a purchase receipt from the Rona store to take part in the survey.
  • You will need to have achieved a minimum age of 18 years in order to take part in the survey.
  • You must have a valid mail id and phone number to take part in the survey.

Quick Steps

If you are ready for participating in the Opinion Rona Survey now, you can read the below given Quicksteps. By following the below given quick steps you can successfully complete your participation in the Opinion.Rona Survey.

  • Go to the official survey website of Rona at www.opinion.rona.ca.
  • Choose your language (either English or French).
  • Provide your access code.
  • Answer survey questions.
  • Give your personal contact info.
  • Provide consenting action to enter your name for sweepstakes.

How To Do Opinion.Rona Survey

If the quick steps were not detailed enough for you, you do not have to worry. Below given is the detailed step-by-step information that will help you take part in Rona’s Customer feedback survey. You can read these and get a better understanding to participate in the Opinion Rona Survey.

  1. Take your smart gadget. Turn it on. Connect it to the internet.
  2. Open your web browser. Go to Rona’s Official Survey Website.
  3. The Rona store’s Official Survey website is available at www.opinion.rona.ca.
  4. You will now have to choose between English and French to take the survey in.
  5. Once you reach the next page, your access code will be asked. This is the code seen on your purchase receipt. Enter your access code.
  6. Click on continue.
  7. Now the official survey will start.
  8. You will be given different questions. Most questions will be asking for a rating.
  9. Recollect your last shopping experience at the Rona Store and answer.
  10. Make sure the answers are 100% honest and genuine.
  11. Once you are done providing the answer to all questions, you will reach the last step. You have to provide your contact information. This is done so that the Rona Group can contact you if you win in the sweepstake.
  12. Finally, give consent to enter your name in the Rona Sweepstakes. That is it, you have finished it.

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Contact Details

If you wish to contact the Rona Store, you can do so by calling them at their toll-free number – 1 866 283 2239


I hope you now have all of the information you need. I’ve told you everything there is to know about Rona and Opinion Rona. You should still come back to this post if you have any doubts.

As a result, you can now take part in Rona’s guest impression and reviews survey.

Who knows, maybe you’ll win the next $1,000.

Don’t squander any more of your time.

Now is the time to take the survey.

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