Opinion.Rona.ca Survey | Rona Customer Survey To Win $1,000 Gift Card

Hey guys, how are you doing? Let me start by sharing a news with you. The news is that the Rona Store is conducting a survey at opinion.rona. A survey to get opinions and suggestions from the customers of the Rona Store. If you take part in the survey, you may end up winning 1000 dollars worth of Rona Gift Cards. So, if you do want to know more about this exciting opportunity Keep reading and I promise that I will tell you all about The Rona Store and Opinion.Rona Survey.

When was the last time you got a makeover for your home? Yes, people, you heard me right! It is not just your face, hair, and wardrobe that deserves a makeover, Once in a while, your home deserves a makeover too. So, if you have a home makeover in your mind, you might be researching places from where you can buy Home Makeover Supplies. Even if it is one product at a time or one wall at a time or even one room at a time, it is certainly a good Idea to Start Fast.

So, if you are looking for places from where you can buy Home Makeover Supplies, what better Destination than the Rona Store. If you have not heard about the Rona Store, let me tell you, people, it certainly is the go-to place for Home Makeover Supplies, Interior Décor Products, and whatnot. So, if you are already a customer of the Rona Store, or if you have ‘shopping’ from the Rona store in mind, don’t for got to take the survey and win prize.

Purpose Of Opinion.Rona Survey

What would be the most important goal of yours, if you had a business? I am guessing that it is either a lot of money, which means ‘profit’, or a lot of sales, which also essentially means a lot of ‘profit’. And how do you think this profit can be achieved? Also, how do you think sales can be increased? It is only by ensuring customer satisfaction that you can increase sales in your business. And to make your customers happy, you will need to know what is it that they ( the customers ) wish to see and not see while purchasing from your business.

After all, it is only possible to satisfy expectations if you know what the ‘expectations” are. It is this “know the customer’s expectations” part, the Rona Store is trying to do by conducting this survey. By conducting the Feedback Survey through Opinion.Rona, The Rona Store gets to know your expectations so that they can satisfy those expectations of yours.


Rona Incorporated is a Canadian retailer outlet group, specializing in the sale of home renovation, Interior decor and construction products, and related services. Although it is the people of Canada who might be more familiar with Rona, The Rona Incorporated is American Owned.

Opinion Rona Customer Survey

It was in the year 1939, Rolland Dansereau and Napoleon Piotte founded the Rona Incorporated. Today, the Rona company operates a combination of company-owned as well as franchise-operated retail shops and outlets under banners of several multiple names, including The Rona, Rona Home & Garden, Réno-Dépôt, Rona Cashway, Marcil Centre de Rénovation, Moffatt & Powell,and Dick’s Lumber. It was in the month of May of the year 2016 that American retailer Lowe’s bought The Rona for CAD 3.2 billion.

Valuevillagelistens Customer Satisfaction Survey To Win Prize


Upon completion of successful participation in the Opinion.Rona Survey, you will be rewarded with an opportunity to enter into The Rona Store’s sweepstakes (lucky prize draw). Upon attaining Victory in the Rona Store’s prize draw, you will get a Rona Gift Card that allows you to shop worth $1,000.

Rules And Requirements For Participating In The Opinion.Rona Survey

Now, if you would like to participate in the Opinion Rona Survey, I would suggest that you carefully read and familiarize yourself with the below-mentioned rules:

  • In order to take part in Rona’s Customer Satisfaction and feedback survey, you will need to have with you, a smart gadget. (eg. smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge in a minimum of one language in which the Opinion Rona survey is offered.
  • You can participate in the Rona Customer feedback survey, only if you are a legal resident of Canada.
  • You have to compulsorily complete the survey within the specific date mentioned on the purchase receipt that you obtained from the Rona Store.
  • The Rona Store is not responsible in case of any failure or shortcoming of any kind whatsoever on the participant’s behalf.
  • If you are the winner in the prize draw, the reward entitled to you must be accepted as it is, which means that the prize will be non – negotiable.
  • Any reward offered to the winner of the prize draw by the Rona Group is 100% non-transferable.
  • Each household is entitled to only eight participations per month.
  • The winner(s) of the Rona Store’s Prize Draw will be notified regarding the victory by the Rona group’s Staff.
  • The victorious participants of the lucky draw will be informed about the same within a 10 daytime period since the prize draw.
  • If you are an employee or close relative of an employee of any Rona store location, you cannot take part in the Rona Survey.
  • Need a purchase receipt from the Rona store to take part in the survey.
  • You will need to have achieved a minimum age of 18 years in order to take part in the survey.
  • You must have a valid mail id and phone number to take part in the survey.

Quick Steps

If you are ready for participating in the Opinion Rona Survey now, you can read the below given Quicksteps. By following the below given quick steps you can successfully complete your participation in the Opinion.Rona Survey.

  • Go to the official survey website of Rona at www.opinion.rona.ca.
  • Choose your language (either English or French).
  • Provide your access code.
  • Answer survey questions.
  • Give your personal contact info.
  • Provide consenting action to enter your name for sweepstakes.

How To Do Opinion.Rona Survey

If the quick steps were not detailed enough for you, you do not have to worry. Below given is the detailed step-by-step information that will help you take part in Rona’s Customer feedback survey. You can read these and get a better understanding to participate in the Opinion Rona Survey.

  1. Take your smart gadget. Turn it on. Connect it to the internet.
  2. Open your web browser. Go to Rona’s Official Survey Website.
  3. The Rona store’s Official Survey website is available at www.opinion.rona.ca.
  4. You will now have to choose between English and French to take the survey in.
  5. Once you reach the next page, your access code will be asked. This is the code seen on your purchase receipt. Enter your access code.
  6. Click on continue.
  7. Now the official survey will start.
  8. You will be given different questions. Most questions will be asking for a rating.
  9. Recollect your last shopping experience at the Rona Store and answer.
  10. Make sure the answers are 100% honest and genuine.
  11. Once you are done providing the answer to all questions, you will reach the last step. You have to provide your contact information. This is done so that the Rona Group can contact you if you win in the sweepstake.
  12. Finally, give consent to enter your name in the Rona Sweepstakes. That is it, you have finished it.

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Contact Details

If you wish to contact the Rona Store, you can do so by calling them at their toll-free number – 1 866 283 2239


I hope you now have all of the information you need. I’ve told you everything there is to know about Rona and Opinion Rona. You should still come back to this post if you have any doubts. As a result, you can now take part in Rona’s guest impression and reviews survey.

Who knows, maybe you’ll win the next $1,000. Don’t squander any more of your time. Now is the time to take the survey.

82 thoughts on “Opinion.Rona.ca Survey | Rona Customer Survey To Win $1,000 Gift Card”

  1. June 10, 2022
    This morning the front desk clerk was very polite and helpful, her name is Tasha. I have a walker as well as oxygen assist so walking any distance and I get winded.

    She called to a desk halfway back in the store and a nice fellow brought out what I needed, 2 bags of Easy Sand (Grey) as some Gorilla glue and loaded it into the back of my van. All very helpful. Thank you.
    Of course I would recommend your store to anyone.

  2. Good idea to ask customers what they think and to run a survey. BUT not everyone has a smart gadget. Where I live smart phones don’t work. Lucky to have internet slow as it is. Would have enjoyed taking the survey for a chance to win some Rona cards to put toward doing some work around the house. Would like to mention I noticed Makinlee was very helpful to the customer ahead of me in line. Checked prices and made suggestions when asked. I found her very polite and pleasant

  3. I visited Rona store in Scarborough, Ontario on June 11, 2022 to make a small purchase. The staff were pleasant and knowledgeable ad went out of their way to help e find what I wanted.

  4. I was at Rona on Sunday to try and get a garden bench which Sara D. told me I could only get on line she I knew she was busy but took the time to do it for me which took sometime so appreciated her patience with me

  5. June 22, 22.
    Was at Rona on Kenaston Blvd to purchase a gazebo that was on sale on line. What was not specified on line was that the item on sale and on line was noted a “different color”. The one on display on the sale floor was not the “on sale color” item. Tyson and his supervisor Matt, made it work. Matt went over and above to make sure we were given the same boxed gazebo that was not on sale for the “sale price”. The two of them, Tyson and Matt get a 5* rating from us. Happy customer here.
    Thank you guys.
    Maria J.

  6. I want to give a huge shout out to Matt & Kaeden for all their great help on June 24th. I had to wait a few minutes for this to happen but it was well worth it! Matt answered all our patio umbrella information & we appreciated all his input. Kaeden loaded up the buggy with our stuff, the cashier was so polite, then Kaden went the extra mile to help load our purchases into the car. This was so helpful to senior’s. I will go out of my way to shop at this specific Rona Scarborough store, even if I have to drive further because customer service is SO IMPORTANT to me! Rona should feel proud to be represented by these 2 individuals, Matt & Kaeden.

  7. Olga was very helpful today when we were looking for a product that was not available in the store, but she did assist us in getting items that we not on our list.

  8. was at rona to day looking for tiles and potlights and paint standing there scratching my head and mark showed put me the rite direction and sales on the stuff i was looking at and saved me money very keen on where and products answer every question we asked this guy is rated 10 for us thanks mark brian and christine twofoot good job

  9. I just needed nails and Rona has always been my go to place for building supplies, gardening needs and home decor. After being distracted by the beautiful Christmas displays for awhile I asked a staff member Dianne, where I could find the nails. She was super friendly and helpful and saved me a lot of walking.
    Awesome customer service that is so appreciated. Thank you.

  10. I was at rona 3065, blvd. le Carrefour 12/5/22 to buy electric range ,and there was Georgina M.
    with hers pleasant help, and that does better day for us.
    Thanks Georgina

  11. Rona a french canadian born CO. and owned by Lowe … Hum… No french transcription for survey
    so… i guess that french citizens have no possiblity to do the survey…nor win a F… 1000 box!
    For the survey you need english or spanish…
    That make Rona the most racist entity in canada!

  12. I want to thank Barbara!
    I have a hobby to do renovations at home when I have time. Edmond location is near me. every time I go there, I will see Barbara is there with her positive attitude all the time. she answered me all the questions with patience. I love her! I wish I will see her all the time!


  13. We have always dealt with waterdown RONA store on 52 Dundas Street East. The customer service is exceptional.
    Presently undergoing 2 bathroom renovations and purchased all the products needed with the amazing help of LESLIE LOVE who undertook the ordering for us. Pleasure to work with Leslie.
    Also received help from PREET with our exclusive product ordering on the computer. Pleasant and lovely lady
    Both LESLIE and PREET made our purchasing experience a pleasure, thank you to both.

    Mika (Stojanka) and Dave Sidorkewicz

  14. Leslie Love should be recognized for her tremendous knowledge and professional help during our bathroom planning reno. Rona is very lucky to have exceptional employee such as Leslie.

    Also, Preet and “Polish Princess” at the front desk were a pleasure to deal with while paying for our purchase.

  15. I went into the Grande Prairie, AB RONA on April 1st (this is not a April fools joke) 🙂 And the Stacy was so helpful. She went above and beyond what was required of her in my option. She recommended a product to me and was very knowledgeable about the product. The cashier Diana was so friendly as well. I will definitely be going back there for sure.

  16. It is my first time visiting RONA, looking for suitable kitchen faucets for my new home in Richmond Hill. Shopping around with too many brands on the floor, Mr Tommy Law approched us with a pleasant smile on his face. A very warm reception feeling and we started talking about our needs. Tommy explained to us the in a very professional manner and we ended up buying a Moen product happily.

  17. Jen helped me quickly and was straight forward, just the way I like it. I went to the Rona in Calgary at Edmonton trail and wanted to get in and get out and off to my project, and I got exactly that. Thank you so much for great customer service!

  18. Tommy Law in the plumbing department was most helpful in his advice and recommended the replacement
    toilet bowl . Although this item was not on sale,he advised me to purchase a specific type and style.
    I would give him a 10 rating.

  19. Hi, I Have Visited the Grimsby Store many times. In all areas of the department, there was never a time that my needs were not met. I love shopping in that store. Sara Lane who works in the vanity department was a delight to deal with and I loved her suggestions also. Then we have Tazemen she works on cash and is also a great help and addresses my needs also. Pleasant to deal with and again I will wait in line to see her pleasant smile. The gentleman in the paint department has gone out of his way to address my needs. I see him all the time so I believe he is full-time there. I truly enjoy my shopping experience in this store.
    There was a very nice young man that was nice enough to cut me a piece of wood that I needed to cut and was delighted to do it for me. In the past, I have even been to the area where they have the patio stones. They are all great to deal with. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  20. I was at Surrey Rona today with one of the individuals I support, there was some confusion with the online order I made not going through. We were helped by a young very professional lady Alyssa. She really took time to make sure the situation was handled well and really looked after us.
    I give here a 10/10 for customer service and for being so caring and professional.

  21. I went to the Rona a couple of towns over looking for a magnetic screen door and some connectors for my garden hose.
    I saw a gentleman staff employee named Jocelyn. He was very helpful in assisting me in finding both
    of my items even though one of them was not located in the section that he was working in at that time.
    It was a very pleasant experience. I often shop at that Rona because the store is always well stocked and the staff
    are very friendly.

  22. HI…can someone at Rona check this site and particularly the tabs to take survey in English/French. I have tried several times and the links do not appear to be active. Your assistance and guidance is appreciated.//Craig

  23. Was at the Rona store in Markham to purchase garden soil.
    Sales associates Lollo and Kevin were very helpful.
    They assisted me with purchasing the correct soil and
    Kevin put the soil in my SUV with a friendly and helpful
    Very please with the customer service.

  24. I went to the Garden Centre to pick up some plants. I could not see the cucamelons that I had purchased the years before and that same location. I asked Gloria if they were expecting any and she said she had never heard of them therefore they don’t exist. She then told me “You are confused Dearie.” I am not confused. I have worked in Garden Centre’s for years and am a member of the Calgary Horticulture Club for over 40 years now. I know what I am talking about. Calling me “Dearie” smacks of ageism and her simply dismissing me made me not want to shop there. Someone please educate this woman.

  25. I would like to the opportunity to thank the staff at your Grimbsy Ontario . They went to great lenghts to accomadate my purchase of a product that was shipped to our location. also I would like to reccomend your associate Sara D for her exceptional customer service skills, above and beyond . Again THANK YOU for the pleasure of shopping at this location. Gord H

  26. Hi, I needed a water tank for my home. i went to Rona and I bought the Tank. The Lady who served me did not speak a word of English and we had hard time to communicate . finally with a help of someone else we could manage to close the deal. Rona has most of the items that i look for and they have good prices as well. i will be going to Rona again and make my purchases.

    Thanks for Listing and God bless you all.

  27. Unfortunately, I do not own a Smart Phone or gadget, so you can’t participate in the $1000 contest for leaving a comment. I was at the Cobble Hill Rona a few weeks ago and the guy behind the counter was putting in our order for bricks. He messed up because the bricks I wanted were spoken for already by another customer. The lady working behind the counter, took it upon herself to fix the situation. She over heard what was going on and immediately flew into action. She located the bricks at the Nanaimo location and coordinated with the delivery driver already in route to bring extra bricks back with him AND arranged for immediate delivery. I had already hired a crew and had it all set up. IF it weren’t for her quick thinking and spring into action, the whole project would have tanked. She was empathetic and could read our frustration. Her name is KATRINA. She needs to be recognized for being jumping in and fixing the situation before it became a huge complaint. She fixed it and made sure it was right. She was kind and empathetic and ensured 110% Customer Satisfaction. I will continue to remain a RONA customer because of KATRINA and her excellent Customer Service skills. She really should be a trainer and train all staff at RONA on how to do this for all customer service failures. She is an ASSET to this company.

  28. I would like to thank Laurie for her help and knowledge. Her customer service skills are beyond any expectations.

  29. it makes me really happy that the staff asks if i need help, and leave me to it if i say no. i am someone who really likes looking for things myself. but happy to know theyre always there for me

  30. thanks to the support of the entire team who assisted me in my purchasing of a 12 x10 hardtop gazebo and looking forward to the installation tomorrow.

  31. Ritesh was a great help in helping my husband and I find the right light bulbs. He pitted where they were, which ones that would work for our chandelier and helped us save money. We had a great experience.

  32. RONA (Waterdown Location): I was on the hunt for Cabot Australian Timber Oil stain. RONA was the fourth store I visited (relative distance from my home). A very helpful and cheerful person named “Daria” approach me and asked me how she could help. She knew her products (which were many) and we narrowed the selection down to two colours. She even opened both cans and applied a sample to a stir stick which instantly revealed the correct choice. She then recommended an applicator brush and informed me that both products were 30% off that day (lucky me).

    My impression is that Daria is a special person who could clearly take on customer relations or any other tasks in the store. I can recommend her without hesitation.

  33. Rona in White Rock last year was amazing. This year at the fleet Wood store on Fraser Hwy was very different. The sales person was excellent but all went down hill after that: was difficult to make contact regarding my purchase of a fire pit. No one seemed to be knowing what was going on. This has been my experience through the last years at this site. Difficult to find someone to answer my questions on line.

  34. j etais chez rona pour me renseigner et acheter un refrigerateur maytag,monsieur hocine s est bien occupe de nous, il nous a donne des renseigenemnts tres utiles sur le frigo malgre qu il n est pas en demo.connait bien ce dont on cherchait .merci monsieur hocine de votre temps.on reviendra des la fin de notre renovation.celica domez

  35. Rona in Barrie Omt. was amazing today.Tina who was looking after me was imcredable very informative.Was a great help im purchasing a snow blower and lawn products,she is a keeper

  36. I visited the Cobble Hill Rona and was thoroughly impressed by the service I received. Ethan helped me to find the exact product I needed. He was personable, knowledgeable, and efficient. In no time, at all, he completely resolved my issue.

  37. Really good service in RONA Golden BC. PETER is a worker taht helped me and he is super friendly and he tried to answer and get a solution of any problem or question that I asked him.
    Thank you very much!

  38. We bought appliances from Deborah at the Rona Store on Barton Street in Hamilton. Deborah spent over 45 minutes explaining all the working of each appliance noting pros and cons of each. She was very committed to good customer service and making sure that we had all the necessary information to make a reasonable decision. She also took time to measure all the appliances to ensure that they would fit in our allocated space. We were very pleased with her customer service skills, attention to details and making sure that we would be satisfied with our purchase.

  39. I was at the Rona store in Wallaceburg Ontario. I been there a number of times. And each time I been happy with the Experience From the person at the contractors counter , person at the Front counter to the person in the yard. If I was rating the store out of 10 I would give it a BIG 10, 10, 10 Thank you to all the staff for all you do. Steve Revell

  40. I shopped at Rona in St. Thomas twice in the last few days and was treated exceptionally well by Frank. He was first to help me both days with some questions and followed me to the isle where my product was and offered valuable advice to me.
    A big thank you to Frank and will certainly look for him again on my next visit.

  41. Keegan was the person that took my call and assisted me with what I was asking. He had to climb up a ladder to read the information on the box and willing did that. I came into the store to purchase the hood range. He went to get me a shopping cart and wheeled it up to the cash register. He then wheeled it out to my car after I paid and put it in my car for me. Very Helpful young man, his help was very much appreciated from beginning to end.

    The cashiers name was Lori, her friendly cheerful greeting an help also, made for a totally enjoyable shopping experience

  42. Without a Smart phone/gadget, I cannot participate and answer the short survey w/ access code on bottom of my receipt from my visit today at Rona. Our Lowes just recently transitioned to Rona 🙂 so I still call it Lowes. Lol.

  43. Want To Put In Good Word For Jaqueline Trina And Adrain At The Penticton Rona Store,… The Purchase Of Some Flooring For My House Was Made Seamless And Was A Great Experience Right From The Purchase Right To Picking Up The Product,… Thank You All,… Highly Recommend Rona At Penticton B C

  44. I want to take a moment to thank Daniel in appliances at the Rona at 1848 Provincial Road in Windsor for the great customer service he gave my mom and I. He answered all our questions about washer and dryers and made the whole purchase quick and painless. We will definitely go back to him when we need any appliances. We highly recommend him.

  45. Had a great shopping experience thanks to Alona and Dipak at Rona store located at 10111 Heart Lake Rd.
    Alona did an amazing job looking for a particular piece of hardware we needed for our bathroom reno, which unfortunately was sold out due to a fantastic half price sale. Then she went above and beyond to call over Dipak who together gave us a comparable sale on a similar product. On top of the 20% off their bathroom hardware it was altogether a very satisfying day. Saved more money than expected and put me in a great mood for the rest of the day.
    Thanks again Alona and Dipak,

  46. I went to Rona golden mile for some plaster
    Edna was very helpful in getting me checked out and on my way quickly and efficiently
    …..I recommend Rona Golden Mile for your renovation and home needs

  47. My wife and I went to Rona at Fleetwood Surrey B.C. to get a double door slider and on the way out we decided to look at Kitchen stove, we spoke with a very nice gentleman who explained all about the Samsung electric range, he did it so good that we ended up purchasing one which will be delivered on March 21.

  48. It’s been mays years showing at Markam store.
    Bought an umbrella for cottage and got the best help in the store buy Mary and Rebecca.

    Always smiling and very helpful.
    I can say for sure Rona is a great place to go for and home and garden needs.

    Thanks Jerry

  49. I want to thank Emilio at the Langford store. He went above and beyond trying to find a tricky little plumbing part.
    He did not give up looking until he found what I needed. Now that is service. Thanks again, Emilio.

  50. We were in Rona today on 130th Ave in Calgary SW. We had excellent service from Priyal and Braiden in the Out door furniture section. Priyal was extremely helpful and personable to us. We appreciate this type of service. *****

  51. I was in Rona looking for paint solutions. Ramany from the paint department was very helpful. I bought a few items to get started on refinishing a bedroom set. I will be back to see Romany when I am ready to start painting.

  52. Was in Rona today. Both Shelley & Darrel were most willing to spend time with me helping me out to find what I wanted . They accompanied around the store just offer8 g their help & support all the way . Koodos to 2 excellent employees !

  53. Yesterday I visited our local Rona store. In my time there I noticed that I had lost one of my diamond earrings. I was upset because this was a gift from my husband who had recently passed away. When I reported this a young associate was assigned the job of helping me look for it. No luck. Today, I got a phone call saying they had continued to look for it and had found it. The name of the associate who found it was Pranav from the Sarnia On store. He was so very awesome and gracious when I came to pick it up. I cannot say enough about the concern and care they took with me. I am so very grateful for all their help.

  54. I bought a new cooker at Rona on Sargent Avenue on 19th April 2024. I was served by Gurprit Saini who was extremely courteous and knowledgeable. He explained all the options, including the Warranty packages available for the product .
    The complete purchase experience was first class and I wished I could get similar service on other stores. Well done Gurprit
    and Rona.

  55. Je remercie Marco qui m’a admirablement bien conseillé. Je suis allé au Rona du 3933 Saint-Charles Blvd, Pierrefonds, Quebec H9H 3C7.
    Marco est avant tout un passionné de construction. Avant de travailler pour Rona, il a 30 ans d’expérience en tant que menuisier. Cela fait vraiment la différence quand on est client et on veut se faire servir. Il sait de quoi il parle.

    Merci pour tous ces conseils de pro.

  56. we went to Rona Camrose, AB and got excellent service from everyone there. It would have been better to have more sales associates but Krista definately gets 10 out of ten. Paint department really knows their stuff. She help me choose the perfect paint colour to accent my fireplace. We always love to shop there. Even bought our washing machine there.
    Access code: 02791666150119 Can’t figure out scan on my phone.

  57. Was in Rona in Saskatoon west end. Had a great girl that helped me. Her name was Raven and I have never had service like that at any rona or use to be lowes ever. She loaded and unloaded into my car everything I purchased. I very much appreciate this kind of service. Just can’t say how much I appreciated her there yesterday.

  58. So impressed with my visit to Rona’s on May 6th. The Niagara Falls store was clean, organized and the staff was very
    helpful. I continue to recommend Rona to all my friends and family. Sandra the cash clerk was so helpful and was always
    smiling. She gets a 10 out 10 in my books!!!


  59. Hello. I wanted to buy a fireplace that was not in stock at 130th Ave in Calgary. So Jane from customer service, called different stores to find out if it was available. It was no lack, so she ordered it for me from their warehouse. The fireplace propane was delivered in 6 days. Jane helped me again because I forgot my invoice and receipt. She is very friendly, and knowledgeable. I was thrilled to get her service. Good job and thank you, Jane! 10 of 10!

  60. Excellent shop for shopping household, construction and building material. Very nice and polite staff to help you. I was impressed by JIYEON of Seasonal department, who helped and guided me and helped me loading stones in my car. She is a very nice and and great asset for Rona.


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