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If you want some best pizza in the town at really affordable rates, Papa Murphy’s pizza is here to beat all your hunger pangs. They have come up with a brilliant idea of which helps you to give a feedback. Pizza is one of the foods that can make anybody happy. Whether you are watching a football match or just need comfort food after a heart break pizza is the go to option for many.

Making pizza is an art and one must have patience and dedication to make it. A pizza has three stages mainly, the base, the sauce and the toppings and Papa Murphy’s pizza has mastered all the three stages. The take and bake concept is what Papa Murphy’s is known for. You can select any fresh ingredient, and you can bake the pizza at home whenever you want.

What is papasurvey? is on online survey site that is conducted by Papa Murphy’s so that you can tell them if there are any issues from their side. They really care about customer satisfaction and hence encourage you to take the survey. They also provide coupons for free meals or free pizza because you have taken your valuable time to take the quiz. The survey will not take more than a minute of your time and you can enjoy a free meal or a pizza instead! | Take Official H-E-B Survey to Win $100 Gift Card

What are requirements to take the papasurvey?

  • Good internet connection and a device to take the survey. You can take it from smart phone or else you can also use your personal computer.
  • You can only take the quiz in English or Spanish.
  • Papa Murphy’s receipt with an invitation to take the survey. You can find an invitation code on the receipt. The receipt must not be more than three days old.

How to take the online?


  1. Go to the official website to take the survey.
  2. Enter the invitation code that is on your receipt.
  3. You will need to enter the store number as well as the date of visit and click start. Store number and date of visit will be printed on the receipt. The date of visit is usually on the top and the store number is printed on the bottom.
  4. Answer all the questions based on the previous visit to Papa Murphy’s. You must answer all the questions honestly or else you will lose a chance to win a free meal or a free pizza.
  5. Do not forget to comment on their service.
  6. After you finish the survey you will be provided with a redemption code that you have to tell the staff of Papa Murphy’s next time you visit them.

How to take papasurvey over the phone?

  1. Place a call on 1-800-931-5768.
  2. An automated voice will assist you.
  3. You need to select you language, which is either English or Spanish.
  4. Follow the instructions given by the automated voice.
  5. After you finish the quiz, you will be given a redemption code that you can write down and show it to the Papa Murphy’s staff next time you visit them.

Terms And Conditions of papasurvey

  • The survey must be taken within three days of the receipt issuing date. Older receipts will be auto rejected by the system.
  • You have to have a redemption code if you want to avail a free meal or a discount.
  • The survey is evaluated by evaluators. Therefore you must be honest while giving the answers to avail your free meal or any kind of discount. Keep your receipt safe in case of any discrepancies.


1. Can I dispose the bill?

Ans. For taking the survey you must have the invitation code, the date of visit and the store number. Even if you do not know the store number, you can enter your pin code and find the location of the store. After the survey it is advised to write the redemption code on the receipt and keep it safe till the next visit to Papa Murphy’s.

2. What if my bill is more than three days old?

Ans. You cannot take the survey if the bill is more than three days old. You must give the survey within three days of your visit.

3. What do I get if I take the survey?

Ans. You will have a chance to win a free meal or a free pizza or discount on your next orders. The company’s policies keep changing and hence you must contact the staff for any further quires.

4. How do I contact Papa Murphy’s?

Ans. They are available from 7am – 11pm Central Standard Time. You can call them on 1-844-620-2501.

About Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s is a pizza chain with more than 1,400 stores in the States, Canada and UAE. Papa Murphy’s pizza is known for its taste and they provide best services. They came up with the take and bake concept which helps the customer to select any fresh ingredients that they want and can take the pizza home and bake it on their own whenever they like. This way you do not have to eat cold pizza and can bake it fresh. This concept helped them to beat the competition and helped them to stay as one of the biggest pizza chains.


Take and bake is a unique concept and there is no competitor out there who can provide such service. Papa Murphy’s has a phenomenal service and with you can tell them any issues provided if you have one.

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