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The Pizza Hut is conducting a Customer feedback survey, by the name Pizza Hut Listens to know what is it that you think about them and what changes can they make to make themselves better for their customers. And in return for providing your opinions, Pizza hut will give you a Free Promo Code that you can use the next time you visit the Pizza Hut. Well, tell me, something guys, who doesn’t like pizza?

That’s right! No one !!! Yes, we all love Pizza and when it comes to Pizza, The Pizza Hut is obviously a go-to. The Pizza Hut has been serving our most favorite Pizza and fast food for years and the best thing about the Pizza hut is their locally customized pizzas. I mean the maple bacon pizza in Canada, is just pure awesomeness. So, if you are a Pizza lover and Pizza Hut is more like your everyday go-to for Pizza, then keep reading the article to know more about Pizza Hut Listens

Purpose Of Pizza Hut Listens Survey

The purpose of The Pizza Hut survey can be understood from the very name of the survey – Pizza Hut Listens. Pizza Hut wants to listen to you; they want to listen to your complaints, your suggestions, your grievances, your feedback, and everything that you have to tell them. Pizza Hut realizes the importance of satisfied customers for a business and therefore wants to know how they can make sure that their customers stay happy. That is why they are conducting this survey.

So, in short, Pizza Hut wants to listen to you, they want to listen to your complaints, your suggestions, your grievances, your feedback, and everything. So that they can change what you don’t like about the Pizza Hut and introduce elements that would make you like pizza hut more.

Reward Of Pizza Hut Listens Survey

Upon successful e completing participation in the Pizza Hut listen survey you will be rewarded with the Pizza Hut Canada promo code. Which allow you to enter into the monthly prize draw for a chance to win a code for a free coffee from Pizza Hut in Canada

It is also important to note that the reward for completing the Pizza Hut listens survey can be changed at any point of time depending upon the time of your participation in the survey. The free gift received might be a coffee or be something else so be sure to check your receipt of the last purchase from Pizza Hut before you participate in the survey to know what the prize for your participation would be.

Rules And Requirements For Participating In The Pizza Hut Listens Survey

  • Must be a citizen or resident of The United States of America or the United Kingdom.
  • Purchase bill from the time when you visited the Pizza Hut the last time.
  • Must be a minimum of 13 years old.
  • You must have adequate knowledge area in the language of English or in the language of French.
  • Employees of Pizza Hut are not allowed to participate in the survey.
  • You will have to take part in the feedback survey inside the time frame of seven days since the last visit yours to a Pizza Hut outlet
  • Quick Steps To Participate In Pizza Hut Listens Survey

Pizza Hut Listens Survey

In order to participate in the Pizza hut survey, you can follow the below-given steps :

  1. Take your mobile, tablet, or laptop and after connecting it to the internet, open your web browser and go to –, which is the official website of pizza hut’s customer feedback survey.
  2. Enter the code from the purchase receipt.
  3. Provide information pertaining to the store number date and time of your last visit to the Pizza at Store.
  4. After providing all the necessary information, your official Pizza Hut survey shall start.
  5. While giving the answers make sure you will be as honest as possible because it is depending upon your answers, Pizza Hut would make changes in their organization and the future.
  6. Upon successful completion of answering all the questions in the survey, you will be asked if you would like to participate in the prize draw that is related to the survey.
  7. If your answer is yes, you will have to provide your personal contact information so that if you are the winner in the prize draw, the Pizza Hut group would be able to contact you.
  8. That’s it, you have successfully taken part in the Pizza Hut’s customer feedback survey.

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About Pizza Hut

it was way back in the year 1952 in the city of Wichita in Kansas that the Pizza Hut was born. Being a sister concern of one of the world’s largest restaurant brands that is Yum brands, Pizza Hut is certainly one of the biggest and most visited restaurants in the whole world for any pizza lover.

With more than over 18700 out leads as of December 31st of 2019, the Pizza Hut today is one of the world’s largest Pizza selling restaurant chains in the world. From being found on June 15th in 1958 by two brothers Dan and Frank Karni Pizza Hut might not have survived for all these years to become people’s favorite Pizza place if they have not given adequate Emphasis on customer satisfaction and customer feedback

Contact Details Of Pizza Hut

If you wish to contact the pizza hut for some reason, you can do so by ringing them up at – 1800 202 2022


So, like promised, I have now told you everything about the Pizza Hut listens survey.

I have also covered the rules and regulations that you’ll have to follow in order to participate in the servant so why you’re still here?

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