Survey | Official ALDI Customer Survey To Win $100 Gift Card

Tell Aldi is a supermarket store chain with more than 10,000 branches in just about 20 distinct nations. ALDI Customer Feedback Survey at their site,, intends to fine-tune the store’s customer experience based on the feedback shared. The survey also helps to throw the negative things the customer has faced to provide quality service. The clients also can gain rewards besides informing their satisfaction and grievances with purchase from the firm so that you can shop more for less the next time.

You may have been shopping in ALDI stores around the U.S. or somewhere else. Experience is still there, and that’s what the company is looking for, so they can boost the services you receive any single time. The ALDI US Satisfaction Survey enables ALDI marketing executives, a famous brand used by two of the world’s biggest discount retail chains, to find out about their customers shopping experiences in their stores. Although small stores can rely on contacting their customers by phone or email to obtain their stores’ views, it’s not the same for a massive chain like ALDI. They ask their faithful customers to complete the ALDI feedback survey to improve their shopping experience.

Official ALDI Customer Survey

Never miss this great opportunity to inform your satisfaction and grievances with Aldi stores because of lacking the knowledge of rules and requirements to participate in the feedback survey. I am here to help you by providing important regulations and requirements to complete the survey

The article below will let you know how to participate in the ALDI Customer Feedback Survey at www., so that you get a gift card to shop and save for the next time shopping with ALDI stores.  .

Hurry Up! Post your valuable opinions and Grab your rewards at

Tellaldi US Survey

Share your experience with Aldi stores and services honestly by entering the Tell Aldi USA Sweepstakes. You have the opportunity to grab a $100 Aldi Gift card by entering this feedback survey. Just entering this survey doesn’t mean you are eligible to get the rewards. Certain rules and requirements have to be followed while participating in the feedback survey. The survey follows some rules. As a participant, you must obey all the rules to enter the Tell Aldi USA Survey. So read all the directions given below to complete the survey successfully. | Take Shoppers Drug Mart Survey & Win A $10,00 Gift Card Survey Rules

The customers participating in the feedback survey should abide to follow the rules given below.

  • The survey participant must be a legal resident of the United States of America and is 18, and above. No participant should not be under age 18 is allowed to take this survey.
  • The customers have to complete the feedback survey within seven days of their purchase with the Aldi stores. The receipt number will be inactive after seven days so that you will not be able to enter the sweepstakes survey.
  • Employees of Aldi USA stores and their relatives are not eligible to take out the feedback satisfaction survey.
  • Basic knowledge of either English or Spanish language is adequate necessary to complete the tellaldi survey.

Requirements to enter the survey

  • A purchase receipt from Aldi stores is less than seven days older.
  • A computer or laptop having good internet access.
  • The URL to the official website of the survey

Two methods can do ehttp://www.tellaldi.usntry to the tellaldi survey

  1. Online entry Using Purchase Receipt
  2. Main-In entry without any necessary shopping

Online entry to the survey

  1. Visit the website to get the survey page.
  2. Opt for the language in which you wish to take the survey.
  3. You need to enter the Survey Code, Date, and Time of your visit given on the Aldi Purchase receipt to ensure your receipt is not older than seven days.
  4. You will be asked certain questions regarding your last visit to Aldi stores. I suggest you be very honest in your answers so that the company can improve its services.
  5. Enter your details and submit the survey once you completed answering to all questions.
  6. You will then get an entry number to win a $100 Aldi Gift Card.

Entry via Main-In

  1. No purchase is required to enter the survey by using this method.
  2. Write down your name, complete address, date of birth , phone number on a piece of paper.
  3. Post the paper to the address
  4. One envelope is only accepted from a single person to consider for the lucky draw.

Tellaldi USA survey prize winners

  • Twenty-five winners are selected from each monthly entry period.
  • There will be a winner from each of the 25 divisions of participation.
  • Three hundred lucky customers have the opportunity to grab the gifts during the entire promotion period.
  • Every Grand prize lucky winner will get an Aldi gift card worth $100.

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Aldi survey Prize Rules

  • No gift card can be redeemed for cash.
  • Aldi survey gift card is neither transferrable nor exchangeable.
  • The gift card can be used to purchase with all the participating Aldi stores.

Congratulations on being an honest customer, and All the best for participating in the lucky draw contest with

88 thoughts on “ Survey | Official ALDI Customer Survey To Win $100 Gift Card”

  1. Love this store. Good selections. Great prices. Friendly personnel. Feel very comfortable there. Unlike the super stores. Have recommended Aldi’s to several friends.

    • I enjoy all the freshness of vegetables and meats, cleanliness of the store. All of the employees are always friendly and helpful😅

  2. satisfied with the bread selection but could not find any Subway type buns to make my own using your meat selections

  3. They have good product and there have lower price .The store is always claim .They have enough cashiers . I just love it.

  4. Today I was looking for a specific item and could not find it. I asked an employee, Corey, if he could help me. He immediately helped to find it and noticed there were only a few on the shelf. He said he would go see if there were anymore in stock. He brought out more and restocked the shelf. I was able to get the item I wanted with his help and kindness.

  5. I would like to comment on associate Braden who was very professional & an excellent representative of your company, in particular, Roanoke Tx. After shopping for years at this store, I was becoming disatisfied with the service & the non-chalant attitude of most associates. I had been expressing my displeasure with the pricing on the shelves vs the prices that were being charged at the register. In many cases, the increase seems to be 10c. I know that we are in an inflationary time & it is expected but I expect the signage to reflect the actual cost of the product. 1 or 2x is ok, yet, lately, it has been numerous occasions.
    Yesterday, I addressed my concern w/Braden. He listened to my complaint, had me show the incorrect signage for several products, took the incorrect signs & said that he will post the correct prices. That is all I wanted. He went further to refund me the cost of the products which was totally unexpected on my part. He was pleasant, cordial all the while during this task. He should be complimented by the corporation for his activism in making something right vs just shrugging your shoulders. This event has restored my confidence in continuing to shop at Aldi. Thank you. Sincerely, helene berger

  6. Aldi’s is my go-to grocery store. I have experienced quality products at very reasonable prices. The store is clean and organized. My experience with their staff has been very positive.

  7. We shop at Aldi in Lafayette , In most of the time. We stopped at the store in Brownsburg . We love to shop at Aldi and want more then anything for you to open a store in Crawfordsville, In. We need a store here so bad .We need ALDI so much Please come to Crawfordsville.
    Sincerly Mary Ryan, 5412 s. Chesterfield, Dr, Crawfordsville ,In.47933

  8. Love that I can stay in my food budget! However I’m sad about how supplies are not being delivered to all stores.

  9. Great Rhode Island stores. Great grocery selections and low prices plus friendly, helpful personnel. Always great shopping and saving experiences. Have recommended Aldi’s to all my family members, friends and neighbors. Thank you, ALDI.

  10. I visited Aldis Store #73 today January 20, 2022. I love shopping at this store but I have one complaint about a purchase. I saw where Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies were marked down from 2.99 to .50 each. I picked up 4 tubes of dough because of the price decrease.
    While checking out, I didn’t notice that I was charged the regular price of the cookies. I tried to go back to the cashier to get the items removed, but I wasn’t interested in standing in a long line to get a refund. I know I will be watching much closer what is being rung up when I shop next week. Otherwise, I have never had a bad experience shopping at this store.

  11. I LOVE ALDI’S! Their breads are fantastic & about 1/2 the price of the other local supermarket. The prices & quality of their dairy products are excellent. I love to see what different items they have each time I go. The workers are very friendly, efficient & helpful.

  12. When I click the link to enter, I get some other “Enter to Win $10,000 Jackpot”, and it
    asks other questions…cannot find the Aldi survey to enter. (I’ve done this in the past,
    but they’ve changed the link, I believe. Thank you. I do like Aldi’s.

  13. I enjoy going to Aldi, I can usually find everything I need and more. If I am unable to find it one of the pleasant and helpful employees can answer any question or locate it. The employees are always courteous and kind. They get you thru the line, I do not feel rushed but they are very quick, and I’ve never gotten a broken egg in the process. My first experience with Aldi was in Oneonta, quite a distance for groceries. When Aldi came to Norwich, super excited and Aldis is my go-to store. Thank you

  14. It’s my go to grocery store. I’m on a fixed income(being a senior) I am able to make nutritional meals and stay within my budget. Store is clean and your personnel are
    polite and helpful. Also, your return policy is very good.

  15. I can’t get a survey to work. There are many different aldi surveys offered, most of which want you to sign up for these groups and some even want credit card numbers. Sorry not my choice. I do like Aldi and usually find my check out totals far less than other stores. Unfortunately selection is limited and I must uses main line grocers occasionaly.

  16. Price, service, availability of product and cleanliness are excellent. I do most of my shopping here, due to these factors. Also shop at Walmart and Kroger; my only dislike is their website: it’s terrible. Doesn’t show prices, and the product search is worthless, all products are catagorized, and hard to find. They could do a much better job on their site; both Walmart and Kroger have excellent, information sites, much better than the Aldi site

  17. Hello. First time comment.. I want to say thenk You to the upstate: Binghamton, Johnson City, Vestal NY teams. I retired in 2021, though a Sr. at the lower end in age. Consistantly the dignitity and kindness that is and has been extended to your Sr. customers is class act. It has to come from the top down. Whether a little slower in line, figuring out the payment… Always patient, polite. Very efficiant check out… Makes me think back to my Mom, who decades back would have been respectfully been honored as a customer at other / all retail dealings. Glad to shop at ALDI’s. extra… Always finding neat new additional items….

  18. None of the links to the survey worked. I just bought a case of the Clancy’s corn chips (20 bags) to feed my corn chip addiction. The shelf price listed was $1.09, but I was charged $1.49 each. It’s hard for me to go back since the store is an hour away and I don’t often travel to that city. I’ll hang onto my receipt and bring it next month to see if I can get it made right. I like the quality of the store brands, dislike the fact that 25% of what I wanted to buy was out of stock. Prices are good for the most part, yet I get most of my food from other stores by shopping for the loss leaders from their weekly ads.

  19. Worth driving to get to (nearest 30 miles). Eclectic selections. Some selections average, many well above. Pricing in different Aldi’s also different. (?) Just right size.

  20. Why, oh why would ALDI in my AL store (#109) choose NOT to carry large bottles of water anymore? What, pray tell, could be more essential than water?

  21. i always enjoy the sales each week and the availability of good fruits and vegetables. i always gt my milk there and enjoy the quality of new products+++ thank you

  22. First time shopping experience at the Georgetown Texas Aldi’s. Very pleasant shopping. Surprised by the quality, variety and pricing. Great location. Easy parking. My husband and I were impressed with the staff especially Kanesha (spelling?) and Geoffrey. Very pleasant and helpful – offering great information and advice. What a pleasant surprise for us as we had heard negative comments about the store through our Next Door emails for the area.

  23. Staff was great answering questions we had. Prices are wonderful. Store is clean and products were easy to find.

  24. D.M.TeschIwas disappointed that some sale items were not availBLE. But that is a sign of the times! Everyone of the staff were busy stocking shelves. our cashier,Bryan was most smiley and highlighted on the ticket about the feed back and the drawing.All around///good job everyone,

  25. Shopped on Wednesday March 9, 2022 at 9:45am
    Samuel was the cashier and although the customer behind me had the divider at the end of my order he rang up 6 items on her order. I was still packaging my groceries and he came over to tell me his mistake and I paid for the items that were mine. However he charged me twice for a bag of Baked Potato Crisp ($2.49). I did not check the receipt until I got home to discover the overcharge and was not going to go back to the store for a refund . I will consider it a DONATION.
    Store #89 4259 Transit Rd. Williamsville, NY

  26. Trying to take survey for Aldiss in ft Myers Fla , very amazing experience, visiting from Tn ! What great prices , Cashier had lighting speed . Very friendly and helpful . Just Amazing how efficient she was . Thanks Adlies

  27. I have been doing almost all of my grocery shopping at the Aldi in Warren, PA since the store opened, and you have many products along the lines of Mexican cuisine, yet I’ve never seen taco sauce. It’s a bother to have to go to another store just to get taco sauce. Please, please, please start carrying this product. I use it on a lot more than just tacos, and I’m certain that the product would move well.

  28. Aldi’s in my neighborhood has recently moved to a new location allowing much more room. It is always clean and well stocked–as much as is possible with things the way they are now for all stores.
    I particularly am pleased with the produce as it is always fresh and very reasonable priced. Meats and cheeses also offer a wide selection.
    Overall, I save from $15 to $25 each time each time I shop as prices are significantly lower and do not increase as offer as with other grocery stores in my area.

  29. I too choose Aldi to get the best fresh fruits and vegies at reasonable prices. I also like the encouragement to use reusable bags.
    However, a month ago I wrote a letter to the management in my city regarding a recent NY Times investigation of large factory farms for chickens. Many leading grocers have committed to reduce their suffering in their supply chain by adopting the standards of the Better Chicken Commitment. I requested a response asking if they could check into the treatment of chickens before they arrive on their shelves. When today I brought a second letter because I never got a response, I was told to keep the letter because it was turned in to their manager. Could you please follow up on this?
    Thank you.

  30. I went to aldi’s today in tunkannock pa. I was very happy the store was very clean and isle’s where space nicely . The experience was great prices were reasonable compared to other high end markets.I travel ed a few miles to get there but with the savings it was worth it.

  31. I went to Aldi for the 2nd time. I see good prices on their meat and produce. I just noticed that the cashiers are not careful scanning the products. They double charge or end up charging extra for an item. I just catch it when I am back home. I didn’t want to go back. Disappointed. Have to check receipt before leaving the store next time.

  32. Hi,

    I am so glad your store is in my location. I’m sick of Publix prices. Your products are great and I love the concept of your store with carts and bringing your own bags. I will shopping here forever. It would be nice if you could open up a store in Portland or South Portland Maine . I spend my summer up there and Mainer’s would love you.
    Thanks again

  33. I Shopped for the first time at Aldi Blue Angel Parkway Pensacola Fl today.
    I have shopped at Aldi before in England so am delighted to have one near to me now. The shop was immaculate, clerks were stocking and cleaning all the time. The cashiers were sitting down , yeah, civilization. Good to see Employees being treated well. Prices were excellent and produce was way better than competitors. I will ship there again.
    The only improvement I can suggest is signs outside near the grocery carts to let customers know to return them in order to get there 1/4 back and keep carts off the parking lot.

  34. My wife and I shop Aldi’s as if it were our own storehouse of essential food and drink. Whether in Albany, NY, Fort Myers, Florida or other American towns and cities, we buy fresh fruits, breads, vegetables and specialty items in record time — at lowest prices available. Your simple layout and unpretentious staffers build our loyalty and confidence with each visit.

  35. I shop at different Aldi stores depending where I am, but they are all very good. Good quality items and very reasonable prices. Much better than the big stores. Always save money.

  36. Since Aldi’s opened, I have shopped at your store often. I appreciated the lower prices, and the store is close to where I live. Wish it had more products so that I do not have to go to other stores to finish my shopping. Also, you run out of your specials much too quickly.
    What I do not like about Aldi’s is that they do not use environmentally friendly recyclable plastic bags for their produce and other products. They really, really need to address that as they say they are a sustainable company and for saving the environment.
    Sometimes I do come across a disgruntled employee. But then, on the other hand there are some very, kind considerate employees. I try to stay away from the grumpy employees. The grumpy employees should wear a sign saying, “Stay away, you are bothering me”!
    Also, your prices have been going up. Now other stores are cheaper than you are in some everyday stables. You are no longer the cheapest store in town.
    From an Aldi’s customer not wanting to be a previous customer.

  37. I shop at store #58 all the time and like shopping very much. The store manager is very nice to talk with, plus everyone esle is very helpful.

  38. We visited the first store in the Pensacola area yesterday not sure what we were going to see. The first confusing part was the cart system for a quarter. Then we went inside, was mildly pleased with the selection and pricing we saw. I did notice dairy shortages. We were not prepared either for the ‘no bags provided’…no problem store did provide empty boxes. Checked out, ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. “Cashier’ did not great us, did not say a single word other than mumbled the total amount due…also rudely grabbed our cart and pulled it towards her. Saw a family member today who went a last week, his initial remark was about POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS. They said they weren’t going back. I live on the opposite side of town, so I won’t be making a special trip any time soon either. Aldi brand coffee taste good, I will say that.

  39. I’m new to Aldi. I heard about the sale on Fresh Strawberries and they looked and tasted delicious 😋.
    The Workers were friendly and helpful.
    I’m having trouble navigating the website to enter the drawing.

  40. I enjoy all the freshness of vegetables and meats, cleanliness of the store. All of the employees are always friendly and helpful😅

  41. Love Aldi. The staff are friendly and helpful when I need assistance. Prices are great.

    Tried to enter the survey , but there does not seem to be any way to do so.

  42. I thank you for having Jay & Chantal customer member for being professional caring loving understanding and helpful to the customers shopping. Jay was working he set up another register while checking out customers on one line and on the other hand helping an elder lady putting her groceries up on the scan to process her while helping another customer in his line until another cashier came to help. Chantal when in the back to find lime for me so I would not have to go to another store to get it. Thank you for good quality man and woman working for your company. Be a blessing to both of them.

  43. Store 159. Please put self checkout in your Brookhaven, PA store. Checking out is the only thing I don’t like about, Aldi. Today, I had to wait for a person returning an outdoor item. Instead of doing this at customer service, it was handled at the one and only checkout line. The cashier didn’t know how to do this and had to get help. This of course took more time. Another line should have been opened. M. D. Walls

  44. I love that the products don’t have main brand prices attached to them. The thing that is annoying about our store in Moreno Valley is the moving things around constantly. I have my brose aisles and serious shopping aisles. I am on a very fixed income and saving money is paramount for me. 2 blocks away eggs are 30 cents a dozen more, milk 20 cents more, bread, coffee etc. So shopping here is important. But when once a week you shop and go in when they are very busy not finding these things is not very nice. You reach for bread and you are 3 deep and can’t reach it you don’t buy it.

  45. Good costumer service,very clean enviroment and friendly ,excelent quality products include grocery and bakery at very reasonable,competitive,and low price .I want to see more offers Germany and Western European brands to buy.Thanks .


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