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Pizza hut is synonymous to good pizza as well as an amazing mouth watering pasta menu. Tellpizzahut brings you a chance to tell how pizza hut can improve itself. Usually, customer feedback is precious so that the business can improve and provide you immaculate services. Pizza is one such compatible dish where you can enjoy it while watching a soccer match and cheer for your team and acts like comfort food when you are heartbroken. With their extensive menu they steal everyone’s attention and always are on their toes to give you the best experience possible.

Food, especially pizza binds us together and who doesn’t love a cheese dripping deliciousness every now and then? If anyone strives hard to make pizza, we know it is pizza hut. Mastering pizza is a league of its own and coming up with such an extensive menu also requires a lot of attention to detail. Everything they create is no short of a perfect amalgamation of cheese, herbs, and vegetables. Even though they have the best recipes they are open to criticism, which is taken constructively. With tellpizzahut you get to tell them how you actually feel about the food or customer service just by spending less than a minute of your time and you get amazing cash prizes as well as discounts too.

What is tellpizzahut?

  • Tellpizzahut is an official survey site where you can give your reviews and give your point of view so that pizza hut can improve the service it is providing you. Tellpizzahut has some rules that you look before giving the review.
  • This is a US-based survey and the responses will only be accepted from legal residents of the United States. The customers must only take Tellpizzahut survey over the age of 18 as they can get a clear cut understanding of where they actually stand.
  • Employees and family members should refrain from taking this survey as they would not like biased reviews of their product and pizza hut only wants to hear genuine reviews.
  • You should at least have placed one order so that you can give this survey. You need the code that is present on your bill.

Tellpizzahut wants genuine and honest reviews so that they can improve and if you give any misleading reviews, it will not be considered at all.

How to give the tellpizzahut survey?

Always remember that this is an exceptional service for US residents only, and it is effortless. Customers need to understand some simple steps to compete in this customer satisfaction survey. 

  • Firstly, enjoy your Pizza at the premises of the Pizza Hut. You will be getting a purchase receipt with a survey code printed on it.
  • Go to the official survey page at
  • When you visit this page, you will be asked to decide the language you wish to conduct this survey. There are two options to choose from Spanish and English. Select the language you are comfortable in.
  • Following you pick the language, you will be asked to submit some details like the date and time of your visit, the store number of the Pizza Hut that you visited, etc. 4 or 6 digit store number available at the top portion of your receipt.

  • After you submit the above details, you will be redirected to the next page. Here are some questionnaire which covers specific questions regarding your satisfaction level with the Pizza Hut. Customers need to explain each question of this questionnaire genuinely and fairly. The questions that you would be given are extremely simple to answer. 
  • After you answer all the questions, click the “Submit” button. Never forget to submit your contact details. The Pizza Hut management team uses these details to contact you if you win the $1000 cash prize.
  • After you submit the details, you will get a validation code. You need to redeem this code on your next visit to any of the Pizza Hut stores. 

You can also participate in TellPizzaHut Survey by below two methods

  1. The survey is available via telephonic call where you will have a voice prompt. Place a call on 1 800 815 0474 to take the survey.
  2. You can also send post to pizza hut’s address. Do not forget to input your name and your address. You are not allowed to enter your PO Box. Place your telephone number too.

Why should you take the Survey?

It helps pizza hut to give you incredible quality services from the next time you order from them. They are very open to criticism and will make sure that they will not repeat any mistakes, if any in the future. They have an active pro team who will listen to you and tend to all your needs if you give them an honest survey. You also get discounts and cash prizes if you are lucky. If luck favors you might stand a chance of winning a $1,000 cash price. The other perks include winning discounts like $10 or $20 off your next purchase from pizza hut. You can refer to their website to know all the previous $1,000 cash prize winners.


Pizza hut has been in good books for the amazing quality pizza it puts out for its customers. It is known for its amazing customer service and how they have pro active solutions for their problems. They have always considered criticism from their customers to improve the quality of services they have been providing. Tellpizzahut is one such platform where they ask you to send them a feedback. Since you are taking your valuable time to give your survey they understand and respect the fact and that is why they give you a chance to win amazing cash prizes and discounts.

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  1. Pizza Hut certainly is well known and the first in the game. However, I don’t think you are listening. Four years ago, my son gave an excellent employee exist interview, but most of what his suggestions were ignored. He worked with franchisees, so heard what was really going on out there. He was told that since he hadn’t been in the business for 25 years, how could he know. He could know because his MBA specialty was finance. He has since gone on to retire at the tender age of 39 and retired his wife 2 years later. I like Pizza Hut, which the reason I share this thought with you.

  2. This was our second visit in a long while.
    The new manager Christopher took good care of us.
    When pan pizza had the wrong sauce on it, he made sure they made us another. Good pizza.
    One thought though. We realize that there is a process of taking over a business. We would like to see a greater acknowledgement of cleanliness! Floors, windows etc. My husband used the bathroom and said it was not clean either.
    We will return IF there is a diligent effort to cleaning.

    We have always heard that one should judge the cleanliness of the Kitchen by how Clean the bathrooms are!

    And maybe some…BACKGROUND music, nothing to compete against while eating.

  3. Great customer service in the store. Fast service too.
    But: The new Pizza Hut Melt is a rip off. $6.99 plus tax for what is the same as 2 small slices of pizza!!! No need to say anymore.

  4. great service and waitress. I ordered what I was told was spaghetti w meatballs. got received round pasta with Italian sausage and pepperoni in tomato sauce. it was a terrible dish… on a scale of 1-10, i give it a 2. sorry for thisbut I’ll never get another pasta dish here. pizza is still good though. pricing is also too high for this dish

  5. After 40 years as Pizza Hut, I bought the absolutely worst pizza ever (store # 040190) Carry out as the store is near. It was waste of $17.88. We ordered thick crust pan pizza and received a soggy wet thin crust that was hard to handle. Sorry for the complaint, they must go back to your recipe. When we travel we usually try to buy Pizza Hut as it was our favorite now we are not sure.

  6. What a blessing it was to actually meet Kristy at Unit #004739, she took my order over the phone, told me that it would be done in 15 minutes and sure enough it was ready. When I call in she greets me with “Hi Kurt” makes me feel very important. The “All Meat Melt” she made us was great, will be heading back there again and again. What a great way to start the New Year. Thank you Ms. Kristy and Pizza Hut

  7. We were recently at a pizza hut in Williamsport, Pa.Our server was Julie and it was at store #037304. She was fantastic, we noticed she did everything but cook. hostess, waitress, bused tables,cleaned tables, service with a smile. She was so kind and helpful to each customer. She told us she was manager for a few years but she helped out where ever she could, even helped cooking sometimes. We will return to this Pizza Hut. She should get some kind of recognition. In these troubling times when no one wants to work and one person does everything with a smile is refreshing. Thank you for hiring her.

  8. Lady preparing pizza had no hair net and not wearing gloves while putting toppings on pizza – yuk! And confident that does not meet health regulations.

  9. Beautiful pizza. My wife is a recluse and can’t come to town, but this trip she asked me to get a pizza. I told her Pizza Hut makes the best and could I use her debit card. We got a large pizza with extra cheese, green peppers , pepperoni and hamburger. They had it ready in 15 minutes and the girl behind the counter was awesome. She even took the phone and talked to Donna about what kind of crust she wanted. So I was home in 15 minutes and we feasted like a couple of newlyweds (married 30 years) and loved every bite. Thanks Pizza Hut and crew.

  10. Ordered on the app 30 min ahead. the store was not busy at all. employees just standing around chatting with each other. We were told order was almost ready and pull ahead and they would bring order out to us. waited 15 minutes and no one came so I went inside to see employees laughing and joking with each other. when i got their attention they told me they were having a problem with the equipment and it would be a little longer. I informed them that i couldn’t wait any longer and could they please just refund my money so i could be on my way. it took another 10 min for them to complete the refund process and the kicker is: I always leave a tip for drivethru person so they only refunded my account the cost of the order and kept the tip.
    Store #037459
    Springfield, TN
    02/26/23 ticket#84

  11. The pizza was fabulous! I had another pizza from a small pizza place near me, and it was so horrible, that I threw half of it away. Pizza Hut has NEVER disappointed me, wherever I bought one. Thanks and keep up the good work. A very Happy customer !

  12. The PizzaHut located in Richmond, Virgina / telephone number: (804)672-6900

    Unit # 004546

    Service Date : Thursday, March 16, 2023


    \\\\\\\\\ /////////

  13. Monday, May 1, 2023
    HELLO all PizzaHut employees and staff (Specifically those
    that RECEIVED, PREPARED and DELIVERED my regular and
    weekly ORDER! 🙂 I-regularTMweeklyCUSTOMER am email-
    -ing this THANK-YOU message! Thank-You to the Pizza-
    -Hut employees and staff at 9189 Staples Mill Road! I-
    -regularTMweeklyCUSTOMER am THANKING- YOU for
    weekly ORDER of eight/8 PERSONAL-PAN pizzas, 1/
    \one HAND-TOSSED pizza and Sierra-Mist decaffeinated
    beverages! THANK-YOU very much! 🙂

    Sincerely, \\\\\ /////
    regularTMweeklyCUSTOMER V

  14. Went to Pizza Hut In Buffalo, Wyo and you talk about great service and so friendly! Adam waited on us and explained the PizzaMelt to us and answered our questions! When we come back through Buffalo,Wyoming again, and Adam is still there! We by all means be stopping there to eat! Thank You so much for great pizza and great service!😁😁 I give you a 10 plus!

  15. Order the big new Yorker today ask for the whole pizza have just the small spicy pepperoni in place of all the other types. Got pizza had the pizza part right.but only had 19 of the small pepperonis. That’s pretty sorry will be my last pizza hut pizza I’ll ever order and I’ve been eating them for years. Don’t ask if I took it back I live 40 miles away and didn’t look at it till I got home. Pretty damn said. Unit # 002512


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