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If you can recollect your last visit to the TIM HORTONS store, and if you can set aside a few minutes of your valuable time to give some feedback to the TIM HORTONS through the survey, then I’m glad to tell you, my friends, that a free coupon is waiting for you!!! Want to know more about it? Before that answer these. Coffee and doughnuts? Anytime, right? I mean, I’d say yes to coffee right now, or anytime for that matter. And what about doughnuts?

Aren’t coffee and doughnuts an iconic duo? Be it a coffee date, be it a coffee break, coffee and doughnuts are an evergreen combo. So, which place is better than TIM HORTONS when it comes to coffee and doughnuts or coffee and bagels? Anyways, coming to the point, if you like coffee and doughnuts, if you are a customer of the TIM HORTONS, then you can participate in this great survey. Just keep reading and you can find out all about it…

About Tim Hortons

The Tim Hortons is not just any fast food store it’s not just a doughnut store and it’s not just a coffee shop it is way more than that today it has over 4800 outlets worldwide that serve several kinds of Fast Food including coffee doughnuts Bakers and what not. Tim Horton’s is a Canadian-based multinational fast-food restaurant chain with 4864 outlets spread around 14 countries as on December 13th of Year 2018. The company was founded in 1964 in Hamilton in the city of Ontario by the very famous Canadian Hockey player who was Tim Horton.

Take Official Tell Tims Survey

Although the initial menu of Tim Horton’s contained only two product which was coffee and doughnut. Today the Tim Horton’s serves a wide range of products ranging from coffee hot chocolate the doughnuts bagels and other very delicious baked goods. Through the years the Tim Horton’s has used slogans “like you always got time for Tim Horton’s” and later switching to “always fresh always Tim Horton’s”. In the coming years, they have later changed to “its time for tims” in the November of the year 2011. From being found in the year 1964 in the small city of Hamilton in Ontario to the present the Tim Horton’s has come a long way and the importance that they’ve given to their customers is priceless and unmeasurable.

Purpose Of The Telltims.Ca Survey

It is quite evident that the customer is a very important aspect of any business at the same time the importance given to increase sales is also high for a business. so how can you increase sales? if you need to increase sales it is for sure that you will have to keep your customers happy. so to keep your customers happy what you can do is firstly respect their wishes but to know your customer’s wishes you will have to know the wishes of the customers this is exactly why the Tim Horton’s shop is conducting the tell team survey through the by conducting the TellTims survey the Tim Hortons wants to know what is it that you who is the customer of the Tim Horton’s think about them be a negative aspect be the positive aspect be the thing that you would like to see at the Tim Horton’s I the future. Just let them know and they would like to make that change for you and keep you smiling

so to put it in simple terms, Tim Hortons wants to make them better by knowing your ideas about how they can turn themselves into a better version of themselves.

Rules And Regulations

So now if you have decided to take part in the telltims survey by the it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the following rules and regulations as well as terms and conditions, regarding participation in the telltims survey:

  • Must be a legal resident of Canada.
  • Have a valid purchase receipt or bill with a valid survey invitation code from the last time you visited a Tim Horton’s store
  • You will need a mobile phone, laptop, computer, or any Smart Gadget with a proper internet connection.
  • Need a working knowledge of the language English or French. So that you will be able to understand the questions in the survey as well as provide meaningful and helpful feedback and answers
  • You will have to be of a minimum age of 18 years.

Quicksteps To Do The Survey

The quicksteps to take part in the telltims survey by the is are as follows:

  1. Visit the official survey site at –
  2. Enter the survey code that is seen on the bottom of your purchase receipt
  3. Answer the questions of the survey.
  4. Click on submit.
  5. Get an entry into Tim Horton’s sweepstakes to win a validation code.

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How To Do The Survey


If the quicksteps for participating in the telltims survey at the did not give you enough explanation, rest assured because I’ve got all the information that you will need. just keep reading.

  1. Firstly, take your smartphone, laptop, or whichever gadget you are using and establish a stable internet connection.
  2. Now you should open your web browser and go to the Tim Hortons customer feedback survey official site at
  3. Enter the valid telltimhortons survey code to take part in Tim Horton’s sweepstakes.
  4. Enter the five-digit survey invitation code that is seen at the bottom of your purchase receipt
  5. Click on the button that says start.
  6. Now you will be at a page where you will be asked to give ratings regarding different aspects of theirs, like customer service, hygiene, etc.
  7. While giving the ratings, make sure that you stay a hundred percent honest and give your most genuine feedback.
  8. After giving ratings for all the questions provided to you, you will be asked to provide some information regarding your last visit to the Tim Hortons store.
  9. Also, the next thing that you will be asked to do is provide your personal contact information including your personal contact number, personal email address, etc.
  10. Now, After you are done completing all the tasksin the survey, you have to click on the submit button and you will then get an entry into Tim Horton’s prize drawwhich gives you an opportunity to win a validation code.
  11. That’s it, you have successfully participated in the telltims survey.


The reward that you will get for participating in the telltims survey is an entry into Tim Horton’s prize draw which gives you an opportunity to win a validation code. | Take Loblaw Grocery Survey To Win $1000.00 Gift Card

Contact Details

If you wish to contact the Tim Hortons Group for some reason, you can do so in the following ways:

1. call them at

• +1 905 845 6511   Or   (844) 576-0546   Or  1-888-601-1616

2. Visit their website at –


Great news guys and girls, now you know all about how to take part in the telltims survey. You can come here to clear any doubts regarding participating in the survey by reading this article.
So, why are you still here? just go to and take that survey right now.

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  1. Good afternoon,

    I went to enter the survey but it told me it was longer available. I had just received this survey yesterday morning (September 29, 2022) from my local Tim Hortons location.

  2. I went to Tim Hortons and was advised of the survey but it appears to no longer be operating.

    The store code is 9260 0190 2045 1041 20459

    The service at this location was OUTSTANDING!! Very friendly, accomodating, clean premises, happy staff, good quality food, fast service, attention to the order and details. Just GREAT in every way!!


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