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Starting from sleep as a basic need and an indispensable part of our daily routine, three organizations in the scientific field have decided to join forces to promote the study, research, development and teaching and promotion of healthy sleep. The result of this union is the Global Sleep Observatory.

AdSalutem Institute

AdSalutem Institute is a pioneer in the field of sleep medicine, with the purpose of positioning healthy sleep as an essential determinant of health and quality of life. It structures its activity in 4 areas: Research, Education, Assistance Services and Awareness, from a highly specialized multidisciplinary approach.


The Institute de Recerca Biomèdica de Lleida is an institution committed to advancing biomedical research as a means of improving the health of the population and facilitating optimal healthcare activity in situations of illness.

The International University of Catalonia

The International University of Catalonia is a teaching center with a strong involvement in the field of scientific research and dissemination. It offers 13 undergraduate and 74 postgraduate and master’s degrees at its Barcelona and Sant Cugat del Vallés campuses.

What do we do

The Global Sleep Observatory is a space for debate dedicated to the study , research , dissemination , teaching and promotion of the importance of healthy sleep .

One of the main goals of the Global Sleep Observatory is to know the current state of sleep quality in society, to detect deficiencies and define improvement actions.

In the same way, the Global Sleep Observatory wants to define the tools to acquire a healthy sleep and make them available to society.


“Promote healthy sleep as an indispensable determinant of health”


  • Promote and spread the benefits of healthy sleep
  • Advocate for a change in social perception of good sleep
  • Promote professional debate to increase the perception of the impact of sleep in multiple pathologies
  • Promote studies in the field of healthy sleep and how to improve it
  • Support initiatives that promote better habits and guarantee good sleep

The Sleep Health Report is a document produced by the promoters of the Global Sleep Observatory that reviews the current situation regarding healthy sleep habits in the population.

This report aims to determine the impact of good sleep on the health of people and society, and propose improvement strategies that favor the health of the population and the sustainability of health systems.

Writing team

  • Ferran Barbé , Institute of Biomedical Research of Lleida
  • Maria Dolors Navarro , International University of Catalonia, Ad Salutem Institute for Healthy Sleep
  • Mireia Dalmases , Institute of Biomedical Research of Lleida
  • Joan Escarrabill , Pla Director of the Malalties de l’Aparell Respiratori of the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya and Program of Attention to the Chronicity of l’Hospital Clínic
  • Jordi Varela , Ad Salutem Institute for Healthy Sleep
  • Gemma Bruna , Editor


  • Antoni Esteve , Ad Salutem Institute for Healthy Sleep
  • Xavier Soler , University of California San Diego
  • Ivan Erill , University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Joan Bigorra , Barcelona Institute of Global Health

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