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Have you been to the Weis store most recently? If yes, Weisfeedback.com/survey is a fantastic platform for you to fetch awesome rewards. Do you know why? Weis management is conducting a feedback survey to collect various opinions and suggestions from its customers. The supermarket management strongly believes that this will help them improvise the customer experience.

Weis: In A Nutshell

Weis Markets is a 1912-founded American grocery store chain. The shops can be found all around the Mid-Atlantic region. In Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and West Virginia, it now has 197 stores. The company employs roughly 23,000 people and has a long history of supporting local producers in the communities where it operates.

Weisfeedback Survey

What is a Weis Feedback Survey?

 Every business must have goodwill, quality, and reasonable prices to give its clients success. Weis, fortunately, has everything! If you value Weis’ products and services, now is the moment to show your gratitude by assisting them in raising their voice. It makes no difference whether you want to submit a complaint or a compliment. All you have to do is be truthful. That concludes our discussion.

Taking the survey at www.weisfeedback.com has two advantages. First and foremost, you will receive improved services in the future. Second, your Reward card will allow you to win Weis reward points. Isn’t it decent? Below is an information guide to help you take out the Weis Survey. Would you mind going through it before you begin?

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Rules for the Weis Feedback Markets Survey

The rules for participating in the Weis survey are as follows. Check your eligibility by going through these rules.

  1. It is not necessary to purchase anything.
  2. Legal residents of the United States can only participate in the Weis survey.
  3. You must be at least 18 years old.
  4. Each family is only allowed one prize draw entry per month.
  5. Each entrant and household are only eligible for one bonus per 90 days.
  6. The sweepstakes can be entered once a week.
  7. It is not possible to transfer or swap the prize for cash.
  8. There is a limitation of one survey entry per purchase receipt.
  9. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
  10. The prizewinner is responsible for all costs and taxes.
  11. Employees are not permitted to win.

Weis feedback survey is a win-win situation for both the firm and its shoppers. Your input will encourage the creators to make the necessary modifications to the outlet, resulting in a bonus of 100 points for you. On the other hand, those changes will bring several buyers to the Weis location, fostering the company.

So, what are you holding out for? Go to Weis Feedback com right now to take the survey and help make a positive difference at your favorite Weis location!

Step by Step Guide to Complete the online Weis Feedback Survey

Weisfeedback Survey

Below are the steps to complete the online feedback survey at www.weisfeedback.com.

1. To participate in the Weis Feedback Survey, go to weisfeedback.com.

2. Enter the reward card number, location number, and date/time of visit from your receipt.

3. After completing all of the fields, click the “START” button to begin the survey.

4. You’ll now be taken to the official Weis Feedback Page.

5. Begin by honestly answering several online questions.

6. Start rating the supermarket. Customer service, merchandise, employees, environment, cleanliness, and other factors should all be considered while rating Weis Markets.

7. Rate your enthusiasm for Weis Markets and provide recommendations.

8. Fill out the survey wholly based on your experience at Weis Markets.

9. Finally, include your contact information, such as your phone number, email address, and more.

10. After filling out all fields, click Next to enter the Weis Markets Monthly Sweepstakes.

11. You will now be entered to win 100 Weis reward points, which you can use on your next visit.

Alternative Method of Participation in the Weis Feedback Survey (Phone Call)

A phone call can also get you 100 points in the Weis survey. The following are the steps involved:

  • You should have recently purchased from Weis Market and have your receipt handy to minimize any delays.
  • Now you can phone them at the Number on the receipt or their customer service number, 1-866-999-9347, and they will ask you some questions. After you’ve answered all of the questions correctly, they’ll ask for your reward card number and contact information, and you’ll be awarded 100 points.

What is the reward for completing a Weis Feedback survey?

Weis appreciates your time and honest criticism. The information you offer will assist the chain’s personnel meet your needs-based aims. Your input may be able to throw light on situations that might otherwise go unnoticed. This survey will help the business determine where it should concentrate its customer satisfaction efforts.

Weisfeedback Survey

 The 100 Weis points will be deposited into your reward card once you complete and submit the survey.

Customers are encouraged to provide remarks to Weis Markets. It doesn’t matter if it’s negative or pleasing, if it’s acceptable or not. Weis Market’s motivation for conducting the feedback survey is to understand its consumers’ experiences better.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions with their answers about the Weis supermarkets.

Q1. Where can I locate the Weis survey code?

Your recent purchase receipt will have the Weis survey code printed on it.

Q2. Is it true that Weis doubles coupons?

Yes, up to 99 cents in manufacturer’s coupons can be doubled at Weis Market. It allows for a total of four doubles in a single coupon.

Q3. Who is the owner of Weis Markets?

Harry and Sigmund Weis are the owners of Weis Markets. Even though the company is publicly traded, they still own about 65 per cent of the stock.

Q4. How many Weis markets are there?

Weis Markets operates 196 locations in five states.

Q5. How can I check the balance on my Weis gift card?

You can check your balance online or by calling Weis Market’s customer service.

If you still have any doubts or queries, connect with Weis Customer service.

Connect Weis

For more queries about the Weis guest experience feedback survey, you may contact their customer service in the following connections.

  • Customer Service Number – 570-286-4571
  • Customer Service Address: 1000 South Second Street.

                                                            PO Box 471. Sunbury,

                                                            Pennsylvania 17801

Final Words

 A company’s strengths and flaws are discovered through client feedback. As a result, we, as customers, are enhancing them and assisting them in becoming the most refined version of themselves by taking out the survey at www.weisfeedback.com. Even if you perform very little work, you will be rewarded and receive superior services.

Please feel free to post your queries, opinions, and suggestions in the comments below—thankyou you for visiting my blog. Stay waiting for more rewarding survey information from various brands.



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