Lowe’s Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey To Win $1000 Gift Cards

If you would like to take part in lowes opinion survey available at www.lowesopinion.ca all you have to do is just keep reading this article. I will tell you all that you need to know about taking part in this feedback survey, as well as the link, where you can participate in the survey. Before we start today I’ve got one question for you. When was the last time you got a makeover for yourself? Or invest in yourself for making yourself better?

I am sure it would not have been long. But when was the last time you invested in getting a makeover for your house or apartment? I think it would have been quite long. As much as we invest in ourselves or we invest in other material things that we own, we don’t do that much for our apartment or our home. This is mostly because of one reason. Once we get into our apartment and get stuff for the apartment or home while moving in, we slowly stop thinking about enhancing it until we host a party or something.

This could be because it is more like a bigger investment. But what if you do it step-by-step? Part by part? Wall by wall? Or at least one wall at a time? So do you have that small home renovation in mind? If yes, the lowe’s store is the best place for you to visit. The reason why I am telling you about the lowe’s store right now is simple. It is that there is an exciting opportunity that you can avail yourself of. That is if you have shopped from the lowe’s store anytime recently or are planning to shop from the lowe’s store shortly.

The lowe’s store wants to know what you have in mind about the shopping experience you had while you were shopping at the lowe’s store. In return for your participation where you will have to spend a few minutes of your time at the lowe’s store might give you a $5,000 lowe’s gift card.


Purpose Of Lowesopinion.ca Survey

I’m pretty sure when I say this. Be it any store that you visit, be it for shopping anything, you will find some things attractive. As well as some other things as unattractive. you would want certain things to be changed in a store that you visit. So the Lowe’s store wants you to let them know what is it that you would like to see changed in their business.

By knowing it, Lowe’s store can make that change. This would make you a happier customer. It is happier customers who buy more stuff. It is “buying more” That increases the sales of any business. So, as far as the lowe’s store is concerned, when you are a happier customer their sales would increase. This means higher profit. So, the lowe’s store realizes the importance of their customer’s satisfaction and happiness. Therefore, they are conducting this lowesopinion survey available at .www.lowesopinion.ca

About Lowe’s

lowesopinion ca

The Lowe’s company incorporated more commonly known as the Lowe’s store. It is an American retail company, specializes in sales in the field of home improvement and interior decoration.

It was founded in the year 1921 by the very famous Louis Smith lowe. it was named the North Wilkesboro Hardware in the beginning. Their first shop was opened in the location of North Wilkesboro in North Carolina. After the Founder passed away in the year 1940 the store was taken over by his successor. which was his daughter, Ruth Buchan. Ruth later sold the company to her brother. That was Mr. Jim Lowe.Jim started a partnership with his brother in law Mr. Carl Buchan in the year 1943.

Today the Lowe’s store has completed 99 long years of existence and has its headquarters in Mooresville in North Carolina in the US. They serve in 2197 locations as of February of 2021 and they have a total operating income of 6.314 billion US dollars as of 2020. The Lowe’s store today is also an employment provider for over three hundred thousand employees throughout the world.

Opinion Rona Customer Survey To Win Gift Card Worth $1,000

Rules And Requirements For Participating in the Survey available at www.lowesopinion.ca

So, now if you have decided to take part in the lowesopinion survey, if I were you, the first thing that I would do is get to know the rules and requirements as well as the terms and conditions to take part in the survey. Do not worry because below given are those rules and requirements as well as terms and conditions. Just go through and you will be all set for participating in the survey.

  • To take part in the law of customer satisfaction and feedback survey you need to be a legal resident of the United States and you must have attained a minimum age of 18 years or the age of majority in your state of Residence or province.
  • You will need to have a Smart Gadget in proper working condition along with an Internet of adequate speed.
  • If you are an employee or close relative of an employee of Lowe’s store in any location you will be prohibited from taking part in Lowe’s feedback and satisfaction survey.
  • The winners of the Lowe’s customer feedback and satisfaction survey’s prize draw will be selected using a random drawing based on the drawings scheduled listed in the Lowe’s official website by the sweepstakes administrator from all eligible entries received by them within a duration of 7 business days after closing date of attempts of the participants as notified in their official website.
  • The decisions of the administrator and the sponsor of Lowe’s customer feedback survey and the prize draw will be final.

Quick Steps

If you have now decided to take part in the lowesopinion Survey available atwww.lowesopinion.ca , you can do so by following the below given quick steps :

  • Go to the official survey website of Lowe’s Store.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Provide access code.
  • Give your answers.
  • Submit your survey.
  • That’s it, you have completed participation in Lowe’s Customer feedback survey.

How To Do The www.lowesopinion.ca Survey


  1. Take your smartphone or smart gadget, open your web browser and go to www.lowesopinion.ca
  2. Now you will reach a page where you will have to choose a language in which you will take the survey, you can choose either French or English.
  3. After choosing the preferred language you will reach a page where you will be asked to enter the Acess code. You can see the Acess code on your purchase receipt. enter it.
  4. Now the official survey will start
  5. Now you can provide answers to the survey questions. While answering the questions, make sure you be as honest as possible.
  6. Now you can provide your personal contact information and Click on ‘SUBMIT’ to successfully complete your participation in Lowesopinion Survey.

Reward For www.lowesopinion.ca Survey

Upon successful completion of participation in Lowe’s customer feedback and satisfaction survey, you will receive an opportunity to take part in the Lowe’s store’s sweepstake. The winner get prize worth USD 500.

However, it is important to note that the prizes will be awarded in the form of a cheque. The winners shall be solely responsible for all federal/state / local taxes resulting from the acceptance of the Prize.

No prize replacement will be provided if the winner loses it or if stolen from the winner afterthe prize is received by the winner.

If the mentioned price cannot be awarded due to any kind of circumstance that is beyond the control of the Lowe’s Group, a substitute prize will be issued which would be of equal or greater value than the announced prize.

Valuevillagelistens Customer Satisfaction Survey To Win Prize

Contact Details

I f you wish to contact the Lowe’s store, you can do so by ringing up at 080676 74000.


Now, just as promised, I have given you all the necessary information.

You only have to go to their website at www.lowesopinion.ca and take part in that survey.

All the best guys, may lady luck favor you with the 500 dollars.

27 thoughts on “Lowe’s Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey To Win $1000 Gift Cards”

  1. Commendations to Customer Service Associate Khairul, Inside Seasonal Department for exceptional service at the Etobicoke, Queensway – North Queen Store.

    Outside Seasonal (Yard & Garden) dept was closed for the evening while the store was still open. He not only did a computer search of inventory for me, but also escorted me outside into the Yard & Garden Centre where I was able to secure the product I was after.

    He could have just said, “Sorry the Garden Centre is Closed,” but he didn’t.
    As a result, I didn’t leave empty handed, and Lowe’s has now become my first choice for all continued Home & Garden purchases.

    • El personal de lowe’s siempre tratan bien hoy fui a comprar unas plantas y me trataron bien, el personal que me tocó se llama Fátima excelente servicio

  2. Thank you rylan at Brampton north Lowe’s for your great attitude and customer service. We should all strive to provide such great customer service. I hope your career at Lowe’s flourishes and may you one day attain your goals in life.

  3. Great service . My girlfriend went shopping for items and found everything she needed thanks to an employee , who was very knowledgeable , but she did not get his name .

  4. Great service at Lowes. Thank you.

    However, when we went to your website and applied, they asked for our credit card to pay shipping for an iphone, but said the payment did not go through. I think this was a bogus website that tried to look like Lowes. Hopefully our credit card is not compromised!

  5. I just recently bought four appliances from Lowe’s in South Common and the sales team was fantastic. Thankyou to Phoenil, Mohammad and Vickey for giving me exceptional service.
    I also want to say a big Thank you to the installers Chad and Matt. They were so kind and did a fantastic job. They were were very thorough and clean. Much appreciated.

  6. My Contractor and I couldn’t find the materials in a big Construction Supplier so we decided to proceed to Lowe’s at 10225 186 Street Northwest and there we met Mr.Ken Williams a Guru in his work which he does best.He is very Emphatic ,caring and has a lot of Patience I’m dealing with his Customers’ needs.He is fun to talk to and we felt like we me met a long lost friend.Our shopping was
    abreeze.Go go go Ken!!!..Upandra and David were excellent team players too.Kudos to you all at Lowe’s..

  7. Carol B. is plain Awesome!!!She anticipated our needs,she is very knowledgeable with the products at Lowe’s.She is very Honest and gave us other options and excellent suggestions.She is very Emphatic and we were treated with friendliness and respect.Kudos to Carol B. Thanks to Joseph too for a great helping hand with the loading.Everybody is so Friendly.

  8. We received our delivery from Lowe’s! The two guys doing the delivery did a fantastic job! They were very careful in getting the old freezer out & putting the new one in! Two nice & polite guys!

  9. I recently shopped at Lowes Crowfoot and was helped by Shirin. She was very helpful,polite, patient and professional. I would rate her a 10 to of 10.

  10. We were very pleased with the customer service we received from Leonna and Ehmar at the 104 Queensway location. Leonna was very helpful in helping us choose our new appliances. We were delighted when she told us they could be delivered the next day. True to her word, they arrived the next morning. The two delivery gentlemen were truly awesome! It was a tight fit but they made it happen with ought a scratch. Thanks so much!

  11. A big Thank you to Paul from Electricial Lowe’s Hazeldean Rd, Ottawa for all his help. He was funny, polite, patient, and so very helpful. It was a pleasure to deal with him.

  12. I have been shopping at Lowes Store on 1300 Castlefield in Toronto for the past 14 years since you open. This store is clean well Merchanised and more importantly Impeccable customer service. All staff is courteous and very helpful. There is one Associate that I would like to point out.t Is name is Edward McNeil. Ed is a hard worker very knowledgeable in all departments and provides me great customer service. He always has a smile on his face and welcomes all customers I shop Lowes on Castlefield 2 times a week or more every time I need to but big purchases I go see Ed for advice.
    Lowes company must be very proud to have such a valuable associate like Ed McNeil

  13. Just purchased a new barn door and was looking to finish it in a rustic finish to match current bedroom furniture, Brenda from the Crossiron location went above and beyond to match stain colours and to give a tutorial on the best ways to achieve the desired look that I am hoping to duplicate.

  14. i went to the niagara falls store and wanted three items on the Disney christmas display and coundt find them. Then i asked for help and was serviced my your employee Argine, she went way out her way to climb to the top shelf not once but twice too find the two items i wanted She was so helpfull and smiled the whole time i was bothering her she was a great emploee thank you for making my shopping experience a great one

  15. We visited Lowes stores in Calgary, Alberta. The purpose was to purchase a shower kit to replace a bath tub. Having visited competitive stores, we did not find anyone experienced enough to assist us in our purchase. Until we went to the Lowes store on 130th Ave SE in Calgary. There we meta gentleman by the name of Jordan, a man not only experienced, but willing to go beyond the call of duty to find us all the parts we needed. He was a pleasure to deal with and I was particularly impressed when he even checked at other Lowes stores for any parts that his store did not have in stock. A man like Jordan is a real asset to his employer and is respected in our eyes. I certainly will go back there again!!

  16. For years I was a faithful Home Depot shopper however, this is no longer the case. Everytime I go into Lowes in Nanaimo the staff are so helpful and accommodating. I recently had to make some major purchases for renovating a main and master bathroom. Robert was the gentleman that helped me and he was so helpful in providing the information that I needed to make my purchases. The Lowes team in Nanaimo are so great and I won’t hesitate to recommend them and the store.



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