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Hello, guys how are you doing. Before I start today let me ask you one thing. How much you love fried chicken? If you do love fried chicken, I think you would obviously know what Mary Brown’s is known for and the survey they conducting at www.tellmary.smg.com Survey. For those who do like to have fried chicken and do not know Mary browns, let me tell you, friends. Mary browns are the best place you can go for fried chicken anytime.

Mary Brown’s chicken unlike any other fast-food chain has a very unique recipe. The recipe was found years back. The chicken at Mary Brown’s still keeping having the same awesome taste to this very day. So what I want to tell you today is specifically about Mary Brown’s chicken fry. And also about an offer that can be availed by those who eat from the Mary Brown’s. If you are a regular customer of Mary Brown’s or if you have eaten at least one time recently from the Mary Brown’s store I have a piece of particularly exciting news for you. Have you noticed this offer printed on Mary Brown’s purchase receipt?

Have you noticed the survey code printed on Mary Brown’s purchase receipt? If you have then let me tell you the exciting news is related to this. By using the survey code that is provided on your Mary Brown’s purchase receipt that you receive upon purchasing something from the Mary Brown’s store you can participate in Mary Brown’s customer feedback and satisfaction survey. By doing this you can avail of a free promo code by which you can avail the gift mentioned on Mary Brown’s purchase receipt.

Chances are you might have already noticed the survey code and the prize mentioned on the bill. Or you might not have. But are you interested in participating in the Mary Brown’s tell Mary survey? If you are, you can avail this opportunity right now. All you have to do is keep reading this article. I will tell you all that you need to know about taking part in this survey that is available at – www.tellmary.smg.com

About Mary Brown’s Chicken


More than just any other fast-food chain Mary Brown’s chicken and taters are so much more. Mary Browns is known for its signature chicken fry dishes. Currently, they serve more than 160 locations coast-to-coast across the country of Canada.

Founded in the year 1969 which means they have completed 52 years of existence they were founded by Pat Tarrant and Cyril Fleming. Their headquarters is located in the city of Markham in Ontario. More than being just another fast-food chain the Mary Browns currently employs over 2,100 people. Today Mary Brown’s is remembered when it’s heard, “made fresh from scratch” “100 percentage Canadian” and “Crave delicious”.

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Purpose Of TellMary.smg.com Survey

It is one thing to sell perfectly excellently tasting chicken fry. While it’s a totally different thing to know how to keep your customers happy. It is not just tasty fried chicken that you would look into and that you would expect when you go to a fast-food restaurant. There are many other elements that make you happy and unhappy on a visit to a fast-food outlet. This can range from the hygiene of the shop to the customer service that you get and even to the temperature inside the shop and maybe even the paint color of the shop.

A fast-food restaurant that has excellent tasting fried chicken but without air conditioning where you will sweat a lot trying to eat your favorite chicken fry is not an ideal place for you to eat out because the second time you wish to go there to eat you will remember the kind of issues that you had with the temperature in that store and you would choose another place.

So such small elements that you experience while shopping from a store or eating from a restaurant will influence the behavior of you as a customer. Such small issues can make a big change in the sales of a firm be it a restaurant or a shopping mall.

So the Mary Brown’s restaurant wants to know what is it that you like about eating from their restaurant and what is it that you do not like about eating from their restaurant so that they can’t understand their mistakes and make necessary changes so as to make your experience of visiting the store a far better one.

So by conducting this survey available at – www.tellmary.smg.com they will get to know where they can improve as well as make their customer satisfaction. This would, in turn, lead to better sales and better profit for the business. So to sum it up it is a win-win scenario for both you the customer as well as them, the business.

Rules And Requirements; Terms And Conditions

Below given are the rules and requirements as well as terms and conditions that you should know about before taking part in the Tell Mary Customer feedback Survey. The survey is available at – www.tellmary.smg.com

  • You must be at least 18 years old. or you should have attained the majority according to the age laws in your particular state or province.
  • The survey is open only for participation only for the legal residents of The United States of America.
  • You cannot take part in Mary Brown’s feedback survey without having a valid purchase receipt that contains the 16 digit survey code.
  • Only one participation per purchase is permitted.
  • Employees of Mary Brown’s store cannot participate in the survey.
  • Close relatives of employees also cannot participate in the survey.
  • All offered Prizes are 100% non-transferable and 100% non-negotiable.
  • You need to have with you a smart gadget ( smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.) in proper working condition.
  • You need to have a good internet connection with ample speed.

Quick Steps

Below given are the quicksteps, following which you can participate in the Tell Mary feedback survey available at www.tellmary.smg.com.

  • Go to the survey website available at – www.tellmary.smg.com
  • Enter 16 digit survey code.
  • Enter the time of visit.
  • Answer Survey Questions.
  • Provide contact info.
  • Click on ‘Submit’.

How To Do The www.tellMary.smg.com Survey

Take Mary Brown's Customer Feedback Survey

  1. Firstly, take your smart gadget.
  2. Connect it to the internet.
  3. Open your web browser and Go to Mary Brown’s survey official website available at – www.tellmary.smg.com
  4. Now you will be asked to enter your time of visit and survey code. enter it and click on submit.
  5. The official survey shall begin now.
  6. Answer the survey questions depending upon the experience you had on your last visit to Mary Brown’s fast food store.
  7. Try to be as honest and genuine as possible while answering the questions.
  8. After that, provide your valid personal contact information, including your phone number, email id, etc.
  9. Finally, now, you will be able able to receive the validation code which is your reward.

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Reward Of Tellmary

Upon successful completion of participation in Mary Brown’s customer feedback survey, you will be rewarded with a validation code.

You can use this validation code to obtain the prize mentioned on your purchase receipt, the next time you visit mary brown’s store.

The survey is available at – www.tellmary.smg.com.

Contact Details

If you wish to contact the Mary Brown’s Store, you can do so by ringing them up at 905-513-0044.


Now you know all about the Tell Mary Survey available at – www.tellmary.smg.com.

So, don’t waste any more of your time.

Go to www.tellmary.smg.com right now and take part in that survey.

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