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Buffalo Wild Wings are something that everyone enjoys. With different dressings and sauces, it is a perfect fusion of sweet, salty, and spicy. You have many food chains serving Buffalo wings but Buffalo Wild Wings always steals the limelight because of its wide variety of options to choose from. They have survey to help them improve. They have traditional chicken wings, which are lip-smacking, and they also have hot blazing Carolina reaper wings, which are perfect for spice-loving people and they also offer multiple other things and even combos that are perfect for satiating your hunger.

Why should you take survey?

Buffalo wild wings always care about its customers and therefore encourage every customer to take the survey so that they can improve their service when you visit them next time. Though the review might be bad, they will still listen to you. They just want their customers to be satisfied with their service. They are delighted to lend their ears to your review, and every thought is taken into consideration. Please help them to improve by taking the survey. The survey will take you just a couple of minutes to complete. | Official Advance Auto Parts Survey To Win Gift Card

Official Buffalo Wild Wings Survey To Get $5 OFF

What Do You Need To Take The Survey?

  • You must have the survey code to participate in the survey. It will be printed on your receipt, which is issued by Buffalo Wild Wings when you purchase. You are not allowed enter into the survey without purchasing from Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • A good and stable internet connection is must to take the survey.
  • You can give the survey in English or Spanish.

Things To Remember Before Taking The Survey

  • You must take the survey within 48 hours or two days of the purchase, or else you will not be able to take the survey.
  • The redemption code that you will get after taking the quiz will expire in 14 days. Make sure to visit Buffalo Wild Wings before that to redeem your prize.
  • The prize that you will be getting is a $5 off on $25 on your next purchase. So if your total bill is $25, you will get a $5 off on the bill, making the $25 bill to $20 bill.
  • Without the redemption code, you cannot claim your prize. Ensure that you write down the code on a piece of paper or take a screenshot or save it on your phone.

Rules And Regulations To Take Survey

  • You must have a receipt that has the survey code. Without the survey code, you cannot participate in the survey.
  • You can only give the quiz if you are 18 or above to take the survey.
  • Must be a legal resident of the United States to take the survey.
  • You have to give the survey within 48 hours from your purchase, or else your response will be auto rejected.
  • Do not put dashes while entering the code, as the system will not accept.
  • You would be receiving $5 off on a $25 purchase next time.
  • It would be best if you gave honest answers to the questions or else your response will not be taken into consideration.
  • To claim your $5 off on a $25 purchase, you must show the redemption code which you will get after taking the survey.
  • You must claim your prize within 14 days or else the redemption code will expire.
  • You cannot exchange your prize for cash.

How To Give The Survey?

  1. Go to the official survey website
  2. Select your preferred language. You have the option of selecting the quiz in English or Spanish.
  3. Enter the 16 digit survey code without any dashes in the text field. The code will be printed on your receipt.
  4. You will be given a questionnaire with options, give your honest answers.
  5. After finishing the quiz, a redemption code will be displayed on the screen, which you can note down or save it in your phone.
  6. Visit Buffalo Wild Wings in the next 14 days and tell the redemption code to the staff to get $5 off on a $25 purchase.


1. Do I need to keep the receipt?

Ans. You need the survey code for entering into the survey. If you have the survey code, there is no need for you to keep the receipt. They recommended you to keep your receipt till you redeem just in case of any discrepancy.

2. Is there any time constraint to take the survey?

Ans. You must give the survey within 48 hours or 2 days from your purchase. You have to redeem your prize within 14 days.

About Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is known for its lip-smacking options for chicken wings. They are the ones who give you the option of 14 different signature sauces. From a traditional chicken wing to one of the hottest Carolina Reaper wings they have something for everyone. Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the fastest-growing restaurants in the United States. They are known for their impressive service and an extensive menu so that they cater to almost anyone and everyone. They have mastered their secret sauce, and they shine in this highly competitive world.


If you are a chicken wing lover, you must visit Buffalo Wild Wings. With 14 different signature sauces, they just crushed the competition. They have survey so to ensure that they can improve their service.

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