www.homedepot.com/survey | Complete Guide To Win $5000

Would you like to give your feedback on your last visit to Homedepot? Never mind whether the feedback is good or bad. Home depot is expecting feedback from their loyal clients by conducting a Homedepot customer feedback survey at www.homedepot.com/survey.

Home Depot Survey - Win $5000

An ideal home is the dream of every individual. Homedepot is there to help you provide all the necessary accessories to create a sweet home under one roof to make your dream come true. As the firm helps you improve your home, they also require your help to improve themselves in return. Are you thinking about how you should help the firm? You can surely help Homedepot by giving valuable feedback about your shopping experience at the Homedepot shop.

About Homedepot

Homedepot is one of the prominent places for shopaholics who wish to improve their homes by modifying accessories. They are among the most comprehensive retailers in the U.S., furnishing household accessories like several tools, construction products, and services. The headquarters of the company is established at Cobb County, Georgia, with an Atlanta mailing address. The Homedepot company currently has seventy distribution centers across the U.S and is spread to all ten provinces of Canada apart from the U.S.

Purpose Of Homedepot Customer Feedback Survey

Changes are common in our surroundings. Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest is a matter to be concerned about in this competitive market world. A shop like Homedepot needs to satisfy all its customer requirements to survive among the cut-throat competitors. To meet those demands and make their clients happy with the shopping experience at Homedepot, the company is conducting the Homedepot customer feedback survey at www.homedepot.com/survey. The company expects genuine customer feedback to make changes to provide a great shopping experience for the shoppers.

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Home Depot Survey

Dear Friends, Are you ready to attend the Homedepot survey? If yes, then continue reading this blog to know about the rules and requirements, rewards, how to partake in the survey, and many more on the Homedepot customer feedback survey.

Golden Rules of the Homedepot Customer Feedback Survey

Taking the survey without following the rules will surely disqualify you from participating in the Homedepot survey contest. It is always advisable to abide by the golden rules of the survey. Given below are the rules of the Homedepot survey.

  1. A receipt from Home Depot that specifies a User ID and Password.
  2. It is necessary to have a gadget with internet connectivity.
  3. At the time of the survey, you must be at least 18 years old.
  4. A legal resident of the United States of America is entitled to apply.
  5. On each receipt, you can only complete one survey.
  6. Homedepot survey reward gift cards can only be used to gain a discount on your purchases; the reward cannot be redeemed for cash or in any other way.

How To Take Part In The Homedepot Survey at www.homedepot.com/survey

This section deals with the guidelines to participate in the Homedepot survey. You can complete the survey in five minutes following the steps discussed below.

1. Open your Preferred browser and log in to the official home depot website at www.homedepot.com/Survey. Now you need to select the premiere language, either English or Spanish.

Homedepot Survey

2. Enter the zip code to start the home depot survey. Next, you must click on the next button to continue the survey and complete the survey process.

Homedepot Survey

3. Please enter the Username and the password in their respective fields provided for them. You can get all the details from the receipt.

Homedepot Survey

4. Then, you need to click on the start button to start the home depot.com/survey.

5. After that, answer all the questions asked on the survey page very genuinely. Answer all required questions as honestly as possible.

6. After answering all the survey questions, you need to click on the submit button to complete your survey. Now at the end fill in your details such as an address, email id, mobile number, etc. Finally, you are eligible to get a chance to win a $5000 home depot gift card.

Note: The survey must be completed by 11:59 p.m. CT on August 1, 2021. In order to be eligible and receive your entry into the Sweepstakes, you must complete the entire survey, the Entry Form, and click on the “Next” button.

Home Depot Survey Entry By Mail

  • First of all, if you enter homedepot.com/survey by Mail, then a purchase receipt is not required.
  • You must Handwrite or type all your details such as First Name, Last Name, E-Mail Address, Telephone Number on a 3*5 size card.
  • After that, send it to the following address: If you are Consumer Category, send envelop to the below address:

Consumer Category: 

ASC/ Home Depot 2021 Q2 U.S. Consumer Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes

PO Box 430

Macedon, NY 14502-0430

Pro Category: 

ASC/ Home Depot 2021 Q2 U.S. Pro Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes PO Box 431

Macedon, NY 14502-0430

All entries must be postmarked by August 1, 2021, and received by August 6, 2021. Each envelope is considered one entry into the Sweepstakes.

Duplicated entries submitted or completed by anyone other than the Entrant are void.

Rewards of the Homedepot Survey Contest

Rewards are the attractive part of the Homedepot survey. How much do you expect, my dear friends? Will that be more than $1500?

No buddies, it is much more than your expectation. You will get a Homedepot gift card which worths $5000 as a survey contest reward. Isn’t that enough for you to rush to the Homedepot survey page, attend the survey and win the contest?

Seize your chance to grab a gift card worth $5000 by attending the Homedepot survey.

Home Depot Survey at www.homedepot.com/survey – Video Guide

Are you still facing issues while completing Homedepot survey, then below video is for you. Watch the video below before you take the  survey, it will make you understood everything about the survey.

Home Depot Store Working Hours

  1. Monday 6:00 AM-10:00 PM.
  2. Tuesday 6:00 AM-10:00 PM.
  3. Wednesday 6:00 AM-10:00 PM.
  4. Thursday 6:00 AM-10:00 PM.
  5. Friday 6:00 AM-10:00 PM.
  6. Saturday 6:00 AM-10:00 PM.
  7. Sunday 6:00 AM-10:00 PM.

Reference link

Home Depot Survey Department Contact Details

You can contact the Home Depot chain via email or phone number and the details that is given below.

Email: Customer_care@homedepot.com.

Primary Support Number: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337)

Customer Care Number: 1-800-430-3376

American Sweepstakes & Promotion Company, 300 State Street, Suite #402, Rochester, NY 14614.

Survey Sponsor

Home Depot Store Support, Inc., 2455 Paces Ferry Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30339.

Final Words

Homedepot customer feedback survey at www.homedepot.com/survey is a chance for the customers to express their views about the Homedepot survey. I suggest you never miss out on your opportunity to be a part of making improvements in the shop. I hope this article has helped you in completing the Homedepot survey. Thank you, readers, for showing patience in reading my blog and wait for more survey articles in your favorite blog. Feel free to leave your comments.

92 thoughts on “www.homedepot.com/survey | Complete Guide To Win $5000”

  1. I am a VA with a military discount. I am 83 years old and have trouble getting your new military discount. You have made it so hard that I have had a lady help me but has taken a lot of time with me but we still are having problems. She is a employee of the Cedar City Home Depot. We have tried before Christmas

  2. Hailey at Home Depot store in Lincoln, CA helped me select many window binds and more today. Hailey helped me sign up for a Home Depot card which also saved me money on my purchase. Thank you Hailey, your are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Great customer service!!

  3. Home Depot cashier notified me about 3 weeks ago they would no longer accept military ID for the discount. I tried to set up the military discount profile and was approved on 12/31/21 but could not install on my phone. Yesterday I went to the store and there Customer Service desk in Eugene, Or. could not help me and told me to try the PRO Desk who was also unsucessful. Last year I spent roughly $8,000. on maintenance items and over $34,000. on CIP projects as I have a farm, I will NO LONGER SHOP at HOME DEPOT if I cannot use the military discount. There is a Lowe’s Hardware and Jerry’s Hardware nearby who do accept a military ID and Jerry’s is more helpful. Good ridden Home Depot.

    • too bad Jerry’s doesnt have a store here in upstate n.y. as id change too! navy vietnam era veteran with v.a. recognized disabilities.(and according to the v.a , i am “UNDER THEIR POVERTY LEVEL) I CANNOT AFFORD A $1,000 SMART PHONE just to verify that i am a veteran!! all in all , its nice to be recognized for what we did, but having to jump through more hoops than before just for a discount we have earned may not be worth the hassel

  4. Purchased a shed on line using my debit card and forgot to put in my 10% discount code number in. Tried to go back on line and I wasnt given a opertunity to enter the code.So I went to the berkley store to pick it up and informed them that I wanted to cancel the order and credit my debit charge. They did that for which I have a receipt. Butt so far my bank account does not show the credit to my account. I was told at the store to get the 10% discount I needed to use my home depot card. So I purchased the shed on my home depot card and put in the discount code and no 10% discount showed up. The checker Jamie told me my 10% discount will show up later on my home depot card as a credit. I dont belive her. Can a H.D. Rep. call me to fix this, customer service call was no help.

  5. Was told to sign up online for the military veterans discount. Tried several times. Could not get rocord verification uploaded. I tried to call got nowhere. Tried to text got nowhere. Even emailed still waiting. Went to the store they couldn’t help. I get that they need to verify information about people but you can’t get any help.I probably will not be shopping at home depot if I can help it.

  6. I am a 74 year old Veteran and made a lot of purchase’s at Home Depot over the years. Your new veterans discount system makes getting a discount a lot more difficult.I now shop at Lowes.thanks for helping me make a better choice.

  7. Sharon/cashier was very helpful on Feb 8th. She saved me money by answering a few questions. Even though I did not qualify for another credit card.
    Thank You Sharon for being an awesome employee at the Bennington Home Depot.

  8. I visited the Middletown NY store in a hurry to get several boxes of LED Bulbs. Within a minute I was asked if I needed any help by one of your associates. At that moment the associates who manage that section came over to help. I can only state that they were OUTSTANDING, FRIENDLY AND VERY KNOLWEDGABLE …. I promised John, the experienced electrician and Carol Ann, I would be sure to recognize them with this survey, which I rarely ever do unless the service was Exceptional….I did not get the name of the first person who introduced me to them, but John will remember! Please recognize these valuable Home Depot employees … day of store visit Feb 9, 2022…

  9. Lorenzo / at 400 rodeo place .. was extremely helpful he when the extra mile to me my needs .. also very polite, great customer service … Thanks Corey

  10. I had the most wonderful experience at the Oceanside store located on Vista way CA. A gentleman by the name of Paul #25 was so helpful finding a bolt for my 91 year old fathers bath seat. He actually stopped what he was doing and helped me find the correct bolt, and as he was helping me another customer walked by and said “yep Paul is so helpful just like the old days”. I couldn’t get into the survey site, but just want to give a hoot out to this wonderful employee, Paul.

  11. Want to express my appreciation for Ashley’s and Tammi’s assistance in purchasing a Sharp Vacuum today at the Osage Beach, MO Home Depot store. They both went the extra step to guide me through the review and selection process. Much apprecited.

    Jim Simpson Auth Code 316105/0104440

  12. I want to express my gratitude to the attendant who assisted me today (2/17/2022) in purchasing an ECHO 25ccsst (743184017104) and some other materials at Home Depot Plaza del Sol, Bayamon, P R. He was so diligent so as the cashier Gilaris.

  13. am very upset that you know longer have Military discount.it is sad that everything we are going through with covid 19 that you people get rid of something that helps people.it is a shame that I defended you and your familys for a better life and you can not even give me a lousy 10% off.

  14. I stopped in the Sequim, WA store for paint and was greeted by the girl behind the counter. I believe her name was Christen. She made up my paint, then dried a sample to make sure it was what I was wanting, but it was too light. She then suggested a way to make it darker and took the time to add more color that she thought would be more like the sample I had brought in. It was perfect! She was very helpful and knew what she was doing. Thank you Christen.

    Would like to add that every time I shop in this store I get the help I need and the people are always friendly. They load the heavy items in carts for me and unload on my truck so I only have to handle them at home.

  15. I too had difficulty using the military discount the last three times I visited Home Depot within the last month. I received a verification email with the SheerID verication on November 28th. I do not have a smartphone, but according to the November email, I quote– “At checkout, you will need to enter your phone number to apply the military discount”. However, each of the three separate clerks argued that I need a vitual ID on a smartphone to apply the discount despite what is stated in the email. I very much appreciate the discount but perhaps it should be stated on the application handed out by Home Depot saying only smartphone users need apply.

  16. Store 6634 in San Diego-Jon E. in Plumbing was courteous, pleasant, smiling, and most helpful to my 70-yr-old disabled self. He ran for parts so I didn’t have to. Whole store seemed to be trying to be the best.

  17. I went Home Depot in Surrey, BC today looking for a breaker. People in there were suppose to help me but they had no idea what to do at all. I ended up went home and ordered from CanadianTire instead. So disappointed !

  18. Priscilla at 1400 Waterford pl. Delray Beach, FL 33444 phone number 561-272-5127, I am not a computer person so I hope this gets back to Priscilla she is absolutely fabulous and I asked two people before she helped me and she walked me to where I needed to go and help me pick out the things I needed, that is what I’m used to at Home Depot and many people that work there do not do that anymore, I can’t say all because I don’t go there a lot but I’m a girl and I’m not a Home Depot or a computer type of girl and Priscilla was amazing absolutely from beginning to end she walked me to what I needed She is and was absolutely FABULOUSLY FABULOUS!!!

  19. Thank you so much Priscilla I promise you I would leave a comment if I have to go in there again I’m gonna find you and make sure that you received that comment and I hope everybody that you work for I hope they give you a pat on the back or a hug in front of everybody because you are wonderful, my boyfriend had knee surgery he’s a contractor so he’s the Home Depot guy and I was lost in the store until I met Priscilla and she helped me so much I can’t even tell you, I had to rush home because my boyfriend was bed ridden and especially the guy and the cabinets didn’t really seem to care just pointed me in a direction But wasn’t really motivated to help me, the other guy that help me you know he walked me inside the store and pointed so he was OK but Priscilla was 100 million gazillion percent fabulous times infinity, thank you Priscilla, love the strawberry blonde that had to buy that disgusting cockroach stuff LOL

  20. I just left store #0218, The cashier Marvianna was very RUDE, and with attitude. She does not follow “GET” standards at all. WE were not greeted by her at the register, then before we could tell how we wanted things rung up she just started. Then when I stopped her that is when her attitude stepped in. When I handed her my coupon for 12 months FREE finance she was like ” it didn’t take anything off” , which I knew, If she read the coupon she would have known what it was for. Again, she said I don’t known why gave me that cause it didn’t take anything then she just handed me my receipt. Then rang up my dad, which I gave him a $25.00 off coupon for his order and she had a comment under her breath which I made sure that the money came off his bill. but she still said nothing came off mine which I said to her I know mine was for 0% FREE for 12 months. Now the point of all this is I AM A HOME DEPOT EMPOLYEE! I did not appreciate to be treated like that. We have GET drilled into us every day, She didn’t know I could have been someone from Corporate not just an associate. Now I see what these customer feel like. Pretty sad.

  21. Just left the store home depot needs to train their cashier to be receptive to customers, Hortensia asked like she didn’t want to be there and much less deal with people. I asked a question about what was appearing on my register and she she in Spanish “ just put the dam card sir”. Very bad attitude. Hope she get some training.

  22. Ray 3-11-2022
    Yesterday 3 young ladies in customer service helped me to get my VA discount but today it was a different story with the cashier Joyce she was down right nasty about the discount. Unlike the day before and other times. She didn’t thank me for my service of 6 years

  23. I shop the HD in South Hill, Va often. I would say most experiences are very positive. The dept I use most often is Lawn and Garden. The checkout desk is normally staffed by Herb. And he is always most helpful. Certainly, a factor in selecting HD for plants and related products versus a nursery.

  24. Susan was very helpful to me checking out of the Lake Worth Beach, FL. Home Depot today in getting the QR code on my phone for the military discount. She was patient, kind, knowledgeable and most helpful as I am 77 years old and not real “techy”. I really appreciated her help with the new way they do business.

  25. Susan is a great rep for Home Depot’s Lake Worth Beach, FL. store. Very helpful, kind, patient, and knowledgeable.

  26. I visited the store in Madison MS today looking for a walk in shower. I knew nothing, but a very nice lady named “Geraldine” showed me where to go and found “Ira” to help me. He walked me through everything and patiently explained what I would need.
    I was blown away by the exceptional customer service I received.

    I was stressed out about buying something I knew nothing about. I left there, happy and educated about the product. My plumber is going to be impressed.

  27. I visited Home Depot on the 18th of March 2022, and had the pleasure of checking out with your agent “Penny “what a delightful person, you have a in that employee.

  28. On Monday 03/14 2022 I was at your West Springfield, Mass store, to shop for new roller shades. It was just an exploratory trip as I am very OCD and when shopping for a new item ‘ for the first trip ‘ I am usually extremely cautious & want ( all ) my information on the product ( before I even consider buying ). I met one of your young service reps ( Alina ) who said that this was the department she worked. I had ‘ many ‘ questions and my needs for ( the exact correct shades ) for my home were very specific. Not only did Alina handle all my questions with the patience and courtesy of a more mature and experienced person, but ( she did so ) very graciously and professionally. I purchased one shade to ” test is out ” at home before moving ahead. I am both pleased with the shades ‘ look and it’s function ‘, and most importantly with ( The service I received from Alina ). I will be back shortly to move forward with the next group of shades for each specific room in my house. PLEASE give Alina ‘ The Credit she is due ‘ and hopefully a “Bonus ” commensurate with her excellent efforts. Sincerely, Joe C.

  29. Your survey isn’t working, second day in a row. However, I want to complement Dwayne, in your Lapeer Road store in Lake Orion. He works in the electrical area. He was most helpful in helping me get the right part. He also made suggestions in an adjacent area that I will implement next month. This is the kind employee you ae looking for.

  30. Absolutely the worst survey I have tried to complete. Terrible But Jourden was very nice and polite and very Helpful. But this is totally not user friendly.

  31. Tina at 12218 APPLE VALLEY RD, APPLE VALLEY, CA. I am running all over the store trying to find some white finish covering. I ran into Tina who showed me where I can find them, not only did Tina help us find the covering but she also helps us while we were in the self-checkout line, Tina when and get another cart so as we scanned the item, we would place them into another cart. I hope this gets back to Tina, she is absolutely fabulous, and management need to know what kind of person she’s. Way to go Tina, from beginning to end you walked me to what I needed. Again, you’re absolutely FABULOUSLY FABULOUS!!!

  32. I received very friendly assistance today from Sonia, at the Kent East Hill Store at 26120 104th SE in Washington. I had struggled on a previous visit with using a Home Depot gift card, and ultimately was unable to use it. Sonia was super helpful, and made it very easy for me to use the gift card today. I now have a higher opinion about shopping at Home Depot. I hope Sonia receives the recognition she deserves for being helpful and friendly.

  33. I see Iam not the only person who feels the new means of IDing a member of the military is a should not require the use of a smart phone.

  34. I cant get into the survey portion ! BUT on my purchase today I noticed that the verterans discount WAS 10% and now I noticed it is 5 % . Whats up with that???

  35. Allen Christopher was a very friendly and help full employee in the section where you get the lawn mowers and cashier Nevada was very pleasant as well.

  36. I was in your store on 3/29/22 and they refused to allow me to use my military service discount!!! I was told that I had to go online to get my discount.

    Are you losing money by giving me my military discount?? And how am I to receive my military discount by going online?? And many veterns do not have a computer. What about them??

  37. I am visiting Home Depot always in the Maryland Depots as a contractor. Very good service and trust worthy. Keep it up…

  38. I want to thank Andreas at the Home Depot on 99th and Camelback for his help.
    Very professional and friendly.
    Paul Craft

  39. I phoned your store on Saturday evening, April 16th and spoke with Justin about your
    Fox Tail Fern plants, and he went out of his way to let me know they were in stock.
    I immediately drove to your store on Commercial Way in Spring Hill, FL and bought the
    fern I wanted to give as a gift to someone on Easter Sunday. Justin was there, he remembered our phone conversation and went out of his way to get me what I wanted.
    He is truly a valued employee of Home Depot, and I hope you treat him well. He is an asset to your company.

  40. I want to thank Lil Steve at the Home Depot on 95th st and Pulaski in Oak Lawn IL. He was the greatest help. Thanks again Lil Steve

  41. I recently went to the HD in Bemidji MN 56601. At checkout I asked to use my military discount. The cashier, Sydney, told me the program had changed and I would need to go online to enroll. This was a small purchase and told Sydney that I would do it some other time. It was a slow time so she insisted on helping me enroll. There was another rookie cashier, Jean, on duty and needed to learn how the enrollment process went. So Sydney took the time to explain step by step to Jean (I also learned how to enroll on line!) how it was done and got my enrollment request in. Since it was a particularly quiet time right then I didn’t feel any other customers were being inconvenienced. Just checking and my enrollment is complete!

    You have a great, conscientious employee in Sydney. I spent most of my career in retail (Target) and know how valuable a knowledgeable, positive employee is. As a HD guest I felt your team was proud to be a HD team member and made the shopping experience end very well.

    Home Depot is a great company (thank you for the discount!).

  42. I enjoy going to Homedepot for the following reasons: 1. It’s close to my house. 2. The employees are friendly and helpful. 3. The products have good quality. 4. The prices are reasonable. 5. I know where everything is at the store. 6. They have just about everything I need.

  43. Antonia helped me in the pro line today at 4925 West Slauson Avenue., LA CA 90056. She was incredibly helpful. I was waiting for a customer who was coming to meet me in the line. He called and we discovered that he was a few miles away at another Home Depot pro line also on Slauson Avenue. Although it was time for her to get off she waited patiently while he drove over to us. During the time she waited she with us she was kind, patient and so humorous she kept us laughing. She is an excellent customer service representative because she genuinely listens to all concerns and goes above and beyond to be a true asset to your organization. It is our desire that you acknowledge her outstanding customer service in a manner that lets her know that she is a valuable employee and greatly appreciated.

  44. Our go to store, is Home depot, nearest one is in Figueroa St Los Angeles and Glendale Ca, for several construction needs, home depot had supplied almost everything without hassle. thanks for the excellent service!

  45. Stopped by to pick up some WD-40, Cashier Wendy thanked me for my service and asked how my day was going.
    This is my go to store for everything.

  46. Home Depot Sotre 8800 NW Skyview Avenue
    KC MO 64154

    I had to purchase a small refrigerator immediately as my home sized one broke the night before.

    I’d like to compliment those who helped.

    Susan, a store manager, helped me find exactly what I was looking for. She provided excellent education and product knowledge, was extemely nice and personalble.

    Then, my true knight in shining armor was David. He transported the referigator to my kitchen a few miles away.

    I congradulate Home Depot for maintaing a hgiht level of customer service.

    Please, I’d like for you to give Susan, and especially David, an extra shout out for their exemplary service.

    Thank you
    On top o

  47. We are opening an upscale “Christmas Store” at Utica Square in Tulsa, OK. and were in need for shelf support spoons–lots of them as the company we acquired shelves from did not provide. We visited several Home Depot stores in Tulsa. Rene at your 4041 S. Sheridan Store was amazingly helpful. We bought all of her stock and she made sure we got the quantity we needed. She gathered the items for me and had them available at customer service. That saved precious time as we were in a time crunch to get the store opened.

  48. I want expressed my appreciation to the Home Depot staff especially Joey Rosenzweig at the hackettstown nj Home Depot Who assisted us with the purchase of a brand new whirlpool washing machine. Joey was extremely professional and efficient and very courteous and helpful with all the information.

  49. On Oct 12,2022 I was in Greensboro on Wendover #3604 my sister in law live in Greensboro I stop in to see if their was any ground cover plants and yes I found what I was looking for and they were on sale. I had two trays and took one at a time up to the register and I told the cashier that I have another tray of flowers to get while I walking away I heard the cashier slam the scanner down like she was annoyed are something I just keep walking to get the other tray of flowers. After my purchase I ask for some plastic to put into my car she wave her hand it over there. What happen to good custom service? I am having a hard time doing a custom survey on the cashier Linda

  50. Your new Associate; Praise; was FABULOUS today!! What a breath of fresh air for your Store, Customers and Associates! Great personality and attitude! THANK YOU!! :)) Shes a KEEPER!!

  51. All this rigamarole just to complete a simple survey! Scale it down to nuts and bolts – no time for all this.
    If anybody’s interested, here’s my survey: On 10/28/2022, Sales Cashier Tammy at HD Battleground Ave. store assisted me with extreme patience and kindness, to attempt to get a new HD credit account (don’t get me started on that), in order to get a small discount on the purchase of an Echo leaf blower. The new account was not opened as I had a security lock on my credit (which I had forgotten I placed). So I bought the item outright, no problem. I greatly appreciated her efforts to get this application through, which failed through no fault of hers. Thanks – JS

  52. We have been shopping at HD several years and lately when we go to the gutter or lumber isles we can’t get through BC of orders or freight in the way, WHY can’t you put a storage out back of your store and quit clogging up isles 🙁

    We are to the point to top shopping HD and go to Lowe’s we have been going to Lowes lately and they give military discounts. also nothing in the isles at Lowe’s. 🙂

  53. Elizabeth (Sales cashier) and MaryHelen Davila (Dept.Supervisor) were both wonderful to work with. Exceptional most of all was MaryHelen Davila! I’ll be back to shop more with her soon!! Karen

  54. Although your employees have a fairly good knowledge of your store item locations (Southcenter Washington store). I don’t own a cell phone and have NO plans to get one so if that requirement is needed for the veteran discount, my local Lowes store is actually closer AND they have VETERAN PARKING right in front.. Put a seasoned veteran on your staff to help serve veterans who served our country

  55. I shopped at Provo, location and Cashier Carrie helped me complete my purchase at the correct price, I was having some issues with the machine and the Item purchased.
    she, was so kind, professional and personable. I will definitely shop at the Provo location again.

  56. As of today I am really considering closing my account. The new way you do veteran discounts. If I DO NOT DOWNLOAD AN APP ON MY PHONE,I cannot receive my discount. Well upon hearing this after they rang it up, I RETURNED ALL $202.42. At least your competitor has set it up so when you swipe your card it reads your acct and applies the discount. With this B.S. you have you must not care that a lot of old school veterans shop there and do not use technology like the young generation uses. WILL BE THINKING LONG AND HARD IN THIS AND WILL ONCE AGAIN CONTACT VETERANS ASSOCIATION TO POSSIBLY BOYCOTT YOUR COMPANY UNTIL YOU GET WITH THE PROGRAM OR GO BACK TO THE OLD WAY OF SHOW YHE CARD FOR DISCOUNT.

  57. Normally when I go into the store, there are helpers available and egar to assist. Today I was assisted by someone that was not very knoweldgable about the product. I eventually left without making the purchase.

  58. I cannot get in to do the survey so I am going to make my comments here.
    I was in the Pell City, Alabama Home Depot and purchased a Thornbriar vanity, a sink, comode, medicine cabinet and all the fixtures and other things needed to install them. Sandy Kinzer helped me. She was very, very helpful and very patient as I was not sure exactly what I wanted. I cannot say enough good things about her. Home Depot can use more people like Sandy, although I must say that when I find someone to help me most of them have been very helpful.

  59. I was going to go to two other locations but a little voice told me to go to the one in Mesquite since it was diagonal to my doctor’s office and that’s where I was at the time! Boy am I glad I followed that voice! I met the most incredible young lady, as I was looking at the kitchen cabinets, Ms. Xavie Warren (6537) came over and asked if I needed some assistance. I started telling her my plans as I was trying to remodel my kitchen and boy did she take it from there! Not only have I learned a lot from her because I didn’t get a chance to choose everything in the home I have been in for 20 years now but she is an excellent designer; she knows her stuff! Too bad and I am sad that she will be leaving the Mesquite location going to the Irving location. She did inform me that she will see my project through because she doesn’t want to leave me hanging! I cannot say enough good things about Xavie, but she is definitely a keeper, with excellent customer service qualities with a smile, positive attitude, knowledgable, smart and pretty!

  60. I was an associate for six years in the paint department, I understand what good customer service is. The store I worked at was the Nanuet store in Rockland New York. So I want to give this associate credit for going beyond. Not only does he always acknowledge me, but he goes out of his way to take care of me. I would do the same thing with my good customer. Customer service is always been home depot model. Juan J. Rodriquez is that type of associate. He works at the Mayaguez store in Puerto Rico. Thank you David Montalvo

  61. My wife and I visited the lumber yard at Home Depot. We were almost immediately greeted by Bernie. He was very knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant. Bernie provided a great shopping experience!
    At the checkout, Holly greeted us and was also very pleasant!

  62. Edmund in the paint department, Richmond BC.
    Knowledge is gold. And when it’s shared willingly, freely, that ups the value!
    Thanks for the tip Edmund.

  63. Tried to do the survey. Could not get past the zip code portion. Would like to do it for sake of my usual cashier, Dana, at the Midland, Mi. HD. Very friendly and professional. A true asset to your company.

  64. Lisa SASM at the Newport News Is outstanding. Her dedication and professionalism in dealing with a very frustrating purchase has been nothing but exemplary. She has gone above and beyond in resolving my issue and her performance needs to be recognized. She is a definite asset ti Home Depot.

  65. I shop at the HD everywhere I go. They make it so easy on me as a licensed contractor to shop for my supplies. Thanks for changing the veterans discount method that it took to get it.

  66. We were at Home Depot in Ithaca, NY and wanted a piece of wood 2″ x 42″ – the clerk who
    first waited on us had to be new – she said that that piece of wood would cost us $41.00
    because they could not cut the wood and sell the small piece to us.. I told her no thank you!! My husband was not happy with me – I found a clerk by the name of Eddie -he asked me if he could help – I told him what we were looking for – he took us where the inexpensive
    wood was – helped us out and away we went all for $5.70 – NOT $41.00 Thank you very much Eddie.

  67. I go to Home Depot when I need something for my home. I can always find what I need.
    I tried to do the survey, could not find where to start.
    H. Lovett

  68. My Coworker’s Birthday was coming up and the one present she requested was a portable home heater. I needed for the next day After searching several sites I found the heater at the Home Depot in Cumming GA. I asked 2 employees where I could find the heater and their reply was it’s on the End Cap on Aisle 9. I stared to leave because I could not find the heater when clearly on the Home Depot site it stated there was 40 in the store. I decided to ask one more employee and her name was Maria the Front-end Supervisor. She went the extra mile to see that as I saw there was 40 heaters somewhere in the store. She didn’t just tell me oh it’s on aisle 9 she went with me and didn’t see the heater on the shelf. She didn’t stop there; Maria saw on her phone heaters were in the store she found the pallet where the heaters where stored and retrieved the heater I needed. Maria is Truly an outstanding employee. Who don’t mind going out of her way to satisfy a customer. I cannot thank her enough she saved the day. The next Day when my coworker opened her present, she was shocked amazed and grateful and it’s all because Marie went the Extra Mile. Once again Thank You Maria and Home Depot

  69. The service today was very good. Roberta at the Cottonwood AZ Home Depot checked my purchases and was very efficient and professional. I wanted to do the survey for her benefit. But I can’t see where to start the survey. Too much detail and no apparent place to start.

  70. Bought 2 Dihumidifiers online on Black Friday saving $20 each. It was not available at the local store. Was delivered free. First day both units started fine. But after several hours I noticed one of them continue to operate even though it past setting 60% and continued going down to 56. I called Midea tech and told me to unplug then restart. Nothing changed. Then she told me to return to a local Home Depot. We just did that and requested to replace with the same make and model. Only problem was that this reorder will not receive the Black Friday deal! ? I am not happy about this. We had to bring back one not working back to the store. And in order to replace it I had to pay $20 more? Does it seem right? Hope to hear from Hone Depot official to make it right. Other wise we like Home Depot!!

  71. Catherine was outstanding to help me order a Milwaukee disk Sander. Very helpful and understanding. In the Navy we would say Bravo Zulu (Well Done). She had to go a lot of hoops to get my order processed.


    KEYTAG 3965037 Home Depot 1100 So Progressive Merdian, ID 83642

  72. I hired a handyman to help me with a project at my home. We went to another local big box store to buy a railing for my stairway. They did not have the right size and the handyman suggested we go to Home Depot because you could cut the railing to size at their store. We also ended up buying more products that we would have bought at your competitors store. Everyone greeted us and were friendly. We will be going back to shop for repair items for our home.

  73. On March 18, 2024 I had two transactions. both were such a pleasure.
    I purchased lumber to construct storage shelves for basement.
    the first lumber helper was Hunter. I am a 77-year-old Grandmother, with some weightlifting limitations, Hunter was so very kind and patient and cut the lumber. The cashier was Adrianna. Hunter and Adrianna made me feel appreciated they both demonstrated great Customer Service skills.
    I needed to get a second order of lumber order of lumber for my basement shelving and when in the second time I was first assisted by Tracy, and she was able to pick out the lumber I needed, however she could not the lumber so got Rob to cut it for me. Rob completed cutting the lumber took my purchase to Adrianna for check out and loaded in my Grandson’s truck, as Hunter had done earlier.
    I tell people that” The Home Depot is my Happiest place!”
    Elk River. MN, Home Depot is my Happy Place.


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