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Ever heard of Anything at all about Survey Walmart Canada? Something about Survey Walmart’s Rewards or Anything at all about Survey Walmart? Have you ever heard of Walmart? I mean, what kind of a question is that, right? I’m sure you must be familiar with Walmart. So, if you have shopped from Walmart anytime recently, I have some awesome news for you. It is exclusively only for the customers of Walmart.

Want to know what the news is? The news is that Walmart is conducting a survey. A survey to get opinions and suggestions from its customers. Now, I will tell you the exciting part. If you take part in the survey, you may end up winning 1000 dollars. So, do you want to know more about this? do you want to be a part of this wonderful event? Keep reading and I promise I will tell you all about it.

Purpose Of Survey

The reason why Walmart is conducting this survey is very simple. Businesses exist for gaining profits. There are certain methods to maximize the profit. One most used method is sales maximization. To increase sales, more customers need to buy things from the business. For more customers to make more purchases, the likability of the product and quality of the shopping experience should Increase. That can happen only by understanding the desires, needs, and requirements of the customers.

It is to understand these desires, needs and requirements, the Survey.Walmart.Ca is being conducted. Also, to increase the quality of the shopping experience, enhancement in different aspects should be made according to customer opinions. This can also be done by collecting information from this survey. So, in short Survey Walmart Canada is conducted so that Walmart Customers get better shopping experiences. Survey | Official ALDI Customer Survey To Win $100 Gift Card

About Walmart

A few days ago, Walmart tweeted about their new mission towards modernization of all their business aspects. They also announced a record 500 million dollars this year to refresh and refurbish their stores across the country.

Walmart Canada Survey

Being established in early January in 1994, Walmart started its journey by the acquisition of Woolco and its 122 Canadian leases. Through the years, Walmart’s growth has remained steady; as of May 2017, Walmart had more than 91 thousand employees and offers its services in more than 4 hundred locations. Through the years, Walmart Canada has grown tremendously. By September of 2018, they even started same-day delivery. That was made possible by partnering with Instacart. All along, Walmart has made changes to enhance their customers’ experiences.

Rules And Regulations; Terms And Conditions

Have you decided to take part in the If your answer is yes, you need to know few things. They are the rules and regulations you should follow while taking part in this survey. Also, there are some terms and conditions that you should know. All of them are given below :

  • You will need a smart gadget to take part in Walmart’s Customer Satisfaction and feedback survey. (eg. smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.)
  • You must have knowledge in at least one language in which the survey is offered.
  • Participation is possible only if you are a legal resident of Canada.
  • It is mandatory to complete the survey within 14 days
  • The Sponsor of Survey Walmart is not responsible in case of any failure on the participant’s behalf.
  • Prizes of any manner must be accepted as it is.
  • The reward of any kind is 100% non-transferable
  • One person is entitled to only one prize whatsoever.
  • The winners of the event will be contacted and notified regarding the same by phone and FedEx mail within a maximum time period of 7 days.

Note: The Sponsor of the Survey Walmart is Walmart Canada Corp. Mississauga, Ontario L5N1P9

Quick Steps

Are you confident about participating in Survey Walmart now?

If your answer is yes, you can read the below given Quicksteps. By following the below given quick steps you can complete successful participation in the Walmart Feedback Survey.

  • Go to the official survey website of Walmart.
  • Choose your language.
  • Provide your postal / zip code.
  • Answer survey questions.
  • Provide your personal contact information.
  • Give consent to enter your name for sweepstakes.

How To Do Survey.Walmart.Ca

survey walmart canada

Were the quick steps not detailed enough?

Do not worry. Below given is the detailed step-by-step information. You can read these and get a better understanding.

  1. Take your smart gadget. Turn it on. Connect it to the internet.
  2. Open your web browser. Go to Walmart’s official Survey Walmart Website.
  3. The website is available at
  4. You will see a list of languages. Choose one that is most familiar and comfortable for you.
  5. Some important information will be shown as instructions. Read it carefully.
  6. Once you are ready, click on Start.
  7. Once you reach the next page, your postal code will be asked. This is your zip (pin) code. Enter your 6 digit pin/zip code.
  8. Click on continue.
  9. Provide your birth year.
  10. Answer the security question ( probably a numerical question ).
  11. Next, provide information pertaining to your visit. This may include the store number of the store you visited, the date of your visit, etc. all of this information will be present on the purchase receipt. refer to the bill and provide answers.
  12. Now the official survey will start.
  13. There are different questions. Most questions will be asking for a rating.
  14. Recollect your last shopping experience at Walmart and answer.
  15. Make sure the answers are 100% honest and genuine.
  16. You have reached the last step once you answer all the questions. You have to provide your contact information, so that the Walmart Group can contact you if you win in the sweepstake.
  17. Finally, give consent to enter your name in the Walmart Sweepstakes. That is it, you have finished it.

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Reward Of Survey Walmart

Walmart Canada is conducting their guest experience feedback survey via to get opinions from their customers. If you are their customer you can participate in their survey, and you get a chance to be a part of their sweepstake/prize draw. If you won the prize draw, you will get prizes worth 1000 dollars.

Contact Walmart

If you wish to contact Walmart, you can do so by following the below-given methods :
write to them at

Wal-Mart Canada Corp.
1940 Argentia Road
Mississauga, ON L5N1P9

Call 1-800-328-0402.


I hope, now you know all that you need to know. I have told you all about Walmart and Survey Walmart. You can refer to this article if you have any doubt later too.

So, you can now participate in Walmart’s guest experience and feedback survey.

Who knows, maybe you will win the next 1000 dollars.

Do not waste any more of your time.

Go take that survey Right now.

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