Valuevillagelistens Customer Satisfaction Survey To Win Prize

If you are a thrift shopper, I probably do not even have to tell you about value village because chances are, you might be knowing about them already. For those who do not know about Value Village and ValueVillagelistens survey, If you have a few minutes to spare, I have exciting news for you.  Before I start today let me ask you couple of thing. Are you living on a budget and looking for a place to shop? Do you enjoy thrift shopping? Do you think it is fun to shop by spending less?

Are you a wise spender? And finally, have you visited the Value Village anytime recently? If you have shopped from Value Village recently too, you can take the official survey @ So, Value Village is a brand that allows you to purchase refurbished or good as new products for relatively cheaper prices and is an all-time go-to if you are shopping on a tight budget.

So, the exciting news is that The Value Village is now conducting a survey to collect opinions, feedbacks, and suggestions from their customers regarding the shopping experience at the Value Village. The exciting part is that if you are one of their customers, and if you set aside few minutes of your time and provide your honest opinions, feedback, and suggestions regarding your shopping experience at the Value Village, you will be rewarded with a validation code that assures a prize. Excited?  Keep reading and I will tell you all the information that you need.

Purpose Of Valuevillage Listens

Value Village Survey

The purpose of the Value village listens survey like any other customer feedback survey is to obtain opinions, feedbacks, and suggestions from their customers regarding the shopping experience. It is extremely important for any business to pay heed to their customers’ satisfaction. Only satisfied customers come to shop at your business the next time. So, Value Village wants to know how they can improve. The value village customer feedback survey is thus aimed at understanding the drawbacks of the Value Village and make necessary changes. This way, the Value Village aims to make their customers happier each time they shop with them.

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Rules And Regulations; Terms And Conditions

If you wish to take part in the Valuevillagelistens Survey, you should know that it requires you to abide by a few rules and regulations. Also, you have to satisfy a few terms and conditions for taking part in the Value Village Customer Feedback Survey. A gist of those rules and regulations as well as terms and conditions are given below.

  1. You must have a valid purchase receipt that you received upon shopping at the Value Village.
  2. There is a maximum limit of 7 days before which you should take part in the value village survey, after the date of your purchase.
  3. Only one survey per household will be considered valid each month.
  4. The coupon that you receive upon successful participation in the Value Village customer feedback survey should be used within 90 days of receiving it.
  5. The Coupon you may receive is not transferrable or negotiable to any extent.
  6. A purchase is mandatory for participating in the value village guest satisfaction survey.
  7. You cannot take part in the value village guest satisfaction survey if you are an employee of the Value Village group or if you are a close relative of any employee of the Value Village Group.
  8. The Value Village reserves all rights to cancel the survey or any part of it at any point in time, due to any reason they deem fit.

The things you will need to successfully take part in the value village guest satisfaction survey are :

  • A smart gadget ( mobile, tablet, laptop, or computer ) in proper working condition.
  • Internet connection with adequate speed.
  • A valid purchase receipt from the Value Village Store.
  • Basic knowledge of anyone language in which the survey can be taken.

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Quicksteps To Take Part In Valuevillage Listens Survey

If you would now like to take part in the value village listens customer satisfaction survey, you can do so by following the below given quick steps :

  • Go to
  • Choose the language of your preference.
  • Enter 19 digit survey invitation code.
  • Answer Survey questions.
  • Provide personal contact information.
  • Receive Coupon code reward

How To Take Part In Valuevillagelistens Survey

Valuevillagelistens Survey

Do you think the quick steps were not detailed enough?

Do not worry. Below given is the detailed step-by-step information. You can read these and get a better understanding.

  1. Take your smart gadget. Turn it on. Connect it to the internet.
  2. Open your web browser. Go to Value Village’s Valuevillagelistens Survey Website.
  3. You will see a list of languages. Choose one that is most familiar and comfortable for you.
  4. Now, select the type of receipt you have. It can either be a Value Village purchase receipt or it can be a Donor Invitation Card.
  5. Once you reach the next page, your 19 – digit value village thank you code from the purchase receipt will be asked.
  6. Refer to your purchase receipt and enter the code accurately.
  7. If you are participating using a donor invitation card, it is a 4 digit code that you have to enter.
  8. Next, provide information pertaining to your visit. This may include the store number of the store you visited, the date of your visit, etc. all of this information will be present on the purchase receipt. refer to the bill and provide answers.
  9. Now the official survey will start.
  10. There are different questions. Most questions will be asking for a rating.
  11. Recollect your last shopping experience at the Value Village and answer.
  12. Make sure the answers are totally honest and genuine.
  13. After providing the answer to all questions, you have to given your contact information.
  14. Finally, you will now receive the reward that is the coupon code.
  15. That is it, you have successfully participated in the Value Village Survey.

About Value Village And Value Village Listens Survey

Value Village does not require much of an introduction for any thrift shopper to get an idea about what we are talking about. Value Village is a go-to for thrift shoppers. Founded in 1954, the Value Village has completed 67 happy years of existence in the thrift shopping field.

Their business model is unique and involves partnering with local non-profits organizations. Also, purchasing and reselling donated items is a method they adopt. The non-profit organizations that partner with them do the collection and delivery of donated products. As of now, they have more than 160 non-profit partners throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. Survey | Official ALDI Customer Survey To Win $100 Gift Card

Contact Value Village

If you wish to contact the value village, you can do so by calling them at (425) 462-1515 or emailing them at


So, now I have told you all that you need to know about the Value Village Listens Survey. If I were you, I would not be here now. Any guesses about where I would be? I would be at the Official site of Valuevillagelistens, taking that Value village survey !!!

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